Tuesday, July 31, 2007
  Crunch time!
The last week of classes are always such a bitch! And it's so my fault!
I just finished my last quiz on Connecticut Yankee and am now on page three of my first draft of a five-page research paper, due tomorrow. Whee. Also, our final test is tomorrow. Also, we have been given topics for our in-class essay, so I have to come up with something for that. Say it with me now: whee. Did I mention: MATH FINAL ON SUNDAY! (I already have a C in that class, though, so the all-caps is kinda forced there.)

What else, what else.. My boss quit. That's news. Not exciting news, outside of work, but news nonetheless.

Chris got me a lovely bracelet for our anniversary (which is Saturday). It got delivered to work. I thought it was a Nalgene bottle top. I was annoyed with all the packaging. Then, voila! A pretty little blue box with a bow. :) I'll take pictures.

It's a very nice time for an anniversary. I'm very much in looove. :)

OK, food, then back to this paper:

Breakfast: Omg, this was disgusting. Seriously, I think I may need a juicer. Just because of this. Romaine, half a tomato, umum.. hemp protein.. um.. carrots. Blender. It took me three hours to drink and I was gagging by the end. Seriously. Usually I like my breakfast shakes. Too many veggies I guess! Lunch: Oregon salad from Smokey Bones, which is spinach with grilled pears, grapes, mandarin oranges, red onions, and tomatoes with raspberry vinaigrette (hold the feta). I split the salad in half to eat it for two days. That and a banana. Ready-to-keel-over-'-cause-it's-7-p.m.-Snack: Raw mango pie from Glaser. Dinner: One pretty small bean & rice burrito. Dessert: (Patty passed her boards!) Half a huge chocolate cupcake (split with Chris) and Green & Black's vanilla ice cream. 2 green teas.

Breakfast: Much-better shake with protein powder, a banana, and 2 handfuls of baby greens. Lunch: The other half of that salad, and a mango. Half a bottle of yerba mate (40 cals). Snack: applesauce cup (50 cals). Dinner: whole wheat pasta with shrimp (mmm). Late-night homework snack: Huge carrot, which I halved with George the Bunny, dipped in almond butter. 1 green tea.
Sunday, July 29, 2007
  another weekend, over. sigh.
hey, at least this would have been a three-day week and we would have been going to the caymans this weekend.. but, no, we're not doing that now. and also, at least i have a math final to look forward to! also, at least this is just a three-day week for CHRIS! bah!


it was a nice weekend! i managed to do things OUTDOORS and still not get a headache! this goes in the record books! i really am so happy about this! :)

friday night, alli came over and we watched this documentary, grey gardens. it's a rufus wainwright song, and then i kept hearing it mentioned, and so i looked it up, and realized it was right up alli's uh.. alley. so she got it from netflix and brought it over. it's jackie o's cousin living in a run-down mansion in the hamptons. quite.. wow. and lots of cats, as can be expected.

she was up early for a dive the next day, but chris was dropping gretchey off to be fixed so we couldn't go in time.. so i got to sleep in. or i thought i did.. but everyone kept barking and making noise.. oy. anyway, chris, patty & i went for a dive at around noon down by the pier at commercial. first time underwater this year. very refreshing, and what a relief to get down there again. the highlight was a cute pair of squid i spotted and made a dash for. the one didn't seem to mind me and let me swim after him. i made sure chris realized my intent before i dashed off after the squid, and after i gave up, chris tried too. it was pretty cool. i was so happy to see all my little fish friends after such a long break. "hi, sharpnose puffer! hi puffer fish! hi scorpionfish! hi, tiny baby damselfish!" the first of everything was such a nice surprise.

i decided i'm getting a tank, $125 be damned! maybe do a dive here and there before work, or right after. take advantage of this warm water while we have it! also, we were out for something like 90 minutes and i came back with 1500 psi... so i'm thinking having my own tank would be good for getting to do multiple dives. 3 1-hr dives or something. at least 3 45-minute ones! :)

afterwards, we rinsed everything in the driveway to get the sand off, then threw it in the pool, then i went in after it to cool off, which was kinda fun.. i grabbed my tank weights and a mask and trudged over to the deep end to retrieve things off the bottom of the pool. heh. then rinsed it in the outdoor shower by the pool, then set it out on the dock to dry. then chris put it away later... what a nice setup we have for diving - long gone are the days that i huff and puff to get all my stuff inside to my little apartment, rinse everything in my bathtub, and then have to shower the next day with all my gear drying alongside me...!

but hey, i did all that - geared up, dove, undid all the gear, hauled it all off to the back, thrice-rinsed, hung it out to dry.. worked up a fair tan in the process.. and i didn't get a migraine. i actually got one of those hot-pounding-head deals, which kinda worried me. but it never turned into an actual headache! woo! and no imitrex!

then it was off to pick gretchey up at the vet's. poor girl was so out of it.. she didn't know what was going on. chris felt guil-ty. but it's for the best, and she's already basically back to herself. although her belly still does look quite funny, and she does get knocked out every time we give her a pain pill. but that's alright.

um.. what else did we do? i took a three-hour nap yesterday. that was nice. :) today we went on a fruitless bike ride in search of a place to have breakfast at 3 p.m. chris understood why no one was serving pancakes and french toast at that hour, but i don't see any excuse why all business do not operate under the ihop model. but chris did discover last night that there's a beach bar right across the street from here, and we checked it out today and it's quite nice! hm.. what else.. besides that i've mostly been doing homework stuff. chris made pancakes. later, chris made burritos. we did math. blech. lots of talk about the galapagos. may 2008, baby. :)

ok, gotta get back to work. so the food report, real quick:

friday: breakfast: non-yummy shake with romaine and spinach and a banana and protein powder. lunch: asian salad (greens, cashews, spicy dressing that makes your lips tingle) from einstein bagels. fruit. this i ate in a roomful of folks eating publix subs and these weird sandwiches made of, i swear, huge cookies with frosting in the middle. i'm pretty sure they made fun of me when i left the room. snack: apple w/ almond butter. dinner: grilled cheese (2) on wonderbread (ha!) with tomato-basil soup. to drink, 1/5th a bottle kombucha. it made me sleepy and semi headachy so i didn't drink anymore. 1 green tea.
saturday: breakfast: half a granola plank (don't ask) and a cantaloupe-protein smoothie. lunch: sandwich with romaine & fresh avocado. also, half a fluffernutter. baby carrots. grapes & cut pineapple. dinner: hot dogs! (hey! norm! if i were a hot dog, would you eat me?) morningstar farms. two. with cheese. tater tots on the side. we meant to go out for ice cream but never made it.. now if that's not lazy...
sunday: breakfast: can you still call it breakfast at 3:30 p.m.? oh, yeah, i had the other half of that granola plank when i woke up with some papaya. anyway - blueberry pancakes, made with buckwheat (so they're the "healthy" kind) with tater tots on the side (not the healthy kind). dinner: burritos. just one. normal size. i used to eat two, as full as i could get them. so this is an improvement. and pretty healthy, aside from the dean's guacamole (i was out of fresh avocado). edy's sorbet pop (120 cals).

doin' good on the veggies. my next goal is to get some more beans in my diet. maybe this weekend i can make the black bean soup recipe in my book!
Thursday, July 26, 2007
OMG, i'm so grumpy today.

i let the dogs in to play this a.m.

gretchy picked the lock (big surprise) and got into the off-limits side of the house and got into sebastian's meds. i couldn't find them so assumed she ate them all and was losing it.. well, thankfully i found them.. but i had already been getting a headache last night, and i guess that was enough to push it over the edge, because by the time i got to work it was hurting. whee. i took an imitrex, and it no longer HURTS, but it's there. there, threatening me. (are you THREATENING me?!)

