Monday, August 31, 2009

venn diagram, originally uploaded by beetledude1966.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009
I did a google image search for "dog cocking head" to see baroo? pictures. (I have an idea to make a triptych and wanted to see if there were any out there.)

I made it to page 7 and was about done when I thought, wait a minute, is that MY PICTURE?

Sure enough!
That's my picture of Buddy!

It's a small Internet after all... At least, a small world of people who are interested in dogs cocking their heads.

Monday, August 24, 2009
  What up! Motha-f***ing college graduate IN DA HOUSE!

Sorry. Anytime something adult & serious like this comes up, I turn into Herbert Kornfeld. BITCHES.

This came in the mail today. I may actually frame it. I'm normally way too cool to do stuff like that.. You know, I didn't attend the ceremony or anything.. But this little piece of paper was a lot of money and, more importantly, a LOT of work. I may as well acknowledge that it means something. :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
  Evil cat!

Evil cat!, originally uploaded by estacey.

She actually thinks the tortoise is alright, but she had to yawn.

  The tortuga.

The tortuga., originally uploaded by estacey.

We have a house guest right now. My Orkin man had a tortoise... we talked a bit about it a few months ago. He was feeding it ICEBERG lettuce. I said no, no, no... take a book home with you to figure out what kind it is and what you should be feeding it.

He refused, but then the other day asked if he could just give me the tortoise. He didn't know how to take care of it and it was obviously unhappy, banging on the side of the tank they kept him in all night.

So he's here now, until the weekend. Then he goes to this lady in Central Florida who has a TON of turtles and tortoises and will give him a wonderful home.

I can't keep him with mine since he's a Russian and not a redfoot... this climate isn't ideal for him, either, and I'm not up for starting on indoor tortoise ownership, so I'm thanking my lucky stars that I was able to find him a good home.

In the meantime, I am trying to keep him happy and try to get him outside for some exercise each day. He runs and runs..! :)

  STILL in love with the ring...

  Orzo kitty

Orzo kitty, originally uploaded by estacey.


  What's the deal?

Our pleasure, originally uploaded by selva.

With these coffee cups always being the coffee cups folks in NYC are always drinking out of on TV? Is it a certain place? A NYC thing? I don't get it. I'm thinking Law & Order and some other shows...

Sunday, August 16, 2009
  Got another rabbit.

Originally uploaded by estacey.
I had to trade little Root Beer in since she decided she hates Thumper.

Piper and Thumper ignore each other. Well, he does chase her sometimes but it's nothing vicious. I think this ignoring business will blossom into friendship. I hope.

She's a sweetie, though. Root Beer, due to her past, was very skittish and scared of people. Very rough with food (you'd drop treats if you didn't want her to take your hand off). I was happy to work with her to get her to like people better, but this girl, Piper, is already a sweetie.

She was found wandering a neighborhood; someone must have released her. She was taken in a by a guy who cared for her for a while and then brought her to the rescue. She must've been a well-cared-for pet at one point because she is super sweet. She's already coming over and hunkering down for attention.

Wish me luck! I want no more bunny drama!
Friday, August 14, 2009
  i'm gonna cry
those rabbits that were so cute and getting along? not anymore.

the lady said it's rare for them to fight after they've accepted one another, yet sunday evening they started fighting, were fine all night, then at like 5 started in again. i put them in their pen thinking it would calm them down, but instead they started to REALLY fight. they've been separated but in the same room ever since.

at some point, i think the girl broke her toe - it's sticking out in a way it never was before. and she has a puncture wound i discovered yesterday. i'm glad i found it since it already closed today; we just had time to clean it out really good once before it started to heal.

the girl is instigating things, chasing thumper, pulling his fur out.. i can't blame him for fighting back. tonight i sat w/ them for a while. thumper was licking her face. good sign, i thought, but soon after, they started fighting again. i was watching them like a hawk so was able to separate it right away, but.. yeah, the rescue lady's suggestion that i bring rootbeer back when she's healed is seeming to be the way i have to go. i feel awful and was hoping they'd calm down so she could stay, but it's not happening.

so this weekend i will bring her back to the rescue. awful, because she is sweet and cute and i like her, and she's all curious and it's nice to watch her hop around the house, exploring. but i can't have two bunnies that try to kill each other any time they're around.

i can try with one more female bunny she has... and she's getting another next week.. or i could see if he gets along well with one of the males she has.

anyway, this sucks. i want them to get along more than anything, but it's just not happening. the worst is i think thumper really likes her.. hence all the licking. i hope he's not heartbroken all over again when i take her back.

