Thursday, September 29, 2005
  A scuba diving Barbie doll! But not really! :D
Get Real Girl Dolls from Art Vision of Viroqua, Wisconsin

Morning cup of cute, originally uploaded by adampsyche.

  eBay: Ellen Stagg - Trina, 2004 (item 7351240135 end time Sep-27-05 09:51:02 PDT)
eBay: Ellen Stagg - Trina, 2004 (item 7351240135 end time Sep-27-05 09:51:02 PDT)

Badonkadonk, my lord.
  Urban Legends Reference Pages: Photo Gallery (Dog vs. Porcupine)
  Fwd: Re: hello
Ha ha ha!  I never wrote him back after the, uh, graphic attachment he sent me.  I guess my lack of interest does not dissuade Mr. Dongstein from continuing his quest to meet...!

Dan Dongstein <> wrote:
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 11:16:20 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dan Dongstein <>
Subject: Re: hello

Back after the storms,,ready to meet,,
  spanish tv
i have lots of spanish-language channels.  before i got cable, the i'm pretty sure the spanish-language outnumbered the english-.
anyway, i'm loathe to watch things in spanish because, unlike english, i actually have to pay attention to understand anything.  and who wants to concentrate on one crazy summer
yeah, for some reason, although the original programming is, well.. focused on over-dramatic telenovelas (i thought they'd be good to watch for language practice, but i can never get through the opening theme - all these people with ridiculous hair looking off into the distance, troubled) and variety shows.  the variety shows can be horrible and it's often hard to think that people are watching these things in the days when law & order is available.  the other day, alli was over and made me watch some venezuelan show.  there was some contest that involved washing plates and another with a dunking game.  were i not so fond of alli, i probably would've grabbed the remote and smacked her with it.  anyway, back to my original idea.. they always have really good movies on!  the kind of movies i'm excited to see are on tv... but then, you know, they start to speak and you realize that you could watch groundhog day if you just felt like thinking.
i did pause on some show named susana gimenez.  there was some crazy 'diamonds are a girl's best friend' type opening that captivated me.. some fake blonde surrounded by men in suits dancing around outside a mansion.  i watched for a while.. i think she read lotto numbers off.  then it was trivia!  i was happy because i got a lot of the answers right.  once i figured out the show was argentinian (they had a lot of argentina geography questions), i had a new respect for how damn smart those people are, though.. lots of history questions that perplexed me were answered casually.  what year this happened, what decade that person died.. lots of american trivia, too, that i should know, but.. you know, they live on another continent. 


all this spanish tv has really made me notice the differences in our culture.  all the civilian argentinas on the show are intelligent-looking, handsome brunettes.  all the celebrity argentinas are fake blondes with an obvious affinity for plastic surgery. 
just.. very strange.  that some people really do transform themselves into barbie dolls - big boobs, long blonde hair extensions, plastic-like face.  (this lady makes pamela anderson look like a granola girl.)  and there is a culture out there to celebrate that.  weird. 
  Woman sentenced to one year in dog drowning

hi, crazy lady! good way to wrestle your way into your boyfriend's heart - kill his dog! i'd really like to know why she only got 1 year rather than the 3.5 minimum. that's such crap.


The following appeared on
Headline: Woman sentenced to one year in dog drowning
Date: September 28, 2005

"A Portsmouth woman will serve one year after pleading guilty to her
role in the drowning of her ex-boyfriend's dog last year."

Wednesday, September 28, 2005
foreword:  don’t ask me what’s going on with the fonts/spacing.  blogger for word has some bugs, apparently.  (

1.  i never update y’all on anyone except for the kittens, so here is news about the rest of the clan.   kitten:  miserable.  she has her own food dish on the  kitchen island thing so she doesn't have to share with the other cats, because  sharing causes her to make devil noises.  she does cuddle up in my bed  anytime i'm there and she happens to be in the house, whether it's 6 a.m. or  lunchtime.  so that makes up for it.  elliot:   on his way to becoming a lap cat.  he comes and sits next to me to nap  sometimes.  it's quite cute.  fluffy:  somehow,  he got huge all of a sudden.  starting to match his paws.  i had the  thought today that i'm going to enjoy having him until i'm  40something.  that’s always a nice thought to have about a huge commitment.  :)  mamacat:  she's taken to  stealing my lunch (sandwiches, day in and day out) with elliot.  at least  she's coming out of her shell, if only for fake chicken.  mini  fluffy:  still cries a lot.  follows mama around trying to  nurse.  i don't blame her, though.. the rest of the cats take turns pinning her down by the neck.  honestly, it's like they wait in line to  beat her up.  turty:  i had to run by ed's last night  so i got to drive by the pond that makes turty's home.  there was a turtle  on the center island.  it may have been him!  even thought it was  starting to rain, i had to sit down and admire how gorgeous it is there.   letting him go there was definitely one of my most brilliant ideas, ever.  :)

2.  i  got a book last night named 'white teeth' by zadie  smith.  (yes, i can read!)  anyone read it?  it's been out since 2000.  i've heard  good things about it but never was very inclined to read it, until i saw an  interview with her on pbs the other night.  she is adorably shy, looking  down as she finished every thought.  adorably humble.  seemed very..  very intelligent and admirable.  and when she finishes talking, her mouth  settles into a sweet bunny-type overbite.  reminds me of a familiar  cartoon, although i can't think of which one.  i was really intrigued to  see what this person wrote, what was the "best of [her]."  anyway,  so i got the book.  and i hope i like it; i had made a rule about buying books full-price, which i have followed for a whole month now and which i broke for it.  