but anyway.

onto happy news! i got my diva cup - it's great! i was using my beloved insteads for a while, but felt guilty all the time for just throwing them out. so environmentally unfriendly of me! so i finally took the plunge and got the diva cup. and, as advertised, you can't feel it! yay!

if you check out the website, you are also allowed to giggle at the fact that i got a p-style. i have yet to try it out, but look forward to peeing standing up sometime in the near future. :)

yesterday: breakfast of spinach, handful of baby carrots, protein & fiber powder, banana - in a shake. as usual. today, chris got one too and he was sooooo happy about it. lunch: greens salad with blueberries, apples, and walnuts, raspberry vinaigrette, kiwifruit on the side. also, i pulled a small section of bread off to eat with my salad, but you'll understand once you read about the carbfest i resisted. snack: half an apple (chris at the other half) with almond butter. god, that's freaking good. dinner: shrimp fajita at oceans grille. dessert: edy's sorbet pop (120 cals). to drink: three 32-oz nalgenes (almost) and 2 green teas. i learned yesterday that i should be getting more like 130 oz of water each day, instead of the 64 or so i thought i should be getting, so am picking that up.

exercise: 4 miles on the treadmill. well, like 4.1 miles. it took almost 50 minutes! (the treadmill is all messed up and i didn't know what i really did 'til i was all done!) i have decided to follow the Chris Theory on exercise, going a distance instead of a time. he goes 6 miles on his 6-mile days, regardless of how long it takes him. that way, you don't get off easy if decide to be lazy. it just drags your session out longer. i like that. but that didn't stop me from walking at 4.3 sometimes last night. but, in turn, that did motivate me to run at 6.0 sometimes. :)

i am now on full-dose topamax. have i experienced weight loss? no. well, yes, actually.. just a little.. but more to do with all the fruits & veggies and the elbow (treadmill?) grease than side-effect decrease in appetite, because i have not experienced one. this is good, because i get the impression that the folks that get that side effect also get the other ones. the feeling of one's head "melting." or like susan, forgetting who she was talking to on the phone mid-conversation. or the more serious ones i have read about. i haven't even experienced the very, very common one of not being able to drink anything carbonated. my sister got this one. my sister is also nauseous from the topamax, gets drowsy from it. i'm not. i get tingly fingers sometimes when i'm driving. falling-asleep feet. that's it. i really gotta watch my water intake from this, too - apparently kidney stones (which are apparently very painful) are fairly common with topamax if you don't really watch your water intake. i really should be getting at least 120 oz of water per day, topamax aside.. WITH topamax, i definitely should be drinking that much or risk kidney stones! whee!

it also hasn't seemed to affect my headaches.. sadly. but i guess it takes a good month before a decrease is shown. you have to give it a good 2-3 months to really feel that effect, so i have to be patient. i mean, shit, i worked out INSIDE with a FAN BLOWING ON ME last night. of course, i waited too long to eat afterwards, after a shower and a bike ride to walgreens AND A WALK to the restaurant in the heat.. mistake.

anyway, i am quite proud of the overhaul i have done on my eating. i have always wanted to get more fruits & veggies and i am finally doing better. namely on the veggies. :) a co-worker commented on my lunch yesterday. "look at you, stacey, you're so good!" i was eating my salad, as everyone else in the room was eating the leftovers of a catered lunch from a meeting. it was a serious, delicious carbfest: the largest garlic rolls you've ever seen, mini pizzas, danishes, plates of meat (not that that's a temptation for me, mind you) and rolls with condiments to built your own sandwich, and lasagna. i took maybe an inch off one of the whole wheat rolls just to have a little bit of bread and that's it.

i joined that CSA a couple of weeks ago. just got half a share to start out, to see how we use it. hopefully we'll be using those greens and the other veggies! if we don't eat them with dinner, they're getting juiced into our morning smoothies!

this is a sample full share. i think a half share is somewhere between 1/2-2/3 of this. the veggies inside change all season. the season starts in november - yay! all the produce is LOCAL & ORGANIC, too. and you get surprises here and there - a pint of strawberries, a jar of honey, etc. :)

chris doesn't usually eat breakfast, but he told me that he would agree to drink a smoothie as long as it didn't taste bad.. and he agreed that it didn't taste bad, so this morning he drank one. i'm happy with that. :) my busy boy needs some fuel! i am toying with getting a juicer, but will definitely be mixing the juice pulp back in. i like the smoothies better than the straight runny juice you get at the juice bar.

blah blah blah blah. :) ok, enough veggie talk - time to go eat some!
Tuesday, July 24, 2007
  agggh (cat poop, etc.)
i feel like i haven't gotten a good, solid night of sleep in ages. most of the time, i sleep, but you can shave a half hour or so of however many hours i lay down off of how many hours i actually get to sleep for time i plead with sebastian to stop scratching at the door or oreo to decide where she wants to sleep or even to yell at the puppies in the other room matter-of-factly that it is 6 a.m. and i am not getting up yet.


real quick, 'cause i just finished chapters 1-16 of this book and i gotta take a quiz and get my booty in bed. i was seriously falling asleep, and the book was melting in with my dreams and it was way too weird.

i have not yet hit the gym since leaving it off after last week's headache. go me. in my defense, it's been a tough couple of days - excuses, excuses. and i set my alarm early this morning to go, but... well, didn't wake up until a bit too late to go, and then got to clean up cat shit from the couch instead anyway. thanks, oreo! (like how i blame the cat?) but anyhow, i'm going tomorrow! this week is going to suck, though - i have a paper that i have not yet started due next wednesday, as well as a final. then comes my math final! but that isn't until the 5th. then i have, like, 2-3 weeks off of classes! i'm excited about that! between my last two terms, i had two days off...

i have kept up eating well, the weekend aside. i started off so well.. a health shake, two bananas.. then chris's mom made me a cheese omelette. the rest of saturday wasn't so bad, save for a bunch of cookies at the wedding. thanks to the headaches, i've lost much of my desire to drink - all i had to drink at the wedding besides water was two perrier & cranberries. omg, such a grownup. sunday.. sunday was a disaster. from the cheese omelette to the pizza. we're just not going there. :)

but monday was a new day!
breakfast: spinach, banana, protein shake. lunch: veggie wrap, leftover from meeting at work. these are ridiculously healthy because all they're made of are.. veggies! with some hummus. snack: an apple w/ almond butter for a snack. dinner: by request, chris made me french toast, 3 slices. also, we had leftover wedding cookies for dessert (2). two green teas (0 cals) to drink during the day, and lots of water.

and today was good!
breakfast: banana, greens powder, and protein powder (forgot my veggies at work!) shake. lunch: big lunch! huge salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, red pepper, romaine. a couple spoonfuls of pasta salad with feta cheese - yum! the front half of a slice of veggie pizza i was coerced into eating by a vendor because he had just made it and i didn't want to be rude. overall, very healthy - and very filling. snack: apple w/ almond butter. dinner: very reasonable portion of cheese ravioli with sun-dried tomatoes with a side of green beans, 1 l leftover wedding cookie. two green teas (0 cals) to drink, along with lots of water.

overall, i'm very happy that i've gone from, like, 0 fresh vegetable consumption to.. i dunno? what am i getting now? a few servings a day, i'd guess, at least. i'm reading up on juicing with plans to get more. i like my little bright-green morning smoothies, so am going to experiment with getting different healthy stuff in there. and i'm thinking about a juicer!

oh, i love this website: the world's healthiest foods

ok, i'm off!
  If I ever discover I have a terminal disease..
I am going out by taking a Japanese whaling ship with me. Seriously.

