Saturday, July 25, 2009
  Funny happening of the day

Tree Frog_5668, originally uploaded by Feather fetish.

Tonight I went on toad-killin' duty across the street. As usual, I found a big ugly adult and caught it. Then I saw one that was much smaller so went to get another ziploc and, surprise! It wasn't a cane toad at all, but a treefrog. Probably a Cuban treefrog (invasive!).

I was trying to get a good look at it so I could ID it later on the computer. It kept jumping away though. These things are the slimiest, skinniest little frogs, EVER. I caught it like four times and it managed to squeeze right out of my hands. Finally it jumped up on my shoulder, then down to my forearm.

I had my headlamp shining in its face and was staring at it when all of a sudden, jump! And he was on my face. On my nose with his little feet on my cheeks.

I was like, "Um," and wondered what to do next. After a few seconds, he jumped off.

Anyway, I thought it was funny. :) Glad to see something other than Bufos for a change.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
  Quote That Gets Me Talking Out Loud Angrily To My Computer of The Day
Re protection of harbor seals at a beach in San Diego, via this story:

"I don't particularly like them. I think they smell, and I'm not interested in looking at them," said Kees Hendricks, 60, of Vancouver Island in Canada. "I don't think there should be a whole beach for the seals."

Please say this is the only dumbass who they could get a quote from speaking out against seals having a beach. Where EXACTLY does this person think the seals are SUPPOSED to go? A homeless shelter? SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE! THAT'S WHERE SEALS LIVE!!! ?!?!

I read that quote over like three times before I started talking to my computer and using my new favorite quite (from The 40-Year-Old Virgin): "Are you fucking retarded?!"
Monday, July 13, 2009
  You guys did see this pic, right?

DSC01300, originally uploaded by Faded Photograph.

I find it HILARIOUS.

Saturday, July 11, 2009
  in the middle of the night

in the middle of the night
Originally uploaded by dooce
i really didn't get why you'd get video on an SLR. you get a video camera for video, right? then i saw dooce's video of her new little marlo.

this seals it: when we have the babies, we will be getting a video-capable SLR. it's beautiful!
  Bahia Cabana had good ring-sparkle light!

  No, don't bite the gun.

No, don't bite the gun.
Originally uploaded by estacey
This is Gretchey's new trick, as videotaped by my new camera, the Powershot SD780 IS. Yipee! I have been wanting a new point and shoot with image stabilization and have been putting it off and putting it off, but now that I have a job - yes, a job, and I start on Monday - I figured I could go ahead and take the leap.

So yay! It's adorable and tiny and RED and has HD video capability. I have to play with that, but hopefully I can put up some relatively nice-looking videos. :) :)

And yeah, yeah, I know - for most people, this is a bit overboard, but I don't see a thing wrong with adding another camera to the pack. :)
  My sister wanted a picture of the ring on my hand.

I gotta look up how to best photograph diamonds. When I see this, I think it looks a bit bigger than in person BUT not as pretty as the sparkles are not evident...

Thursday, July 09, 2009
  Ode to my ring, on being engaged, etc.
OK, so I'll admit it (for those of you who don't know me) - I'm a total pain in the ass.

See, Chris and I will have been dating for three years come August 4. From, oh, year one or so, I've been wishin' and hopin' and prayin'... But the months went by and by and I still had no ring on my finger. Even after we started talking about the future concretely, makin' plans and stuff, no ring. Sigh.

Eventually we had to Talk about it. You know, when is SOMETHING going to happen? I know and you know that someday we're gonna get hitched and make some babies, but when is that plan going to be OFFICIAL? The wedding is going to happen someday, but WHEN IS SOMEDAY?

So anyway, I knew it was coming... eventually. Then Patty, Chris's sister, got engaged last December, right before Christmas. She had met her now fiance a month after Chris and I had met. And while they started out dating like normal people, getting together once or twice a week, Chris and I moved into near immediate cohabitation (although that wasn't official for a year or so; I got to pay rent every month for a house I never actually slept in!). You can imagine the emotion that accompanied my happiness for Patty for her news. You got it. "CHRIS: ???!!!" There were also tears, but I blame that on the fact that I was days away from getting a visit from Aunt Flo.

Where am I going with this? Well, after all this DISCUSSION OF SOMEDAY GETTING ENGAGED AND MARRIED, the fact that we were actually going to get engaged and married was no longer a surprise. So my ring? I picked it out.

I actually obsessed over it for weeks, trying to find the perfect one for me. I had originally chosen a Tiffany ring, but they don't list prices there - you only get a "from" price - and the impression I get is that the prices on the website are not really reflective of what you're actually going to have to pay, from the $20k 1-carat rings I've read about. And I gather from lots of research that you pay at least 1/3rd more for the Tiffany name, for the same exact quality diamond and setting. Chris said he'd still get me that ring if I couldn't find another one, but hey, try. In retrospect, I think the ring I had chosen was a little... I dunno. Not me, really. Beautiful, but not me. I ended up finding my ring and falling in love with it and got Chris's approval that he thought it was a pretty ring too.