3.  i've been  super good lately and have only visited dunkin donuts for my light & sweet  sugar & caffeine bomb twice in the past week.  and i ordered  smalls!  that used to be a daily thing, you know.  the little indian  women in there all know me, know my drink.  it was kind of embarassing  when the cute cop would be standing at the counter and i'd walk in, "hi  there. a little late today, huh?  light & sweet for you?"   :\   for my reward, i have lost in the neighborhood of 4  pounds.  those size 6 jeans are just a few weeks away, i  hope.. of course, i've figured out that the only reason  i ever fit into a size 6 is because i am somewhat  lacking in the caboose.  but hey, i'll take it.  :)

4.  i'm still in the class.  darnit.  see, i had  the $ to pay for the class when it started.  unfortunately, i missed the  payment deadline (i thought it was the first day of class; it wasn't) so had to  re-register in person.  "get a slip from the teacher that says you are  still allowed in the class."  "okay."  i got the slip and brought it  back after the first class.  the total bag of a lady working there was on  her way out.  "ma'am," she said.  "i have had a long day and i am not  going to stay to do that."  "okay!"  i didn't care.  i leaned  over to set it on her desk, you know, for the next day.  "you can't do  that."  "huh?" i said.  "you have to do that in person."  "you  can't enter it for me and i can pay online tomorrow?"  "no."  "ok,  i'll come back next week before class."  "we're not usually open this  late."  agggh.  the lady was a total ho.  and she's  married to one of my favorite professors ever!  anyway, the next week,  before i had a chance to use my lunch hour to go pay this thing.. and i'm tellin  ya, i did it ONLINE BEFORE SO I KNOW I DON'T REALLY HAVE TO *BE* THERE.. i  realized that, if i paid for this class, i would not have money, you know, to  eat with.  so i've been going every week and putting off going in to see  that ho again.  well, now i have the money.  tonight is class.   i'm realizing that it's been a month.  i called, "can i still register for  this class?  i've been going every week."  they put me on hold.   "yes."  Dammit.  and i was looking for an excuse to go home and sweep  tonight.  no, really.  lesser of the two evils, you  know.

okay, i'm outta here.  i have a class to yawn  through.          
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
autumn (or as we call it in s. florida, the "slightly less hot version of summer"; winter is the "least hot version of summer" and so on) is making her appearance, finally. i was just outside and, i'll tell ya, the air felt cool and refreshing. crisp, almost.

i see here on the weather that it is currently 87 degrees, feels like 92.
crisp. ???

i guess it's all relative..
  on the subject of dumb blondes
a friend yesterday told me that i come off as "dumb." this is how it was said, actually, "I just said there is something about you that makes you seem, um, dumb?" not that i am dumb, she said. i just come off that way.

when things like this happen, i tend to go off on the anti-social deep end: "fine, i just won't talk then." just like when someone said i was, well, fat. i made a no-bathing-suit-or-less rule, by which i stood for a good three or four months. even at the beach.

eventually being modest became more trouble than it was worth. and i can't imagine life would be much fun as a mute.

this, of course, does not stop me from continuing to think, "fine, i just won't talk then," every time my mind wanders to this subject. nor does it stop me from being relieved that there is no one in my life right now whose opinion matters on my fat-or-not status. and both of those things make me wish people who were supposed to have been the ones to make me think nice things about myself and could have... well, not have been the ones to make me feel like this.

  You know I'm TOTALLY getting business cards with this printed on it.

I don't remember where I came across this, but it's in my bookmarks. If you're like me, you really gotta keep looking until they click with you and suddenly you will find them all pretty funny. You know this girl just giggles herself silly when she's drawing these.. "Bahaha.. zombie sex..."

The one below is one of the only ones that really just, you know, makes sense. No silliness required.

Monday, September 26, 2005
  FW: Blond Joke

A blond was sitting on a train reading the newspaper.  The headlines blared,

                   "12 Brazilian Soldiers Killed "    
  She shook her head at the bad news, then turned to the stranger sitting next to her and asked, "How many is a BRAZILIAN"

  The manatees' funny looking cousin, the Dugong

Smile Big Guy, originally uploaded by javajive.

Great name, huh? Dugong!

  WARNING! Pathetic when wet!

unhappy gremlin, originally uploaded by estacey.

Can you even believe this is Mini Fluffy? Kinda makes me want to give Fluffy a bath.

  Saturday's sail

IMG_0133, originally uploaded by coldnebraskablue.

A few more people showed up last time than did the week before, so this was a more social sail, but with much less learning/practicing/etc. (So many people, so few things to do!) Ah well, socializing while eating oreos is good too. :)

The wind was good so we got to go a good distance before turning around and heading back. I mostly laid under the boom the whole time, scooting back and forth after our turns to get back under the shade of the sail. Relaxo-sailing.

Now here's the best part. When we got back to the dock, I went up front to help tie up. I looked down and saw.. nostrils! A manatee! Two manatees! Ahh! "Someone else can do this, no?" I said and jumped off the boat to get a closer look. I spent a good ten minutes laying on my stomach on the dock reaching in the water.. The one bigger manatee was eating all these weeds in the water, but there was, of course, garbage intertwined. It was a race to get the fork out of the weeds before the weeds got in the manatee's mouth.

The one touched the bottom of our boat with his snout and got blue paint all over himself. Ah, so helpless.. :)

I love Florida. :)

  i'm also a sucker for foreign languages
this nice, quiet, venezuelan guy at my job rents an office from us.  he used to work from home (he's working for a company in germany) but i think trying to design yachts with two little girls and a wife around is difficult.  anyway, we're doing this sailing thing and the more the merrier, so i mentioned it to him.  sounds like he'd like to go, if he ever has a saturday free. 
i don't have his email address so i printed out the email from squid with the info and brought it to his office.  i walked in and realized he was speaking german on the phone.  i leaned over to make a note on the paper so i wouldn't have to interrupt him and he said, "danke, stacey."  i smiled.  "i mean, thank you." 
i found that very cute.  :)
Friday, September 23, 2005
  This is just the best picture.

Schiermonnikoog Joop cow, originally uploaded by Henk still here.

I can't believe someone just.. happened across this. It looks like a digitally-produced ad for Gateway or something. Just awesome. :)

  i'm a total sucker for the aesthetics of sailing

DSCF0016, originally uploaded by GeroldBausch.

this pic was taken in germany. i guess they sail in germany, too. why does that sound so strange?


Hurricane Dinner, originally uploaded by kirkh.

Poor Texans.

  How I love technology.

Pelican Harbor Marina, originally uploaded by estacey.