We gotta do something about this. Michael Vick, the Japanese... What the fuck is WRONG with these people?!
Monday, July 23, 2007
  mmmm, reptomin!

tadpoles!, originally uploaded by estacey.

Gretchey jumped in a fountain the other night a block or so away from the house while we were out walking. I realized the fountain was teeming with little.. guppies? THEN I realized no one lived in the house where the fountain was. The lower tier of the fountain was plenty deep, but the middle tier was only a few inches deep, and I imagined it would dry out after a few more days of bright sun. So I took the dogs back to the house and got a gravy sieve (or something), a bucket, and a flashlight. You can guess what I did next.

The guy who lived across the street came out to investigate what I was doing. He explained no one had lived there for a year, and he had no idea how any fish got in there. He seemed fairly amused by me, scooping out little critters from a fountain in the dark.

When I got the bucket o’ critters back to Chris’s place, I noticed that some of them had… legs! So they were tadpoles. I mean, I realize that they LOOK like tadpoles, but we don't have frogs - or toads! - in our neighborhood, so I was completely NOT expecting that. I have seen tiny frogs from time to time sharing a shelter with the tortoises, so MAYBE that's what these are. I guess we'll see. Anyway, I was at a loss for what to feed the fish, but now that I knew they were tadpoles, I was happy – I had Reptomin! They were so happy, too. They all just attacked it. Four tadpoles per stick, swimming around the bucket. Mmmm!

As a testament to what a good guy Chris is, that night I asked him which office he was going to in the morning and if that one had a pond. Yes, it did. And he didn’t even TRY to get out of bringing those tadpoles to the pond to let them go. In his little shirt & tie. Not even a BLINK from my boy. What a good guy, right?

Anyway, instant karma paid me back the next day. It really did. Funny story if you knew my work, but you don’t, so I ain’t going to bother explaining. :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007
  this is one of the VERY few pics i have from pittsburgh...

Baby Chris!, originally uploaded by estacey.
Isn't he cute??!

anyway, about the pics, why is that?

1. we were only there 23 hours.

2. i didn't bring my camera. see above. plus, you know, you only want to carry on so many things. plus, chris was bringing the powershot.

3. chris forgot the powershot at the house when we went to the wedding, which was most of the photo-worthy stuff we did there.

his mom did take pics, which i hope she sends over. i did snap some pictures of pictures this morning around the house. i LOVED the childhood pics of him and his sisters. they were everywhere. each of them has their own collage in the living room. patty was a dancer! chris dyed his hair! both of them cooed over da bo! :) it was very cute.

ha ha, i'm the first girl he's ever brought home. EVER. i would take a lot more pride in that fact only chris's ma had to bug him to bring me. he was trying to spare me the wedding (so he says), and i respect him for it. weddings are weird.

this one cost $60 grand. this basically means it was a $60,000 party. very nice, but.. i just don't understand. also, it took a year to plan. a party that takes a YEAR TO PLAN. i mean.. i don't mind going to them, so i guess more power to the folks who want a perfect wedding. i'll shut up now. :)

but yeah, it was really a pretty wedding. very pretty venue. one really messed-up, sloppy-drunk-by-7-p.m. maid of honor. double-fisting the vodka & cranberries. making really goofy, incomprehensible speeches filled mostly with giggles and coos. crying in the bathroom after knocking stuff down in the hallway on the way there. god bless 'er.

pittsburgh was prettier than expected, but also very strange. very.. it just keeps going. lots of tunnels and bridges and trees and steep hills and, well, chain stores like everywhere else. i mean, i only saw a very little bit of it. it seems a little confusing. like it'd take 10 times longer to find your way around if you moved there, in contrast to, say, florida.

chris's parents are very cute. i really like them, actually. :) i'm quite sure his mom was the type that encouraged/pressured for success (obviously, it worked - she has three doctors for kids), and i know that gets hard for kids.. but she and chris's father were also the type of parents that gave the kids dance lessons and piano lessons and took them to disney world and to the beach and helped them with their homework and framed pictures of them all over their house and helped them through college and are still helping their youngest and proudly display their diplomas and cap-and-gown pictures, and i wonder what it would be like to be raised like THAT!

they drove us around the city, took us to a pretty lookout point, drove us through the campus of carnegie-mellon, pointed out the building where chris's dad worked on getting his phd (he's an engineer) and then pointed out the little pond where he proposed to chris's mom. very cute. that campus is gorgeous, actually. is it a law somewhere that campuses have to be gorgeous?

chris's mom spent much of the time talking about US getting married and when are WE going to have kids, etc. and how much chris loves kids, and how good he was with his baby sister when she was born, and how he still takes such good care of her.. and how we shouldn't wait too long to have kids because, if you do, you can't be assured you can have them and then how sad would we be. i told her not to worry; my sister kamille just had a baby and she's 35! i finally shut her up when i said i didn't know when i wanted to get married, which is only a half-truth because i haven't really thought about it. which is because there isn't much of a point in thinking about it, because it's just not happening right now! but that didn't faze her; then she stopped asking and just started talking matter-of-facting about when we did this or that, we should..., e.g. "when you have kids, you should definitely..." we just kinda smirked at each othat at that point and let it go... it's kinda like she thought if she said it really fast and we didn't argue with it, it would be set in stone. like she was writing the future with her words. very sneaky, that chris's mom. :)

anyhoo, we're back now. i was so exhausted, i hardly moved from the couch once i got back from taking kitten to the vet (ear mites) this afternoon until this evening. now i need sleep. that's either the topamax - which has caused the lovely side effect of my foot feeling like it's fallen asleep - or just plain ol' fatigue from going to pittburgh for, like, 23 hours. ha!

okay, anyway, time for me to get some sleeeep!

oh, yeah, by the way, i had a headache from,. like, wed-friday last week. that was a blast. i came home and took a 5-hr nap friday, though, and that finally deep-6'd it. dawny, i wonder if your constant lack of quality sleep is what's sustaining your headaches. it surely i think is what was sustaining mine!

Thursday, July 19, 2007
  It's not that I have insomnia..
It's just that I have pets.

I had a long night last night. I finished homework right around midnight. Piddled around, as usual afterwards. But anyway, my hair was slathered in coconut oil and braided, my face washed, eyes Burt's-Bees-eye-creamed, teeth brushed, doors were locked, lights were off, and I was TIRED AND READY FOR BED. Chris had been asleep for three hours.

"C'mon, Oreo, it's time for bed." With her in one hand and a glass of water in the other, I walked towards the bedroom, Sebastian click-click-clicking after us. I set Oreo on the bed and go to shut the bedroom door and Sebastian runs out. I go after him. He thinks we're playing. A chase ensues. I am yelling, "Sit!" but he is ignoring this command. I finally get the "I'M NOT PLAYING" point across and he stops, I pick him up and go to the bedroom, set him down and.... Oreo is now in the dining room. I really don't want to leave either of them with free rein in the house.. So I go get Oreo and then Sebastian is back out in the living room. Eventually I get Sebastian on the bed and leave the room with a very stern warning to keep his dog butt planted RIGHT THERE. He listens, so I get them both in the room.

I lay down. Sebastian lays down. And now I feel really bad because I was doing homework all night and that's not his fault and he just wanted to play. So I pet him and apologized and promised I'd chase him real soon.

But then he jumps off the bed. On the bed, off the bed. I hear a bunch of noises and realize that Oreo is on top of the TV. Then I hear her scratching in the litterbox, which she never uses but I keep in the room as insurance. Next, she's on top of the headboard. Mind you, Oreo sleeps about 20 hours a day and usually just curls up with us and snuggles the night away. Sebastian jumps down again. And up again. I give Sebastian a final warning. "One more time, and it's nigh-nights." That means crate time.

