Thursday, March 25, 2010
  so we have this new deal
Running and health is very important to Chris.

Animals are very important to me. (I've probably never mentioned that before. Surprise!)

Chris has long told me that if I become Catholic, he'll go vegetarian. I said, um, that's impossible.. that's like me saying that he would have to BELIEVE eating meat is WRONG. I can ask him to stop eating meat, yes, but one cannot request that another person changes their beliefs; it's impossible.

So I tried to make a deal the other day with him. If he stopped eating meat, I would go with him to mass every time he went. That's EVERY WEEK, folks. He said, naw.... but! If I would go running with him on a REGULAR basis, then he would stop eating meat.

We drew up a little contract (no lawyers this time) as he has a habit of renegotiating things after the fact and it drives me nuts. The deal is I run 3x per week with him. 2x min. if I have something going on or get sick or whatever. His side is that he doesn't eat meat. He gets to eat fish and I make an exception for chicken dumplings as I don't know if he could live without them. They may be pork. Whatever.

We've been doing this for, um, 2-3 weeks now. So far, so good. I had a friend in town all last week and we were gone most evenings so I only did two runs with him... the second at 10 pm on Saturday night. He's like, you're cutting it close!! :D "Don't make me eat meat!"

OK, so why did I think to bring this up?
Go watch!!!

That's a video that is freaking adorable featuring a lamb. And my thought is... WHO THE HELL WANTS TO EAT A LAMB?! Yet people do all the time.

Now my husband isn't one of them. :)
Monday, March 15, 2010
  Whee! We made Cute Overload!!!

Whee! We made Cute Overload!!!, originally uploaded by estacey.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010
  Yadda yadda yadda
This thing is basically dead, right? but sometimes I wonder to myself why I DON'T use it since it's a good place to speak my mind. maybe I'll get better about it.

Let's do the numbered-list sort of post.

He's so much better. I let him out of the guest bedroom today, where he was quarantined since we got home from the hospital so I could make sure he was eating and pooping and taking his medicine. He's super happy to be out, but reeeeally wants to go outside. He keeps trying to make a break for it anytime I let the dogs in or out. They have a doggy door but that's on lockdown, obviously.. I feel guilty for both Ellie and the dogs so let's hope I feel confident that Ellie is back at 100% soon. He's eating at 100% for sure.

Oh the baby cats are so darn cute. I let them out of the closet for the first time today. About half of them were exploring the office tonight. They're just so tiny - four weeks on Wednesday. I update their site every few days at They're all doing well. One of the babies is sneezing more than I'd like but I'm keeping an eye on him.

The only problem is that I am HORRIBLY allergic to the kittens. So. Bad. I was in there for a while tonight to use the computer and play w/ the cats and I was wheeeeezing my head off when I left the room. Literally gasping. I have an OTC inhaler but I don't like using it too much. I guess I should see the doc!

I don't get why I'm so allergic to the kittens and not the moms. Whateverrr.

Five of the kittens have DEFINITE forever homes. Another lady backed out of getting a kitten since her 10-year-old son talked her into adopting some needy adult cats instead. Sweet, right? She wrote me to tell me this and I'm like, hello, Olivia and Claire, my mamacats! She's thinking about it.

Married life is.. hmm, much like cohabitating life. Except you know it's forever. So I can do things like host two mama cats and their THIRTEEN KITTENS without worrying that Chris will all of a sudden decide (or realize) that I'm nutso and leave. Ha!

Seriously, though, it's good. Yesterday I made vegan pancakes (mm!) while Chris was outside working on the yard and I was thinking how nice it is to have Chris at home, even if he's outside. Funny, right?

I love every day not having to go to a job I hate. LOVE IT. Need some dough, though.. Someday.. someday it will happen.

That's all for now!
Friday, March 05, 2010
  It's 60 out but Gretchey still swims.

Thursday, March 04, 2010
  Kitten at 5 years old has a new obsession with the faucet

Monday, March 01, 2010
I'm the worst person ever! When it comes to blogging! It's really weird not having a laptop.. I can use Chris's at night but usually don't so.. um, blame it on that!

I'm in the office now WEARING A MASK. Ha! That's what you get when you're ALLERGIC TO CATS and live with EIGHTEEN OF THEM! Seriously.. my allergies usually aren't bad at all. Sometimes annoying, for the most part not even really there. But lately? Oh lord. I think I may be sick too but every time I come love on the kittens I end up sneezing for like 3 hrs afterwards and wheezing and having to use this awful inhaler. Tonight it was ridiculous. So now I use a facemask to pet the kittens. I'm hoping as they grow I'll get used to their dander and it'll be OK again. I got used to the moms pretty fast...

Lots of them have people who have reserved them, applications turned in and all.. No money yet so I expect SOME will back out before then but we can hope it goes well!

Not much going on here. Loving not having to work, esp with all this Ellie stuff going on.. we were at the vet's again today for a couple of hours. All good news, now I just have to watch him carefully and make sure he's eating and pooping and torture him by giving him meds 2-3x a day. Better than having to bury him, though, so I'll take it.

My biz site is almost ready to go. Just as soon as I finish one of the pages and have the heart to finish it. I think I got burned out and then Ellie and now I'm feeling under the weather, so it'll wait til next week I'm guessing. I really want to get that up and running though!

We were gonna go to SF. I canceled that trip since I was kinda 'eh' about it and Chris didn't want to go. Apparently Chris started researching airfare to St. Thomas for the long weekend (he has off Thurs & Friday) but then Ellie got sick. Man. He was serious too, ready to buy the tickets.. I coulda gone to St. Thomas! Ah well. We can do it later.. Let's hope it happens!

Mm, that's about it. We have houseguests both next week and the week after, so I gotta work on getting this house together. Happy times!

I'm out!
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