Every once in a while, you just have to let yourself be astonished by the things the Internet allows us to do. Today is it. I'm re-exploring Google maps, with its satellite and hybrid features. Tracing my route home from the grocery store ("There's the golf course I pass!"), viewing Atlanta and Portland from the air.. It's just amazing.

Anyway, this is Pelican Harbor Marina, where we sail out of. Or, um, Pelican Harbor Marina, out of where we sail. :)

i got a trap for the cats from the landlord last night.
i don't have a place for them to go yet, but that's not the problem.
i'd like to send them to their new home fixed and with a rabies shot.  $27 at the humane society.  i can do that. 
but how do i time it?
i don't want to separate the brothers.  if i took one, got it fixed, took it to the new place, then went for the other one.. well, i don't think that'd be very good.  what if he left?  and then they were separated?  blech.
or i could take them both to a new place.  then go back to trap them to get them fixed.  but would they go back in a trap after they got fooled by it once?
i gotta move as quickly as possible, but i can't figure out what to do..
Thursday, September 22, 2005
  a non-picture post
alright, today is the first day of my returning to a healthier lifestyle to banish aforementioned extra 8 (10?) pounds. matt, if you're reading this - you said long ago that i would look better if i gained 10 pounds. we'll see if you agree next time you see me. AND IF YOU MAKE ONE COMMENT ABOUT ME FITTING IN DOWN IN HALLANDALE (if i "Just had some big earrings"), I'LL TWIST IT OFF! (don't worry, y'all, i'm talking about his boob, not that other thing - he's a married man, for goodness sake!)

anyway, i've had this "day" a few times in the past month, a decision usually come to after trying on clothes or eating a particularly bad-for-me meal and having guilt.

today is the real thing though. how do i know, you ask? you know how sometimes you say you're going to do something and, even as you're saying it, you know you won't? well. i don't have that feeling this time. and i did the shopping. see, you can't just eat right unless you do the shopping for it. i have good intentions on eating right but then don't have anything good to eat for breakfast so skip that and then have some horribly paltry lunch and then am so starving by dinnertime that i eat twice the pasta i should. you follow?
for example, the other night, i did a grocery shop at around 7 p.m., on my way home. i hadn't eaten since 11 a.m., though, so while i bought things with the right idea (snackwells cookies), i was so hungry that i used them the completely wrong way (ate a whole row - 4 - before i even got home). whoops.

so now i got my essentials:
1. pria bars. you cannot NOT eat something between lunch and dinner if those two are as many hours apart as mine usually are (7 or so).
2. breakfast shakes. start your day out right.
3. a caffeinated alternative to my "light & sweet" dunkin donuts coffees. i don't even want to think of what kind of sugar/calorie bomb those things are. so i got some 1/4-as-good cafe latte mix stuff. but hey, 100 calories. DD will be reserved for the weekend.
4. waffles. kashi go-lean waffles to be exact. these things are SO yummy. put some butter substitute and some jam / pb / fruit on them and they are the yummiest lunch ever - for like 300 calories.
5. tofutti pops. actually, i forgot these and have to go back. 30 calories, fudgesicle taste. you can eat three and not feel bad. yay, tofu!
6. some kashi cereal that doesn't look all that yummy. see, if you keep fruity pebbles or, for me, special k, you'll eat this stuff as a snack. in mixing bowls. so you gotta buy cereal that is healthy but is not all that yummy tasting. as in: opposite of cracklin' oat bran. hopefully this will be the brand that's it.

fyi all y'all - if you need any fitness gear, target is having a mega clearance. i got a whole load of fun stuff for like $8.

also, did anyone watch the season premiere of L&O last night? i fell asleep halfway through. and, for some reason, i can't find a L&O blog out there to tell me what happened. help!

alright, i have the "i screwed up and didn't eat enough today" headache, so i'd better be off..!
  Another great picture.

Looking for Mommy, originally uploaded by bokchoyboy.

  Today is a share-favorite-pics day

I love this set of pics. Something strange about places like this.. where everything is a different color than what I'm used to. Where everyone looks like they're pretty cool, but flowers grow everywhere (read: denali). I'd love to go someplace so different like this.

  I'm the Boss -- Serval

I'm the Boss -- Serval, originally uploaded by FuzzyButt.

The caption: She ran up to this statue and hissed at it several times. Long enough for me to take a picture.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005
  i usually leave the celeb stuff alone
even though i follow it (mostly in the supermarket checkout line), for i know you guys come here for 100% cat news (the interesting stuff).
but i gotta say.. any of you follow this kate moss bs?
she's having contracts canceled because there is a picture of her doing cocaine floating around.  i think it's quite silly.. if you want your kate moss kate-moss thin, then expect her do some blow here and there.  lord knows the girl can't eat.  honestly, was anyone surprised by the "kate moss does cocaine" "news"?  \/\/hatever.
also, i am an avid follower of the train wreck known as tara reid.  i read they're replacing her on that crap show she was doing with kendra wilkinson.  from the country band a few years ago?  huh?  so i did a google search and this is what i came up with
seems like a rather strange replacement.
also, look what came up as a match when i did a search for my last name.  dawn, we related to a tom?  i love when you look up my name, you get BUTTER as a match.  feels like the internet is making fun of me, just a little. 
  As promised, I got pictures..!

My two kittens in their new home, originally uploaded by estacey.

These are my sweet kittens, Shotgun and ??? New Mamacat Rachel hasn't thought of a name.. Apparently "Scaredy Cat" wasn't appealing. :D They look happy, huh? I think I picked the right two to go together.

Little Esmerelda (OS) apparently cries 24/7 for Alli. I wonder if she just misses her mama.. Mini cries all the time, too, but that's because Mama is WITHIN reach but doesn't have much patience for letting her nurse anymore.