Finally, I look at the clock at it's 1:30. A full half-hour since when I tried to lay down. I decide it's time for Oreo to go outside. I get up and she's standing at the door. I pick her up, take her to the front door, set her outside, she HURLS herself back in. "Oreo!" I find her on the kitchen counter, eating. I put her outside, in the garage this time, where she can eat. Chris is awake by now, wondering what all the commotion is about. I'm ready to cry. I just want to go to sleep. I had a bad night of sleep the night before, too.

There, I find a big ugly possum eating the catfood.

Then I finally got to lay back down, where I laid and felt guilty about making Oreo go outside and reconsidered, thinking maybe I'd go out and get her, so got back up and looked at the litterbox (she indeed had still not used it) and realized I just couldn't. She'd been inside since, like, 7 p.m. She can't keep eating and drinking and wanting to stay up all night and expecting to stay up by herself in the main part of the house and not use a litterbox! So I felt guilty.

But eventually I fell asleep. And then at 7, the dogs woke me up by whining at me from in the bathroom.

I got up and shut the door.


Sadly, though, I had to take another Imitrex this morning. But at least it worked! Hopefully for good this time!
Wednesday, July 18, 2007
  oh, how i miss the fishies

P4160203_edited-1, originally uploaded by tiswango.

but the boat isn't quite water-ready yet. well, it IS in the water yet, but one of the engines isn't at 100%. and we're in pittsburgh anyway. also, the cats have a vet appt sunday when we get home. THAT should be fun - ellie literally tries to dismantle the crate when i put him in it nowadays. i had to do that back when they had to stay in the garage when we had to open the door and it was honestly scary. we're talking 'the exorcist' scary. the whole crate was shaking. ay.

anyway, i'm sleepy! i took the night off. i needed it. towards the end of the day, i was bigtime dragging, so i drank some yerba mate, hoping it would help. it seemed to. as i was walking out to my car, i felt the old familar you're-getting-a-headache ache. oh, shit! so i took an imitrex and all was fine, but i also was playing the 75/25% game on whether i would be nauseous or not and i lost. and i'm so sore from the past couple of days at the gym that i feel sick, seriously. also, the unit on transcendentalism was due tonight, so i had a lot of work to do. so, yeah, it was time for a night off. tomorrow, i'll go back but will do an easy, slow jog.

i opted out of our wednesday evening out and instead we ate thai to go. mmmm!

food: breakfast smoothie with protein mix, greens powder, a banana, romaine, and spinach. it was actually good, even if it was a frightening color green. lunch: a romaine sandwich (ha ha) - two pieces of romaine surrounding zucchini hummus with bell peppers. one kiwi fruit. 1/4 papaya fruit. also, someone had left a bag of chocolate-covered raisins OPEN ON THE COUNTER in the kitchen so i had probably a half-handful.. luckily they were sugar-free so relatively not as bad. having had a raw lunch, of COURSE two hours later i had to go get a yogurt. :) to drink at work, 1 green tea and 1 half bottle yerba mate (40 cals). when i got home, 1/2 serving sorbet (60 cals) and then a bunch of yummy thai food - tofu panang and tofu pad thai. also, coconut shrimp, but there were only 5 and i shared them with chris, kitten, and oreo. which means i got, like, two.

i know no one is actually reading all this food stuff, but it holds me accountable, so i'm writing it all down anyway.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I thought these were funny, even if they're five months too late. Also, I could think of some better ones for "Huang." :)

Time for me & Orzo to retire! I've done my one discussion post! I had a busy night. I did my 45 minutes on the treadmill and, trust me, I felt every one. It was seriously tough. I accepted it wouldn't be a great workout and did 5 minutes running, 2-3 minutes walking, 5 minutes running, and so on. And I just did that, barely. I did some squats and crunches and stuff to pass the last 15 minutes of the Law & Order I was watching, too.

How cute are we? Example of me & Chris at home. I get dressed to go to the gym. Sebastian mistakenly thinks I'm getting dressed for an outdoor jog, on which he always gets invited even when I don't want to invite him. I just can't leave him disappointed. "Will you give him a treat?" I ask Chris. "Sure." "But now?" "Okay." Chris goes in the other room, where the treats are. Sebastian keeps his ass planted, staring at me expectantly, despite the obvious noises of treats being retrieved in the other room. I start going, "Daddy has treats! Better go see!" Finally, I lead Sebastian to the other room, lead him TO the Milkbone. Then, as soon as Sebastian starts to go for it, Chris says, "Run, baby, RUN!" I do, scrambling for my keys. On my way out, though, I pause to let Oreo in while praying Sebastian doesn't catch up with me. :) Such a happy family.. like, I dunno, the Brady Bunch - my three cats, his three dogs. Except the cats hate the dogs and one of the cats hate the other two and the feeling is mutual and I'm not sleeping with any of them and none of them has an alcohol problem. Well, except maybe Oreo. She sure keeps weird hours, that one, and we don't know where she goes. Also, she keeps getting fat and then thin and then fat again. A lot like Britney, and we know how that one is.

After the gym, I came home and ate dinner, which Chris made (of course). After dinner, I cried about my school situation -- I want to go full-time, but I want to have a life too. Arrrr. There are loans, but oh my god, the amount of money I will have to take out to both go to school and to live is ginormous. At least, if I want to keep myself in rented rooms and organic romaine, anyhow.

Anyway, then I stopped crying into my tofu and made some raw zucchini hummus (instead of chickpeas - zucchini!) and my lunch for tomorrow (romaine sandwiches! with hummus!) and the tortoises' lunch. Then I prepared tomorrow's breakfast smoothie - now, with spinach! - and put it in the blender in the fridge, so tomorrow all I have to do is add water & ice and turn the little sucker on. Then I cleaned up after all of that and dinner. All of this took, like, two hours. Phew. Tired. Why is it, again, I don't just eat at McDonalds? The drive-thru even.

We're going to Pittsburgh this weekend, for like 23 hours. Did I mention that? I'll get some pictures. Maybe. I'm not sure in 23 hours that I'll have time, or really anything to take pictures of.

For now, though, I just want to get some sleeeep.

Oh, wait, food! Breakfast: shake with fruit & protein mix. A banana mid-morning. Lunch: salad from Einstein. That Asian one. Delicious. But was digesting myself again about two hours later so had a yogurt with peaches mmmmmm. Digesting myself again by about 5 p.m. so went to the store after work for a raw fruit pie, papaya mmmmm Dinner was 3 Asian bean pastry things that Chris hates probably with the paper still attached to the bottom (extra fiber), bok choy, and lots of tofu. Chris makes excellent tofu. I venture to say I ate too much of it. To drink today: one green tea, lots of water.

I've really kicked coffee's ass. I'm pretty proud of myself there. :)

Monday, July 16, 2007
  bulls & stalkers & burritos & pilates
I wanted to get at least one discussion post done for class, and now I've done it, so I can go to sleep! Yipee! But first..

Is it mean of me to to revel in the dumbasses' injuries at this whole running of the bulls thing? See here for the pics. I mean, I know it is. Half these guys are programmers from Muncie and accountants from, I dunno, what's a lame place in Spain? They are trying to be exotic and cool, so why not go run with the bulls in Pamplona? The thing is, I think it's dumb. Going to Festival de San Fermin or whatever does not make them Ernest goddamn Hemmingway. Also, that festival involves a lot of bullfights, which I totally do not agree with (duh). I mean, the only way I can think about it is that it's a rodeo, but evil. #1. You hurt the bull. #2. Even if the bull wins, you kill him. It's just so not cool. Also, at least the rodeo has a redneck reputation. Somehow, bullfighting got some exotic and beautiful air to it. The bullfighters are considered sexy. Bullfighting is an art. They're killing a bull, slowly. Unfair fight. If the bulls agreed to fight, and they were allowed to walk away from the ring and a few more bullfighters got gored to death, I may be okay with it, but until that day.. Well, until that day, I will revel in pictures of dumbass Norwegian guys with bullhorns pierced under their shin skin. :)

Oh, turns out Chris had a stalker at work. I can't really talk much about it, but.. ha. He didn't really realize it. He just thought she was around to help a lot. Turns out she wasn't supposed to be. I asked what her name was. When he said it, I'm like, "Oh, yeah, I remember hearing that name." "Yeah, she's the one that baked me the birthday cake." Uh-oh!