So anyway, on one hand, I wish I were a more patient type of person. Had I been able to have way more patience than I am capable of, maybe my engagement would've been a huge surprise. Instead of waiting for my ring, I would have been surprised by it. Make sense? Here and there, I felt like I was being a nag to Chris. Particularly when I was PMSing, because it was around then that I actually got upset about it. I think some girls do just date and bite their tongue, even for years, to allow the guy to do it exactly when he wants. I don't think I have that in me, and I regret that a little bit.

On the OTHER hand, well, there's my ring. (The left hand, specifically.) AND OH MY GOD DO I FUCKING LOVE IT. Seriously, I was picking my own ring, and I knew that that was THE RING after looking at hundreds and thinking about it for hour upon hours. But I wasn't even expecting to love it as much as I do. I know Chris would've chosen me a classic solitaire setting, and I am sure it would have been beautiful, but I doubt that I could have loved it as much as I do this one. I keep turning different lights on in the house to watch it sparkle. I can't help but smile when I see it on my hand on the steering wheel in traffic. I can't stop telling Chris how much I love it.

So, the regret that I have about helping this whole engaging process along? It's gone now, because it really was time, Chris is happy, I'm happy, and I have the most perfect engagement ring ever.

The diamond is just beautiful.. it has an ideal cut and is D color ("absolutely colorless" - the highest grade). It sparkles ridiculously. And the setting.. oh, the setting! I have a half-carat of little diamonds on the side, pave-style. The band they're set in is thin, clean... It's, like, simple but sparkly. And I think the size is perfect: 1.26 carats. I definitely wanted that respectable carat, but I didn't find it necessary to get (or, let's face it, ask for, because I'm sure Chris would've balked at the idea of spending that much on a rock for my finger) the doctor's-wife standard of two carats (it's a thing, the jewelers say, which is funny because that's what the doctors' wives told me at some party soon after Chris and I started dating: "Make sure you get two carats out of him!"). (Also, I'm sorry if these parentheses are getting confusing, but it's late and I don't want to figure out how to put all this in better order.) A huge ring is not particularly me either. C'mon, my every-day earrings are a tiny pair of diamond hoops and my most beloved ring until I got this puppy was a $7 silver claddaugh ring I bought in Montana when I was 16. So anyway, it worked out: I just wanted a nice ring, and it turns out I got the perfect one for me. I keep thinking that if I got a two-carat ring, when I looked at it, I'd think, "Big!" Like I do when I see the big stones on the Housewives of Fort Lauderdale By Way of New Jersey around here. This one, though? This one makes me think, "Beautiful!" You know, something I'm proud of, but nothing ridiculous or over the top - just a beautiful engagement ring.

I will shut up about the ring eventually. I'd say give it a month or two. Or three. ;)

I guess it shouldn't be too much of a surprise how excited I am about this ring. I have always loved the idea of being engaged, always loved to see engagement rings on other girls.. It's sweet, you know? You see the ring and you know she has someone out there that loves her enough that they want to MARRY her. Getting engaged seemed very special to me. And I am finally that girl. :)

I was worried before Chris popped the question, actually... I had an inkling he would be proposing on the 4th. I love the 4th of July, see. And we had my ring sitting in the garage for a good month waiting for the time that Chris deemed special enough for proposing. So I kinda figured. We were even bringing the Veuve Clicquot sitting in the fridge since the holidays. Because it wasn't a surprise, I was worried it wouldn't be an emotional moment. But when Chris came to the front of the boat and I realized he had not just fallen, but instead had gone down on one knee... Well, it was special. After I said yes, FINE, we happily kissed a whole bunch. It was surprisingly AWESOME for it to be official. I got to tease Chris that he is now a FIANCE and HAS a FIANCEE and IS GOING TO BE STUCK WITH ME FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE! Officially. We're officially on the way to becoming husband and wife, which is the one step we have left before we start trying to make some beautiful little half-Asian, half-Scandinavian babies. :)!!!

And I finally got to pick a username on Facebook without it seeming like I was jumping the gun or would need to explain: staceytchen. :)

Now if I could just stop referring to Chris as my boyfriend, we'd be set.
Wednesday, July 08, 2009
  My fiance

My fiance, originally uploaded by estacey.

His dead-sexy sunglasses are why I like him so much. Really.

Sunday, July 05, 2009
  My engagement ring!

My engagement ring!, originally uploaded by estacey.

Guess who is a motherfuckin' fiancee! (And also a lady, apparently.)

Yep! He popped the big question last night. FINALLY.

Now I can announce this too... That trip we're taking to Fiji in October? It's not just for snorkeling; it's for tying the knot. :)

Saturday, July 04, 2009
  We were supposed to go to Bimini this weekend...

But were both pooped last night when we should've been preparing. We mulled it over for a LONG time, with neither of us willing to commit to a yea or nay. So we made this list of pros and cons and staying home won, by a landslide. It's slightly inaccurate though, as they should be weighted; the fact that the diving is so awesome there far outweighs sleeping in the boat.

Anyway, lesson learned. After you spend 3 days in Key West one weekend, don't plan on doing anything that requires a lot of energy and is away from home the next. At least, not if you're old.

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