I am so, so, so happy that the cycle of the Fluffy-Tails living as strays has been STOPPED. :)

  quick update
so yesterday i only had to work for a couple of hours.. then the power went out and the "to go home or not to go home" (i was the ONLY one who showed up at the office) dilemma was solved for me.  luckily, my apartment never lost power.  :)
monday night when i went home, fluffy came to the screen of the crawlspace cover and started to cry.  i was so not impressed; fluffy was stuck.  there are, i dunno, air vents around the length of the house.. very small little windows with screens over them.  i went to one of the air vents to look inside and saw THREE sets of eyes reflecting back at me - fluffy, kitten, and her new best friend, bigote.  the air vent had a big slit it in already, so i ripped it the rest of the way and called to the cats.  fluffy wanted out but wasn't convinced he'd fit so kept going back to the screen.  it was so sad.  finally he tried through the air vent and scooted his way out, just barely fitting.  luckily, kitten and bigote are both smaller so should have no problem getting in or out.
i spoke with the landlord later and he said that i shouldn't worry about the outdoor cats - there's an air vent at the front of the house that's open so they can still get in for the storm.  so i guess i shouldn't be as mad as i was when i discovered the three cats were apparently sealed in the crawlspace.
kitten has gotten good at coming to my door and crying when she wants in.  today, she was out there with bigote.  isn't that just the funniest?  from the second he approached her outside, she was nice to him.  and now they're BFF.  what is it about bigote that's different from EVERY OTHER CAT ON THE PLANET that somehow makes him acceptable?  strange.
ok, so that's the cat drama for the day.  i got a project i gotta finish, so offa here for me..
btw - no hurricane scariness here.  just some tornados yesterday a few miles from my house!  and lots of rain!
Monday, September 19, 2005
  my, my slow descent into eremitism
one question that keeps resounding on this blog is - why do people have to suck so bad?
this morning, i was AWOKEN FROM LOVELY, LOVELY sleep by a knocking on my door.
piece of evidence #1 that someday i will be a hermit:
i hate when people come to my house.  unless i'm expecting them.  hate, hate, hate.  i especially hate it when it involves me waking up from a lovely nap on my couch or a lovely dream in my bed. 
it was the landlord.  he knows the cat lady next door feeds the cats.  and that is the reason i regularly give him for the fact that we have cats around.  and it's true. 
he said he asked her to start feeding at the other end of her parking lot, away from our place.
if they're still hanging around in our yard in a week, he'll call the humane society to come get them.
also, he thinks they're going under the house, so he's sealing that opening up.
this sucks for so many reasons.
#1.  the cats do not hurt anyone. 
#2.  there are like three at any given time in sight.  sometimes they hang out on our picnic table that no one uses.  sometimes they take shade under it.  how goddamn dare they, right?
#3.  the cats go under the house to escape the 100-degree heat or thunder & rain.  that, again, does not hurt anyone.  and we have a hurricane coming TOMORROW! 
#4.  the only cats i see that go under the house are my beloved fluffy and my miserable kitten.  i deposited catherine in there before the last hurricane.  that's it.  yes, they're going to COMPLETELY RUIN THE *DIRT* UNDER THE HOUSE.
#5.  i called.  the humane society does not collect strays unless they are trapped.  nor does the county.  though they will collect them if they're trapped.  and you can imagine how adoptable a grown-up, goofy stray is.  and the county shelter is depressingly bad.
this means i gotta get rabies tags for fluffy and kitten pronto (they're vaccinated, they just are not wearing collars). 
oh, also, kitten was under the house today when i went to work.  i came home at lunch and the hole was sealed up.  is kitten still inside?  i guess we'll see. 
why do people suck so bad, i want to know?  the cats can't help it they're homeless.. it's so mean to basically kill them because their PRESENCE annoys you.  to not have the three boy cats get into trouble, i'd have to get them all fixed w/ rabies shots.. something which is no small feat.  it's not so expensive - $30 per - but i need a $100 deposit for the trap.  agggh.
i'm exploring options for them, trying to find a nicer neighborhood.  it's just sad.  and not the way i want to start a week, bright and early on a monday morning..
  Homes for my babies

Esme in her new home, originally uploaded by estacey.

A nice girl named Rachel came on Friday night to meet the kittens. She wanted two so they wouldn't be lonely (good sign), was open to my suggestion that she take Thor and Scaredy Cat, since they seemed to be the two that played together most often. Plus, as I told her, it was a good mix - Thor is outgoing and fearless while Scaredy is, well, you can imagine. I couldn't find Thor anywhere, so she and her brother had to hang out with me while I searched my house for a good ten minutes. When I finally found him and brought him out, she gasped at how cute he was. Perfect!

After she left with them, I sat down on the couch and just CRIED. Then I looked down and realized the silver cat sitting before me was Scaredy Cat. "YOU SHOULDN'T BE HERE!" In my upset confusion, I gave her the wrong silver cat. I called her and, get this, she drove back to my house to get the right one! Then I knew she was the right girl for the cat mama job. :) She wrote me today to let me know that they're doing great and are sleeping in the bed with her now.. :)

The OS (other silver) cat, now named Esmerelda (Esme) went home with Alli on Saturday night. Her big boy cat DIno is terrified of her.. whaa.. but they've been touching noses and, when I was there yesterday I caught Dino licking on the baby cat. Another good home. :)

Now it's just me and Mini and the other cats. Mamacat went into heat.. lucky, lucky me.. She's only been howling every now and then, but last night I caught her up on the screen by the big black cat I call Elvis. Stop flirting! No more babies!

Girls. What can you do?

Sunday, September 18, 2005
  A weekend in, on, and by (but not under) water..!

Low Rider, originally uploaded by estacey.

No diving and it still managed to be a great weekend.. Amazing, huh?

It was also HOT HOT HOT! You try traversing two counties with no damn air conditioning! We had a very good time - makin' a fool in downtown Hollywood, swimmin' illegally in an apartment complex pool, sailing, more swimming, got to see my Garcia girls, hangin' out in South Beach, topless sunbathing.. Really! Gotta love Florida. :) Anyway, I must get home to a cold shower now...!

Also, I have three less cats now! But they went to good homes, like Alli's. So it'all good.

Friday, September 16, 2005
  Stimulating news for men!