45 minutes on the treadmill tonight, and lifted weights afterwards. I was totally dawdling and dragging ass to get there, but I had no excuse not to go. I did what they say to do - go anyway! And it worked. I was walking, and then some couple came in, just at the time I was going to start running. I put it in my head to run for 10 minutes. The guy started running right next to me at the same time I did, at the 6-minute mark. He kept running, at what seemed like exactly the same speed, and I passed 16:00 and felt fine, so ran, and kept running.. 'til 26:00. Then I walked a couple of minutes. Ran 13:00. Walked a couple. Et cetera. It turned out better than I would've hoped considering I could barely walk across the street (blasted sangria!) and seriously, the walking on the treadmill was painful :) It turns out having a little motivation on the treadmill helps, even if he has no idea you're using him that way!

I had a frozen burrito with avocado, salsa, and greek yogurt for dinner (I passed on the leftover Indian; too spicy and/or innocent-baby-lamb-y). A serving of strawberry sorbet for dessert.

Now time to go try to sleep. Shaa.

Oh, hey, I'm looking into pilates. There is a place that's reasonable, but apparently I have to quit my job if I want to make their hours. Then there's a place that's IN MY OFFICE BUILDING, but apparently I have to get a SECOND job if I want to afford their rates. So I guess I keep looking. Dammit. But I'm really curious about lessons or classes or whatever it is you want to call them! I got one lead, I may call tomorrow. :)
  quick - weekend / sangria / coma / old / astronauts & monkeys
hmm, the weekend!

so saturday was fun. chris & i went into a mini coma saturday afternoon. he got up and went to mass. i stayed in the coma until he got home and i had to get ready for the party. we packed up the pen!s cake and the sangria and he dropped me off so he could take his out-of-town friend, linda, out for dinner. it's okay; matt hoe tells me i'm more fun without chris around anyway. :p

pics are posted, obviously.

i had too much to drink. too much these days is anything over two, apparently.
thank you, imitrex, for making me just tired yesterday rather than tired and miserable.

did some homework. ate some ice cream. laid about. watched law & order. felt very, very heavy all day. hated getting older.

it's a gorgeous day today. i'm on my way to the gym, after consuming this delicious NOT protein beverage. erh, this delicious protein beverage.............................................................................. NOT. did i get that right?

oh, i never did work out this weekend. i had big plans to swim on saturday, but then i fell into that coma. and sunday, yeah, i couldn't move. and i was doing really well, eatingwise, until the party. after the fifth two-bite brownie or so, i stopped keeping track. :) yesterday was pretty bad, too, so we'll just fast forward to today: health shake this morning with fruit & protein powder, banana, half a papaya (this has got to stop!), and now a protein drink. someday i will plan ahead and have a genuine meal while at work, but until then i will be consuming things meant for astronauts and monkeys.

Sunday, July 15, 2007
  What was left of the sangria

What was left of the sangria, originally uploaded by tiswango.

i knew i should have made more.

also, doesn't this look just delicious? i was hoping the lizards and snakes would float. they did not, but that unexpectedly turned out to be a plus as they scared more than one party guest when they appeared in their drink when it was drunk to a certain point. hee! :)


Saturday, July 14, 2007
  fluffernutters on wonderbread - american pride.
2 a.m.! me! still up!

i invited alli down tonight. after all, she had a cock n' balls cake to make, i had sangria to mix up. why not do it together?

i kinda knew after work that i wasn't up for a workout (having worked out 6 of the past 7 days), so instead i came home and changed into a swimsuit and.... maniacally uncluttered the house. see, when idalia has been coming to clean lately, instead of really getting the place looking nice, she has still been CLEANING, but having to straighten back all our crap back into orderly piles again. and there is just no reason for that. so everyone's stuff went back into their personal space. all my raw books and hair ties -> back into the bedroom. all chris's boat manuals -> back into the bedroom. all patty's mail and journals -> back into her bedroom. and everything else went back into its place as well. i de-cluttered for a good two hours, then hopped in the shower as alli was on her way.

we ate some chris-prepared burrrritos and went to winn-dixie for a nutritional-disaster shopping spree. mac 'n cheese? check. marshmallow fluff? check. canned fruit? check. $5.99 mega bottle of wine? check. wonderbread? check. frosting? check. the list goes on.

the sangria should be good. i put a huge bottle of wine, plus a normal sized bottle of wine, plus a couple of shots or so of rum, some welch's blackberry juice, along with lots of berries and canned papaya and pineapple along with fresh oranges and lemon. and sugar. tomorrow i add the ginger ale and it's good to go. i had to re-arrange the entire fridge for it, taking out a shelf to fit the pot it's in, but that's okay.

alli's cake - ha! i'm gonna make you wait for the pictures. she's so funny. we had a good time. i'm glad she came down! the crazy girl went home tonight instead of just staying here, but it was a good time.

tomorrow is the boat launch, for which i may or may not be present (circumstances will determine). i think i may make some nutella/wonderbread finger sandwiches. i gotta make that mac 'n cheese & fake hot dogs entree i promised. i wanna work out. alex's party starts in the late afternoon. i gotta do homework at some point this weekend. ay, my classes are done in just a few weeks!

okay, time to hit the sack!

but not before the meal report!

breakfast: juvo shake, made with almond milk. lunch: half a papaya, juvo shake, and a banana. get-home snack: greek yogurt with some berry & seed mix sprinkled in. dinner: 1 burrito comprised of rice n beans with pineapple salsa, sour cream, and avocado. one more small pile of rice n beans with guac and sour cream on top. of course, then i was exposed to a mixing bowl for a couple of hours and finally gave in, so i have to add to the day's tally: some chocolate cake batter, sexily eaten straight from the bowl, and a little frosting too. whoops. and just now, at 2 a.m., i had a handful of salt & vinegar chips left over from the potato chips & mayonnaise sandwiches alli made. not perfect, but damn good considering my exposure! oh, yeah, and when alli was making the fluffer-nutter finger sandwiches, i had two. tiny sandwiches. :)
Friday, July 13, 2007
  why, pooping IS cool.
we always get these cool products at work people send us. usually i mean cool in the "oh my god, a new product to clutter up my shower and make me smell good!" way. but not always.

today i about spit out my tea when i walked into the break room and spotted a box of colon blow. no, really:

i snatched a box and my friend snatched the other to give to her husband. i thought at first it was a joke, thinking the ingredients would be placebo-esque (the first was magnesium! aha! but then the next was was psyllium husks, damn!).

the BOX says: poopin' is cool.


i wonder if they make super colon blow.

also, i am now writing with a colon blow pen. :) it's a crappy, though. a new pen and it writes like shit. ahh, the pun potential....
i needed to take a frovo (migraine med) before bed last night.

ah well, that's the first one since last sunday, so i guess this is an improvement.

also, i got a stitch in my side from walking to the office from the parking garage. i wonder if it's time for a day off. or maybe just time to go to the ocean for a swim (if it's calm) instead of hitting the gym tonight.
Thursday, July 12, 2007
  the hungry girl talks about, you guessed it, food.
nearly 8 p.m. and i ain't eaten dinner yet!

chris went out with his mistress tonight (or as he likes to call it, off to a breast cancer support group to offer news and, uhh, support) so i'm on my own for dinner. then i bummed around at the gym after i worked out doing more, ya know, working out.. now i gotta go to the store and get the fixins for my old bachelorette-style dinner. inspired by the three big jars of delicious pineapple salsa i got from work for free, i'm getting these frozen cheese burritos that are really good for you. you just microwave them, add some greek yogurt (tastes like sour cream but is fat free and has lots of protein), salsa, and avocado.

anyway, i got sick of watching the local news with the old people at the gym tonight, so at the 15-minute mark, headed over to the other gym to spend my last 30 minutes watching seinfeld at the other gym. they're just on opposite sides of the building. those last 30 minutes, i decided i didn't want to do my four-minutes-faster-two-minutes-slower thing, so i slowed it down a little, so i could just keep a steady pace (just minutely slower than i go when i'm going faster, but even tenths of a mile make a big difference, at least to my squirrely woman brain) and took 2 two-minute walking-briskly breaks. that means i ran for 26 of those 30 minutes, the last of a 45-minute jog! i was happy with that! also, the walking wasn't really even 'cause i needed it. it's more because i do this, "you can walk after ten minutes," thing the whole time i'm running, so when i hit 10:00, i want to walk. it's a mental thing.

the sad part is that is nothing outside. outside, i hardly walk at all and am usually gone for an hour, of course with time out to save a bee from the ocean (no, really) or usher a crab to safety from A1A or something, but for the most part i jog.. but who knows how fast i'm going... and the scenery makes it all fly by. but inside, that is an accomplishment. running inside is tedious, big time. i have to say, though, tonight's wasn't tedious. it flew by! it was great!

food report: breakfast - a banana and a juvo raw shake. lunch: we were having a meeting at work and some chick last time was on the cabbage soup diet and brought cabbage soup diet and you know i work for a food place and you know we have our meetings catered and i was just not going to be that girl. long story short, i had a little sandwich with cheese and grilled vegetables from catering and half a brought-from-home papaya. i resisted the bags and bags of flavored popcorn and chips during the meeting. i did have, literally, two kernels so i could taste the peppermint flavored popcorn. that was good. also, to drink: half a kombucha (35 cals.), one green tea (0 cals.), and lots of water.

when i left work, i had my second juvo shake. i think it made a difference, energywise, at the gym. yesterday i was dragging, but today i felt great. :)

now off to get my burrrritos and a raw fruit pie!

my apologies for having such a boring blog but when you can't really talk about your boyfriend 'cause, ya know, he be a professional, and you can't really talk about your job because, ya know, you don't want to get dooced, the topics are limited. also, i don't do much anymore. :D boring girl!

we ARE getting the boat on the water this weekend, so that should be good.

also, in august, i have been invited to a baby sea turtle release! it starts at 8, so i may be able to get some pictures before the sun goes down. :) :) :)
Wednesday, July 11, 2007
  since searches on "sleepy" and "tired" are not yielding any interestingmatches...

i think i'll just start using random pics. yeah.

all is well. it's 11. i'm hot. the fan in the bedroom rocks so i'm gonna make this quick so i can go visit it.

i slept badly last night, maybe on account of the dogs being in the next room. chewing and chewing. and growling, because they were not chewing on the thing they WANTED to be chewing on. et cetera.

tonight, i drink chamomile. yo no se si this is gonna work, but we'll see.

today -
breakfast: juvo raw shake mixed with almond milk and a squeeze of honey, and a banana.

lunch: half a papaya. funny, i was starving but ate the papaya and felt fine. later, there were about 50 fake meat jerkys up for grab in the break room so i had one (and took about 15 home) - 160 cals, 15 grams of protein. yeah, baby. to drink today i had the second half of that pomegranate yerba mate (40 cals), one green tea (0 cals), and one decaf green tea (0 cals). and lots of water.

you'll note that i have not had a coffee since last friday. and surprisingly this hasn't even really been work, especially compared to last time when i kicked it. i am assuming this has something to do with the fact that i am not trying to substitute it with another sugary, creamy beverages like chai lattes. i do have some decaf chai mix, but i think i'll save it for special occasions, rather than every day. this makes me happy because coffee is one of those horrible-for-me things i've wanted to stop forever and just could not do. i really, really wondered if it would be possible. but so far i have done it and it has been fine and it's so good to be dropping the 200-500 calories a day i was consuming on the two or so coffees & iced coffees i was drinking each day. at least one was from dunkin donuts, and they were a nutritional nightmare, i'm guessing. even when i asked for half and half, they gave me cream... and think of all those cups i was throwing away!

pre-workout was a half-mug or so of greek yogurt with a few shakes of ground-up flax and dried blueberries.

the workout was tough - 45 min on the treadmill, nothing special, but i was PUSHING myself. sweatin' up a storm. after, i lifted weights and lunged around the room for a bit.

dinner was the customary wednesday at oceans grill, only this time i had shrimp quesadillas -- without the queso. that is, shrimp and veggies with salsa, guac, and sour cream. tasty. oh, and a few of chris's french fries. i came home wanting dessert so had a genuine *serving* of strawberry sorbet (120 cals) covered in soymilk. trust me, adding milk or soymilk to any ice cream or similar dessert makes it yummmy after it freezes.

ha ha ha. tonight i went to the smaller gym since the bigger gym had a dude workin' out in it. i turned on law & order. 10 minutes later, a girl walks in and i see her visibly wilt. she was in there on friday, watching her e! and doin' her thang. i'm sure most people are like me, and want the gym to themselves.. and if they have to share, they at least want to be there first so they can pick the station. i almost felt guilty. and on friday, she ended things on the uh.. you know, the crunch-assister thing. well, i was doing that tonight when she left, which means she probably wanted to do it. i bet i just ruined her whole night.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
  yeah, so

the master bath now officially belongs to the dogs.

as chris says, "due to stacey's lobbying, a.k.a. NAGGING," he finally followed up with the vet to see if it was advisable to leave the doggies outside during the day in this heat. (i said i'd shut up about it if the vet said it was okay!) the vet said no. fine if they all three were going in the pool voluntarily, but only gretchey does that.

so chris went and bought a special thing for the sliding glass door to make a doggy door out of it, and then we went and got this much-bigger crate tonight so they could all fit comfortably inside. and success! they do!

i'd love for them to have free run of the bathroom, but buddy still doesn't go potty where he should, and we don't know who we can trust around the wood bathtub and cupboards. but this is a great solution for now, for sure.

i'm such a dork! :) and so excited for them to have a nice, cool place to come nap when it gets too hot. then they can head back out to have fun when it gets a little cooler. plus, the bonus is that we won't be waking up at 7 on saturdays to let them out - they can let themselves out! :)

oh yeah -

food: breakfast was some jackfruit and a juvo shake with almond milk. lunch was half a papaya (yes, a big one) and a juvo shake. pre-workout snack was a few spoonfuls of greek yogurt with blueberries (for the protein, you know). dinner was a green salad with a raw dressing from glaser with yummy ravioli pasta and sun-dried tomatoes. to drink today, i had half a bottle of yerba mate today (40 cals), a straight green tea (0 cals), and lots of water.

exercise: 55 minutes on the treadmill. i was gonna do 45, but figured i'd tough it out until seinfeld was over.

working out at the gym versus running outside has big-time pros and cons.

con-wise, which has foremost on my mind, is that i like running outside. i run for 45 minutes or an hour or whatever and don't mind it. but on the treadmill? i am counting every minute. constantly calculating how much time i have to go. it's tedious, even with the tv on. also, i can't bring sebastian.

but pro-wise, it's very quantifiable. i know exactly how far i've gone, how fast i'm going, and have an estimate of how many calories i've burned.

today, though, i just started to realize that i should take advantage of these benefits. i've tried to hover at around 5.8 mph, with speed-ups to 6.0 and 6.5, but also slow periods of walking at 4.3 (often at an incline, depending on my energy). towards the end of my workout today, i was setting little goals of staying with the running until, say, the commercials were over. or staying at this speed (5.8) at this incline (5.5) for one full minute. trust me, at the end of a workout, it's harder than it sounds -- at least for me it was hard!

so anyway, long story short: today's workout indoors was the first one that i didn't absolutely hate for not being an outside run. this is good because i don't get headaches after inside workouts, so it really is for the best that i start to like them! :)

She's so lucky...