Survey shows more and more women experimenting with bisexuality

  things i will have pictures of by monday
from tonight

the girl who is coming over tonight who will be new mama to two kittens, if she decides to take them. and if she seems worthy. :)

alli, the birthday girl. OF COURSE WE'RE HAVING MARGARITAS.

from tomorrow

lucas, with whom i'm having br/lunch. his firefighter stuff is keeping him busy, but at least he has to stop to eat at some point. i'll try to get pictures since you womenfolk seem to appreciate them. there will probably not be any pictures of me, however, due to hangover from aforementioned margaritas. :)

sailing. yep, we're going sailing in the afternoon with captain squid again. yay! i should bring my housing so i can get action shots without worrying about dropping my camera in the water.

sarah, the birthday girl. she's having a get-together tomorrow night. i haven't seen her in ages, as usual, so it'll be great to catch up with her.

from sunday

as yet undecided. clambaking? nude sunbathing while listening to reggaeton, having pizza delivered, and drinking rum at the beach behind the condo (as the beach is still public property, you old bastards!)? napping? not sure yet. :)
  they say that cats don't have owners
they have staff.
this saying seems particularly true when the cats gather around to watch me clean their litterbox.  or, as i like to call it, digging for treasure.  i feel like they're supervising.
i wonder if everyone's cats do that.  three-fourths of the kittens sat in the lid of the litterbox last night to watch me clean it.  it must be instinctual.   or really, really interesting.
  things of recent memory i wish i could erase
  1. numerous ear-mite medication applications, including the unhappy patients trying to wiggle away, shaking the medication (and mite sludge) out of their ears and onto my neck/arms/face. and there was the one time it got in my eye. mm, cat allergens, parasites, and insecticide! what more could a girl want?
  2. having a cockroach land on my arm as i was sitting outside the other night, washing out a litterbox in the dark.
  3. coming home yesterday to a huge pile of vomit on my couch. it could be worse; it could have been poop.
  4. cleaning nasty kitten kitten poo off the side of the litterbox at 2 a.m. so i could sleep knowing my house didn't stink.
  5. waking up regularly every night, wheezing. i've been miserable for the past week or so. aggh.
i don't mean to complain. i really don't. i am happy to have the kittens, and the cats, despite all the work involved. i am just, at present, slightly overwhelmed. i've reached my waivering point.

i'm guessing this is very much how being a mom feels. because at 2 a.m., after unhappily tending to poop, ear mites, and three instances of vomit, on my way to bed (and a good hour after i wanted to be in bed), i saw this:

and my heart melted. i had to get out the camera and capture it. and then i spent a good half-hour taking pictures of my babycats, scratching heads, touching little paws, and snuggling (oftentimes against their will).

when i finally made it to bed, fluffy followed. he's been outside usually at night lately, but stayed in last night. i was so tired but couldn't not pet the little guy. two minutes later, mama jumps up on the bed. two minutes after that, a baby came up. i just sat there, giggling. three little cats, all looking at me in the dark, expecting to be loved on.

so yeah, this i guess i'm really a cat mom. i try to keep everyone fed and healthy and sometimes get frazzled over the whole thing, but a couple of days a week after work, i end up in my front yard, making a fool of myself in the grass, enjoying what nice little cats the strays are. and at 2 a.m., when i'm hating life, a sleeping cat will stop me in my tracks, with a smile. :)
  My babies grown up so fast!

Mini, originally uploaded by estacey.

  For those of you that doubted me on Jimmy..

Fluffy & Mamacat's brother, Jimmy, originally uploaded by estacey.

This is Jimmy, Mamacat and Fluffy's brother. He is the prettiest cat I've ever seen. F'real. Ain't he pretty? And such a little boy cat! Look at those paws! He won't let me touch him, yet, but maybe someday..

Thursday, September 15, 2005
  Dolphins Lost During Hurricane Rescued - Yahoo! News
Dolphins Lost During Hurricane Rescued - Yahoo! News

I like this line:
"Scientists worried that the dolphins might not have the instincts to avoid predators and boat traffic."