This is an acknowledgement to the world that I know I have it good.

Why? Last night, I went to work out after work. I was going to take the tank back to the dive shop that Chris (Chris is good thing #1) had used to test out our gear (#2 is that he tested out OUR dive gear) but he pulled up as I was leaving so said he’d take it instead (#3). He was also taking mine and Patty’s regs to get depth gauges put in (#3); I’ve always said I didn’t need a depth gauge ‘cause I only do shore dives, but I certainly ain’t going to turn one down.

When I got home from the gym, dinner was ready (#4). I started my math quiz and Chris apparently cleaned up after dinner (#5) and then helped me big time with my quiz, as usual (#6). Then Chris went and passed out and I watched Seinfeld with Sebastian. This part kinda sucked because I had wanted to go to sleep early with Chris but he was snoring by the time I made it to the bedroom, so I didn’t figure I’d bother.

Today, Idalia comes (#7). She’s the lady who cleans the house. Chris used to have her come every month. Then he got an in-town sister, and a dog, and some more dogs, and a girlfriend, and her cats, and all that. When I met him, she came every other week. Now she comes every week. Hehe. This is very lucky because the house is magically whipped into shape every Tuesday. The sad part is that it always needs it. I try… But, yeah, it’s a good thing we have her. It’s always so nice to walk in the house on Tuesday night.

I felt horribly guilty last night when I went to clean up after dinner and realized Chris had basically done it all, so ran the dishwasher and vowed I’d cook dinner tonight so he didn't have to. But the only way I have time to cook dinner at a time that’s reasonable to eat it is if I skip the gym, or wait until after dinner to go, which is no good. So today I said maybe I should just pick something up. Or maybe we just make pasta – pasta is easy. My baby writes back that he should be home early and can make dinner while I’m at the gym (#8). He’s so good, all the time. Selfless, all the time. I definitely owe him a few French toast dinners, because that’s really all I can do.

Anyway, just a day to count my blessings. :)

Oh yeah, I got to watch an entire episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent at the gym that I had not yet seen. That’s definitely #9.
Monday, July 09, 2007
  heehee, how cute is this?

Gecko and Papaya, originally uploaded by catbutler.

monday, over already? thank goodness.

breakfast - banana & juvo raw health shake

lunch - juvo raw health shake (someone didn't plan their day's menu well) and half a papaya. half a big papaya! and a handful of strawberries.

please note no coffee. :) i had some straight hot white tea, but that's it.

after-work-omg-i'm-gonna-die-snack - glaser farms papaya fruit pie.

dinner: two boca burgers and chris's extra especial tater tots, with a handful of cherries.

exercise: 45 min on the treadmill, while watching my faaaaavorite show, then some weight-liftin'.

all in all, a very successful day. :)

Sunday, July 08, 2007
aww, shit, is it sunday night again already?

i can't make a subject line here for some reason. arrr.

let's see, what did i do this weekend?
well, friday night chris's friend big rod came into town. he's the one that came into town last time to meet the russian chick that mistook US1 for A1A (although she has lived in south florida for 8 years) and then parked in chris's front yard. anyway, he was in town to meet up with a different chick this time.. thankfully, this time it was saturday night and all the way in south beach, so we were spared having to be their hang-out couple. so he came into town on friday night and we all went out for a couple of drinks. well, i had 7, but six of them were water.

we went to the neighborhood place to start out, so walked there. oreo followed. i had to walk back to the house three times and sternly tell her to stay, then run back and hope she wouldn't follow. but she did; i'd turn around and there she was, running after me. she followed me all the way to a1a, a very busy street. i decided i'd just take her to the bar, since we sit outside anyway, but then realized we'd probably be moving on from there and what if we wanted to sit inside, etc... so i walked oreo back to the house and there kitten was, following us too. i was so frustrated. i ended up putting oreo in the boat, which is on the trailer in the driveway, and then running up the street. it finally worked. these cats!

we stayed out til 1 (late for us!) and stayed up too late and all that good stuff, and we still managed to get up early.. well, at 9.. to go out for breakfast. as planned, we went to la bonne crepe, which of course is always translated as "the good crap." har har har.

i didn't care much for rod last time he was in town, lots of which probably having to do with his self-professed playa rep preceding him, and the conversation wherein he said he would not buy a woman tampons. the man is a doctor for crissake, how could you be so squeamish as to not want to buy a woman tampons?! i so have no patience for that. but this time, he seemed pretty darned alright. it really doesn't matter what i think, but i've liked all of chris's friends so far.. i guess it's nice to not mind / look forward to his friends visiting rather than dreading having guests.

the good part, too, when rod is around is i get to hear about all the trouble chris used to get in with his little brother, "hot rod" who is now the proud papa of a two-year-old little girl, as uncle big rod still chases skirts. chris used to be bad. banned from many bars, kicked out of lots more. it's hard to imagine.

saturday afternoon, i put a swimsuit on to go take a dip so it promptly rained.

rain, last weekend or so

no matter; i took a nap. when i woke up, the sun was shining, so then i took a swim, and then we went on a costco run. god bless that place -- where else would america get its 32-packs of hot dog buns? i dropped chris off at mass afterwards and piddled around until i could go pick him up. then i went to work out - which i did friday night too (god also bless air-conditioned gyms across the street where i can watch law & order with sound!) then came home and showered so we could go watch the fireworks in tamarac since we missed the local ones on wednesday night. tamarac actually had a really impressive display - they just went on and on. i thought it was the finale, oh, three times or so. by the time we got home last night, we were both wiped out.

today i slept in. duh. chris went for a jog in this blasted heat. we rode bikes to the beach for breakfast.. well, lunch.. then had ice cream. i started getting a headache. arrrrgh. i watched two god-awful lifetime movies and felt sorry for myself, then got suited up and went out to the pool to hang out with chris, who was busy with 10 things out there, as usual. and the dogs, and patty. my headache went away at some point.

chris got a tank from the dive shop to make sure our dive gear was ready when we were.

Chris workin' on the scuba gear

he's really something, my chris. always doing something. and usually it's more than one thing. honestly. he lifts weights while he's cooking dinner. he brushes his teeth while he's driving. he's always workin' in the front yard or the back yard or on the big boat or the little boat or in the garage. he very rarely sits down, and when he does, i'm on him like glue. he laughed the other night when he paused to watch part of a movie, and i snuggled up to him. "getting it in while you can, right?" right.

tonight we ate corn on the cob and did homework. now, tomorow's already the start to another week. this next weekend should be nice and low-key & hopefully we get the new boat in the water. then the next weekend we gotta go to pittsburgh.

chris, in the pool

i took a bunch of pics of chris in the pool. he's so cute. :)

we put off the caymans for a month 'cause being away from home for a whole long weekend is hard. now, i was promised the caymans, so i want the caymans, but i don't want it during a time where we'll feel bad for not being at home. so now it's more like labor day. leaving home sucks; i totally feel chris's pain there. but not experiencing cool shit like, ya know, the caymans. that sucks too.

okay, time for some sleeeep.

oh, by the way - i started the teeth-whitening regimen i got from the dentist months ago, that i kept putting off because you can't drink coffee or, like, eat blueberries while you're using the stuff. with all these migraines, i thought it would be an opportune time to kick the caffeine... so this has been a coffee-free weekend. i'm not ready for withdrawal headaches, so have taken exactly one excedrin each day, but that's so much better than all that caffeine + sugar + cream. :)
Friday, July 06, 2007
  OK, hi, worst story EVER
I was sitting in the doctor's waiting room yesterday when this came on the news.