Well, considering they've avoided capture so far, I'm guessing they'll be OK with the boat traffic, at least.
  just a secretary
any time it's the middle of the month, just excuse any whining or mewing i do.  the hormones aren't helping, if you know what i mean.  i find it a particularly cruel situation that the week i have to give up the kittens falls during the same week i will cry over merrill lynch commercials.
let me see.. news here?  i've been too busy to write..
#1: my free (illegal) cable got shut off on monday.  ?!  luckily, the nice comcast lady came over on tuesday and let me know they had a special - $9.99 for the first three months, no contract involved.  so at least that buys me some briscoe time.
#2: my speech class is going fine.  the teacher is totally ignorant, but it makes for much amusement.  on the first night of class, she revealed that she had a child at 17 but went on to get her master's from nyu.  i was super impressed.  it was all downhill from there.  last night, she said that chinese people are taught before they come to the united states to never say "i'm sorry" to someone after a car accident, because it shows fault.  "the chinese are a very apologetic, very sweet people."  that's nice, mrs. d.  "but don't think you can mess with them, because they'll pull some kung-fu on you."  i swear to god she said this.  a woman who prides herself on embracing cultural diversity.  she also referred to customs of a tribe called the fulani as "stupid things they do" and calls hair scrunchies "squidgies."  a squidgy?!  so, yeah, wow.  this should be interesting...
#3: i had a crap day yesterday.  first, these people downstairs have had this sign for a new sub-tenant of ours for two weeks.  all they had to do was unlock the cabinet by the elevator, slide the name in, and re-lock it.  TWO WEEKS TO DO THIS.  so i called yesterday, again.  the office manager said it'd be done that day or the next.  i said, hey, that's what you said monday.  you've had the sign for two weeks and it would only take you one minute.  he said, "i detect a bit of sarcasm in your voice."  i laughed because, you know, why wouldn't he?  he then went off on me.. and at one point said something along the lines of the fact that i'm just the secretary here, so if [my boss] had a problem, [my boss] could call.  uhh.  okay, mr. dick office manager, first, i'm an executive assistant.  get it straight.  (don't worry, i'm kidding here.)  actually, my boss referred to me as office manager today, so i have the same freaking TITLE as you.  but no matter what someone's title is, no matter what they do for a living, that does not give you the right to talk down to them like that.  so it was crappy on that level.  also on the level that.. you know.. this is where i am.  a secretary.  an assistant.  an office manager.  that's not what i want to be but i don't know what i want to be.  right now, i'd settle for helping animals in katrina.  i dunno.  but it kinda screws up your day when some guy's nasty comment throws you into a loop about your life.  jerk.  i'm so egging his car.  is there any surprise that it's an SUV?
#4: i don't get to dive at the condo any more.  then i found out that the condo association sent a letter to byron's dad about me using the beach there with my friends.  all byron's dad would have to do is call and say, "She's my guest, stop being assholes."  but he won't do it.  being bull-headed, as dads tend to be.  byron tried for me - byron, if you read this, thank you for trying.  nevertheless, that kinda screws up my weekends.  i'm thinking we'll haul all our gear to the beach in front of the condo (public property) and have four-course meals out there, complete with wine and candles.  just to bug 'em.  we'll see..  and then i was kicking myself, too.  the guards were being complete jerks about it and my response was, "look, i used to live here. i have a key because they let me have a key."  i wasn't rude or mean, but i wasn't giving them any ass-kissing over what i felt was a right of someone who was given use of the place.  which didn't really happen, but BYRON knew i was going.. so, you know, by proxy it was okay.  if i had an attorney type of personality, i would've gone to schmooze the jerks.  but i didn't.  i need to read that book "how to win friends and influence people" because, after my dealings with mr. jerk office manager from downstairs and finding that out about the condo, it's obvious my people skills aren't doing me any good at this point.
#5: byron is taking a kitten!  i just have to get it there.  :)  and i got a call about a lady who wants two girl cats.. not sure if that's possible, so i'll just have to talk her into taking two.  i hope mini fluffy goes to someone i know.  i love them all, mind you.. but there's something special about her.  last night, i held her in my hand - she still fits - and was playing with her.  i'd rub her belly, she'd bite my hand, repeat.  then all of a sudden, she just drifted off to sleep.  of course, i shook her awake and said, "STOP BEING SO GODDAMN CUTE! I'M NOT KEEPING YOU!!!"  (again, kidding.)  i wish i could.  the house is going to be so quiet without them.  and clean.  but quiet.  :(   amusingly, my two "official" cats have been making themselves scarce lately.  kitten comes in for five minutes a day and wants back out.  elliot has taken to sleeping in the bedroom, something he's never done.  i guess i'm not the only one overwhelmed by four balls of fluffy energy.  :)
  Yahoo! News Photo - Elephants on Yahoo! News Photos

stacey ( has sent you a news photo. (Email address has not been verified.)
Personal message:

i find this very sad.

Elephants on Yahoo! News Photos

Yahoo! News

Wednesday, September 14, 2005, originally uploaded by estacey.

Very cool online tool -

As you see in the screen capture, it keeps track of your favorite blogs. If a blogger updates, there will be a little (1) behind their name. Or (2) if they post twice, for example.

Awesome tool for those of us that read a number of blogs daily. And are frustrated when, say, Trent doesn't update until 12:30. ;)

And then you can read the blog - seeing pictures and all - right from the Bloglines screen. It's great!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
  Holy crazy old man.

My last two links have come from Pink is the New Blog. Read it, y'all!
  oGwyneth Paltrow: Spanish Apple
Something about all the pictures I see of Gwyneth Paltrow and the (very few) things I read make me think having a baby would be nice.

Link to the story.

I like her. :)

, originally uploaded by Colla-Dickel Cats.

Another Flickr user took in a pregnant stray... only hers had SIX babies! :D

The kittens last night all decided to play a game of "Scale Stacey's Curtains" - I am completely defeated and have deferred the house to the cats at this point, so I was able to sit back and laugh, amused.

  The post 'Empty Nest' is very sweet
More Than Donuts
Monday, September 12, 2005
  As promised, I posted pictures.

BFF, originally uploaded by estacey.

Click on this one to see more! What a gorgeous weekend! :)

It's the kind of weekend that makes me happy when I go back to work on Monday. Not that I'm ever happy to be at work, but at least I know I used my time off well! :)

  Bad weekend for diving, but great weekend nonetheless :)
Alli & I did a dive Saturday morning, then went to North Bay Village to take sailing lessons.. or, rather, go out with a sailing club that is open to people with no experience and is therefore willing to help new sailors out. We had a great time. Yay, new pasttime; we're doing it again next Saturday.

Then Sunday we did an all-day affair behind the condo. Unfortunately, the visibility wasn't so great - and it was hella rough - so our first dive wasn't so long and the second dive never happened. Bill was the only one insane enough to brave the whitecaps, but that's good because it left plenty of time for the rest of us to sit around and gossip. And rinse the immense amount of sand off of gear. (We ALL fell when getting out of the water after the first dive. I laid there, helpless, as the waves pushed me around. Finally I had to just crawl out of my BC and drag the tank out of the water. There was sand EVERYWHERE. Aggh!)

The kittens are as lovely as ever. I'm trying to enjoy my last week with them. Right now, they divide their time between attacking random stationary objects (the broom, a napkin, MY FOOT) and following me around the house. ALL FOUR KITTENS followed me into the bathroom this morning. It's nice having an audience for everything you do. :D

Last night was ear-mite-remedy night, despite the fact I was dead tired from two twelve-hours-in-the-sun days. Kitten has contracted the mites since she started going out and I know Fluffy had them before so I checked them all.. sure enough, the nasty stuff was in one of Elliot's ears and one of Fluffy's. So they ALL got the treatment, just in case. I hate doing that kind of stuff because the cats really hate it, so they cry. It's really pathetic. But then you have four Yodas walking around the house and that's kinda funny. Lucky me, I get to do it again tomorrow night.. and every other day from there on until they're all better.

I'll get pics up later today.. of the beach, not of the kittens. Sorry!
Friday, September 09, 2005
  i don't think i ask for much in life..
but someday, someday maybe..
*i will have a savings account whose entire funds cannot be cleared out to pay my fpl bill.  which is what i have to do today.
*i will have enough dough to go see a mechanic if something goes wrong with my car.  which will mean that..
*i will have a car that does not do anything iffy, that does not have any "tricks."  like my pontiac 6000 - to get to listen to anything other than an abba tape, i had to take the key out of the ignition (i could do this while it was running), press 'eject' and stick the key under the tape to keep it out of the playing mechanism. 
    -    these days, i have a car radio that constantly makes crackling noises.  goes off for a day, or a week, at a time.  sometimes turning it off and turning it back on helps.  sometimes if it stops working, i just have to pull forward a foot or so and it comes back on.  or sometimes turning the volume down helps.  for anyone who knows me, you'll know how much i like music - so how much this causes me to suffer.  agggh!
     -    it also makes a funny noise when i turn the a/c on.  but, of course, the a/c stopped working about a month ago, so i just never turn it on.  of course, that means it's really hot.  in florida.  in the summer.  97 today.   makes cross-town trips interesting.  and sweaty.  and, of course, sometimes it still makes the noise.
*i will find a relationship that never causes me to throw my phone.
    -    this may sound like a strange goal, but it's real.  my very own first cell phone was a nokia.  it survived many throws across the parking lot.  but one of the last fights led to its demise; i made the mistake of having it in the bathroom at work.  so many hard surfaces for it to bounce off!  and the little solider kept working, but the screen was in a dozen pieces, so i had to get a new one.
    -     one of my friends and i were discussing cell phones.  he said he had a nokia that was really good.  "me too.  it lasted forever," i said.  then he told me why he no longer has his - "well, me and my ex-gf got in a fight."  i about died laughing.  so i'm not the only one that takes her anger out on her phone!
    -     so someday, that's what i hope for - a relationship that allows my motorola to keep functioning.
*i will win my battle against split ends.  and look nice in a bathing suit.  and make friends with someone who has a boat.  
*i will also get to bed tom welling.  and he will also clean out the litterboxes for me.  and sweep.  for god sake, please let him sweep.
*and while we're at it, i will have a nikon d70, an ipod, and some damn scuba tanks.  and i will find the remote control to my dvd player.
i think that's it.. for now.  i don't wish for too much, do i?  really, i'd be happy with just the savings account and the non-sketchy car.  someday!
  A "research" program! My ass!
Japan begins hunt for 60 whales

Freaking jerks. Agggh.
  The Fluffy of Websites

See, I read a lot of news stories online. And it drives me CRAZY that they all require you to register. This bypasses that! Give it a URL and it gives you a username and a password to use! Just used it and it works! Yay!

Thank you, undercovercelebrity!
  i guess they like 'em thick
alright, so i have gained a good eight pounds from my near-constant weight of the past two years. eight freaking pounds!

now, considering at my constant weight (you like how i don't name the numbers?), i know there's room for improvement, to think of that plus eight pounds is pretty horrific for me.

the funny thing is, i am getting the same, if not more, attention from men right now. seriously, over the past couple of weeks i've had trips to publix where i'm gesturing at men by the time i get back to my car. you know, the "what the HELL are you looking at?!" one. i've had men look at me, then nudge their friends to look at me too. or nod their head at me to get their buddies' attention. that heads-up move is one i've just begun to notice. that is really.. i dunno.. weird. creepy. and rude, really.

now, i'm pretty sure these 8 pounds haven't knocked me into the morbid-curiosity category, so i'm pretty sure it's because the boys think i look good in one way or another.

so all this has gotten me to thinking.. i guess i should chill out about the whole weight thing. now, not to say "let myself go" or even "stay at constant+8" - i'm not practicing healthy habits right now, and being healthier will no doubt lead to losing weight, so.. weight loss is inevitable, if i'm a good girl. but maybe fretting about my weight 8 pounds ago wasn't all that.. necessary.

in any case, this leads me to an eventual weight-loss goal of.. hmm.. right around 15-20 pounds. i got 'til the end of the year to do it. can't go home being a morbid curiosity, you know. ;) naw, really, i just think that if i were eating right and going to the gym regularly, that's probably a weight where i would settle. i definitely gotta lose those eight tho, pronto; having all your clothes look bad is not a good thing. and i refuse to buy a "thicker" wardrobe!
Thursday, September 08, 2005
  My babies discovered Cat TV! Oh no!

The kittens discovery Cat TV, originally uploaded by estacey.

  I'm so glad I bought my couch on craigslist

Cutest cats on the planet, originally uploaded by estacey.

Now when they scale it to come say hi, aka DIGGING IN THEIR CLAWS AND CLIMBING, I don't have to get mad they're ruining my expensive couch.

Instead, I root them on. :)

  i've never seen a fat croc before

One Fat Arse Gator, originally uploaded by SharkJames.

as most of y'all know, i'm not a very religious person.  or a religious person at all.  but once in a while, i feel compelled to say a little prayer.  you know, just in case.  like when i found out my sister kamille was pregnant again after having suffered a miscarriage.  although that was more of a threat than a prayer, i guess..
months later, as i was driving on the turnpike to get to alli's electricity-havin' house on the friday after katrina, i felt compelled to pray again.  i was reading the news on my phone, as all people operating multiple-ton machinery at night should do.  i saw that katrina was then predicted to be a category 4 hurricane by the time it hit the gulf coast.  i audibly gasped, for no one's benefit but my own.  i had just spent the whole day, after watching the hurricane out my living room window and not feeling so good about it at all, thanking each and every one of my lucky stars that we escaped with a category 1 storm.  "if that was a 1, i don't want to imagine a 4 or a 5," was said and thought a dozen times throughout the day.  and now the gulf coast was looking at a 4...
so there in my car, with my knee on the steering wheel, i decided to say a little prayer for the folks on the gulf coast.  just in case someone was listening, you know.
i started over probably three times, but i'd get caught up after the first sentence.  what do you say?  be easy on them?  help them?  it doesn't make any sense to me.  if s/he has the power to do that, then why do we have a cat5 hurricane in the first place?
so i guess i'm back to the place where i won't bother praying.  although i may continue to threaten.  :)
looking at pics of the hurricane aftermath today reminded me of this.
Wednesday, September 07, 2005
  Wow.. How.. sweet.
Help for Lady Katrina victims - m4w - Craigslist    