Pool Drain Pulls Small Intestine Out of Little Girl

I sat there with my jaw hanging the entire time the story was on.

When I told Chris about it at home, he asked if it was real. It's pretty bad when something is so bad that people wonder if it could be real. Blech.
Thursday, July 05, 2007
  drugs, blessed drugs!

(Warning, this is a bitchfest, but with a happy ending.)


I really like my doctor. He seems nice.

Today he gave me a Topamax starter pack. I was nearly in tears at his office, explaining how I have a headache just about all the time. Let’s see, let’s start out on my trip home to Wisconsin.

1 Imitrex before I left work Friday
1 Imitrex when I arrived in Minneapolis on Friday
1 Imitrex when I woke up in Wisconsin on Saturday

Then I was fine until Tuesday, which was last Tuesday. I went for a jog, had to take an Imitrex. Then Wednesday night, I went for a jog, tried to not take an Imitrex, but realized I really needed to. But it either too late or just didn’t work, so the headache came on anyway. I’ve had a mild headache ever since, save for Saturday, when it was awful, and yesterday, when it was awful. I tried an Imitrex Thursday night, to no avail, and one Friday as well. At that point, I gave up on getting rid of the headache, especially in light of the fact that I am only allowed 9 per month. I took a Maxalt yesterday, out of desperation, and either it worked or yesterday was the day my headache was going to go away.

Great, until today. Today a little while before I was set to go to go the doc, I felt a pang in my head. Ignored it, hoped for the best. But soon I realized it was definitely the beginnings of a headache. Then I got to the doctor’s office and some chick was wearing way too much really rank perfume and I started panicking, because strong perfume has given me a headache before, but couldn’t find a place to sit where I couldn’t smell it.

It’s just annoying now, but annoying enough that I really can’t do anything once I get home. And jesus, am I ever SICK of doing nothing. I've been keeping weird hours on account of it, too, which sucks.

Please oh please let the Topamax work.

Oh, and ha - the doctor said beware of the side effect that it may make me lose weight. And when he said that, I told him right where he could shove those pills. (Answer: Right down my throat!) That sure would be nice, but mostly I just want it to make the headaches go away so I can start MOVING again. The doc said that these work pretty darn well, as long as I can tolerate them. Let's hope!

On another bitchfest note, I didn't get to see the fireworks last night. And you do know that the 4th is one of my favorite holidays. Maybe next 4th I need to go to Wisconsin, to make sure the day doesn't sink into just another weekday..

Wednesday, July 04, 2007
  what a shit day
so we're goin' on day 7 of the headache. no, day 6. whatever.

it's actually a little better, now that i took the maxalt an hour or so ago. i haven't taken anything in days since it wasn't helping it last week anyway, but today it was just so bad i had to try.

my day today has been comprised of watching t.v., reading, and sleeping. yeeee-ha. a gorgeous day off and this is how i spent it.

also, probably on account of the fact that i have watched more t.v. in the past month than i probably had in the past year, last night i was officially bored. but there really wasn't anything i felt like doing, headache-ridden and all. i haven't actually been bored except when being held captive in work or at class for ages. it's a pretty awful feeling! it makes me wonder about those folks who live for t.v... isn't that just,well, boring? (although, there may be a law & order on now, and since i have nothing else to do anyway...) all this inactivity and boredom is making me downright depressed. seriously.

i did watch borat, though, which was pretty damn funny. i like the dinner scene. then i slept. then i woke up and still felt like shit so i took a shower and then watched the usual suspects, mostly because it was one of the few movies in the room that i hadn't seen in a while. a decade, probably. sadly, i remembered how it ended, but it was interesting re-watching it with that tidbit of information.

chris went to some bbq today, which i had passed on well in advance since the main course was a freshly-slaughtered lamb from one of those places in hialeah. yeah, south florida has places you can go to and pick out your own, still-living, still-adorable creatures and say, "that's what i want for lunch today. kill it!" i was highly unimpressed with the idea. i mean, i'm fine hangin' out with folks eating cheeseburgers and all, but... a little, killed-specifically-for-today lamb? yeah, no thanks. but now chris has been gone for hours and i'm bored out of my skull and.. bleh.

thankfully, the headache is back to only slightly annoying, not painful. and tomorrow, i go to the doc. and fireworks are in a couple of hours. fireworks are always good, even if the sand will be wet.

oh, hey -
law & order question
i've not been so good in ages about watching the regular law & order. but i watched one day last week and that one dude, uh..

this one:

he was all wearing a $300 shirt and driving a hardtop mercedes convertible that looks suspiciously like the lemon chris had. this was all in one episode and remarked-upon, which made it quite obvious he had another source of income. did anything ever become of that? was he bein' dirty? i hate it when i get out of the law & order loop. like the time i was watching a rerun of SVU and alexandra cabot was retrieved from wisconsin (ha ha) for a case, where she had been hiding in the witness protection program. apparently she had been killed, or seemed to have been killed. i'm like, what?! a.d.a. cabot had been killed?! yeah, and i call myself a law & order fan.

okay, enough whining - happy 4th of july!
Monday, July 02, 2007

Whack a Mole!, originally uploaded by oliver smith.

i took my midterm in college algebra today - a 94%! i don't think this says so much about me, however, as much as it does about the test.

thank god it was multiple choice, and thank god for chris for helping me prepare. for some unknown reason, we stayed up 'til like 4 on saturday night -- this is COMPLETELY out of character, mind you. i think the bad move was starting to watch talladega nights at, like, midnight. so anyway, chris woke up at 8:30 anyway, so was ready for bed EARLY last night, but stayed up past midnight to help me anyhow. such a guy. :)

this weekend was pretty much a wash. why? you guessed it: headache. well, that and homework. saturday i woke up with a horrible, whole-forehead headache. chris attended to me and we got it to go just to the normal migraine spot so i was able to actually get out of bed, but i was pretty useless all day. sunday, the headache was pretty much under control, but at that point i REALLY had studying to do, so planted my ass on the couch from, like, 4 p.m. to midnight with my math book in hand.

today, i stayed home. i still had a headache, of course, but it wasn't so bad. i slept in, studied, and went swimmin' with the dogs for a while. you really should not live in south florida without a private swimming pool; it's ridiculously nice. then tonight i had to go take my midterm, last minute. it was all fine, though. :)

i would do the food report thing, but - eh, not really worth reporting, esp. for the weekend (which was the usual of unhealthy breakfast food and pasta and all that other good stuff). friday, well... we don't want to go there, considering my breakfast was basically sugar and sugar (dd coffee, dd donut). i did have a nice salad from einstein's for lunch, but it was offset by multiple handfuls of granola. today, i had a big bowl of special k for breakfast/lunch, then a coffee with a fruit pie & a little bit of this sweet potato, cranberry, & mango stuff (excellent). dinner was burritos and store-bought baklava that chris didn't want to eat. so i had to have both of 'em. grr. ;)

anyway, i got a migraine book tonight. i am going to go read it in bed soon and see what i can start doing different to maybe help this bullshit. i've had a headache more or less constantly since last wednesday. woooooo.

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