Beth let me know this has been deleted, so here is what it DID say:

Help for Lady Katrina victims - m4w - 61 Reply to: Date: 2005-09-06, 9:59PM CDT Hi, I have a beautiful condo on the Upper East Side. I would like to offer two bedrooms to two-three enterprising young ladies that need help after this most unfortunate hurricane. Please understand that you will receive free accomodations in New York CIty with food provided as well. In return you must be willing to have all sorts of fun. Please be young and pleasant looking. A picture is absolutely necessary.
Tuesday, September 06, 2005
for those of you i don't call every time i'm bored on the turnpike, here's what happened this weekend:

friday night i stayed at alli's so she'd have company as she packed up her old place. we watched coming to america and better off dead, neither of which she had seen. i really felt it was my duty to introduce her to them, you know. now, thank god, we can make sexual chocolate and "you like corn" jokes.

the next day, we went out for breakfast at don pan, where i became horrified at the fact that i DARED TO LEAVE THE HOUSE without curling my hair or matching my shoes to my purse or putting on three pounds of jewelry. latinas really are something.. and i thank god i don't live in miami, amongst them. far too much effort goes into looking good. i mean, there's a time and a place for everything; i love to dress up. i love to get glammed- and prettied-up, but i certainly don't want to do it before a grocery run. lord. latinas, give us crackers a break!

the rest of saturday is pretty much a blur. oh, no, i remember - i did lots of house work / yard work. then i showered. then i met up with lucas to give him back his wallet, which i had stolen a few days before, and took advantage of the opportunity of being in cracka-ass fort lauderdale to track me down some damn cider. not only did i find cider at the first liquor store i went to, but i was pretty sure the guy who worked there was inviting me to watch jazz with him the next day at riverwalk. yes, fort lauderdale is pretty white. (but this is good - if you wear a prom dress to publix there, you actually will feel overdressed.)

then i took a bath.

then alli came up for mexican food and HUMAN-SIZED DRINKS (for once). then we went to the late-night bookstore and i got a book dawn will want to read, a book about the deep ocean, and a book i keep hearing about being good. then went home, where i went to bed to read and alli fell asleep reading national geographic on the couch.

the bookstore is great - would you believe they leave books out all night and have this sign on the door?

ahh, silly hippies.

sunday, it was off to help alli move from here:

to freaking south beach. cool move, well, sideways - right?

everyone got very sweaty (me included, you boy jerks!):

and those of us who did not anger matt got beer as a reward. i am not counted in that group, however. i got soda.

her new place is great - wood floors, tons of windows, three blocks from the beach. she's taking scaredy cat, so i'm happy one of the kittens will have a trendy place to live. :)

then monday - labor day! - i woke up at 6 a.m. (honestly) at the start of the law & order marathon. no alarm clock or nothin'. (don't worry, i did go back to sleep.) ed was in town at like 1 p.m. and called to see if he could stop by to see the kittens. "Sure!" i said and scrambled to get out of my robe and into the shower.. caught! caught being lazy! at least the weather was shit, so i had an excuse. we went out for mexican (ha ha) and had margaritas (huge mistake).. i drank 3/4 of mine so promptly went to sleep when i got back to my place. i woke up 7 or 8 or so - with a hangover. yaaaaaaay. but for those of you that scolded me that seeing ed would not be a good idea - no worries, it was all good. :) besides that 8 p.m. hangover, of course. you'd think i'd have built up some sort of tolerance by now, but the headache says no.

now it's back to - sigh - the work week. and we're supposed to have bad weather again this coming weekend.. i will get to go diving again someday, i hope!
  Alli's thriftshop score

Masterpiece, originally uploaded by estacey.

It has SO much going on - ships, fire, SHARKS, aliens.. Detailed pictures are on Flickr.

  This is my house right now.
Okay, they kittens are not smoking or anything, but these are the little guys I picture every time I walk in and, say, find kittens hanging on the side of the couch.. Or hanging from / biting the broom.  Or like last night, when ALL FOUR were in the tortoise's enclosure.  Three were biting electrical wires.  If I just had a chandelier, I know for a fact it would be their favorite place to hang from.
It's really quite fun to have the kittens.  A mess, sure, but a lot of fun.  Today, I came home for lunch and had ALL FOUR CATS come over to / scale the couch to come to say hi.  I don't get why they're so personable!  But they are.  :)   Soon, Thor, the little black one, had fallen asleep sitting next to me, on his back.
Later, I picked up the one I have dubbed Scaredy Cat and started stroking her little head.  Within about 60 seconds, she was asleep.  Knocked out.  Her head was flopping and everything.  Oh god, cute.
This morning, as I tried to leave the house, ALL FOUR KITTENS came to the door.  I'd push one in so the door wouldn't hurt it and another would advance.  So I'd push HIM back and another would come up.  Finally, I set my purse down, grabbed ALL FOUR cats and took them to the living room, then SPRINTED back to the door to get out before they could meet me..
I would love to keep Mini Fluffy.  The idea of giving her away bothers me a lot.  Not sure why, but there's something about her.  Much to do with the fact that she is, in looks and personality, a tiny baby Fluffy.  And we all know that Fluffy is the best cat ever.  Even Alli said the other night that Fluffy is an 'amazing' cat after she woke up to find him curled up at her feet.  :)
I'll get some pictures.  They're a lot more brave now - coming onto the porch, trying to get outside - so getting pictures should be a lot easier.  :)
In love,
I'm Stacey. I'm a 31(!)-year-old Wisconsin girl living in sunny South Florida. The highlights in my life are my lovely boyfriend, my aloof cats, my adorable/adoring stepdogs, my two lumbering tortoises, select family members, being outside, being underwater, taking pictures, yadda yadda. Stay tuned for lots of babbling!

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States


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