Monday, August 10, 2009
  Honestly though.

Anyone remember Mini Fluffy?, originally uploaded by estacey.

Why is it that I give away all the beauties and keep the ones who don't show themselves til midnight or cry when you hold them?

  Mini Fluffy

Mini Fluffy, originally uploaded by estacey.

Remember her? She's grown into a GORGEOUS (and fat!) cat.

  A good way to bond bunnies? Terrify them.

A good way to bond bunnies? Terrify them., originally uploaded by estacey.

There they are in the car. They had been fighting, so I got out the carrier and they came with me in the car. They were SO SCARED that Daisy was basically UNDER Thumper she was cuddling him SO HARD.

But they're bonded now. Yay! :)

See? Bonded.

And yeah, flash sucks, but natural light stuff will have to wait until I can get close-ish to them during the day. Daisy is scared of me so she sits up if I get ANYWHERE close to her.

This is Daisy's Petfinder ad:

I grabbed this the night I brought her home.

Oh, and the dogs got sweaters today. They are on sale at for like $2.49, so I planned ahead for this winter and bought one for each of the dogs. Plus a mess of doggy toys, with $5 flat shipping. Woohoo!

Christmas came early!

I had to practice SERIOUS restraint to not buy the doggy trench coats and smoking jackets. :)
Sunday, August 09, 2009
  Bad at updating again
Yep, yep, sorry.

I actually have a funny post to write about my niece, but I am going to wait until I want to be at the computer for more than five minutes.

This is me:

Combination PMS + Chris's mom in town, agitating the hell out of me. (Even though I never actually even saw her in person. I did hear her yell through our bedroom door, though. That was a PLEASURE.) Apparently she's trying to make up with me - she wanted the whole family to go out to dinner last night. I couldn't even make myself go, but she did order a dish for me for Chris to take home. This weekend I had to make myself scarce quite a bit, which sucked... I had a lot to do! And, dammit, I like HOME. But it's over with at least.

Anyway, not much going on here. I'm enjoying not being in school. I've got TWO non-school related books going right now, which is awesome. I am not enjoying work so much, but whatever. It's a job. It's some dough, and it gets me up early and forces me to comb my hair. All good things, things that were mostly optional when I was going to school. ;)

It HAS reinforced how I feel about working + kids. The way it is, working four days a week, I find myself missing the dogs and feeling bad that I'm not home to pay attention to them and the cats more. I can deal with that, but what about when I have kids? I want to do SOMETHING, but not something 40 hours a week, for sure.

We got another friend for Thumper. I couldn't take his sad little doing-nothing and not-moving. It was a dramatic few days - fur flying and everything - but they like each other now. I will get some pictures soon. She's a real little sweetie, came with the name Root Beer, but I changed it to Daisy. She is inquisitive and adorable, but TERRIFIED of me. Apparently someone bought her at the fair and put her in a hutch on the porch for two years and paid no attention to her, so she's not sure about people at all. Dogs? They're fine. Cats, not so much. If I hold her, she breathes so loud and heavy that I feel guilty. She'll get over it eventually, I hope. Strangely, she'll randomly jump up on the couch while I'm sitting there. I even woke up with her on my chest a couple of times. Strange behavior for a terrified bunny, right?

The lady I adopted from has a whole bunch of fosters, and four or five of her own bunnies. A 25-lb rabbit went hopping by in front of me in her back yard. 25 lbs!!! For reference, I think Thumper is something like five(?) and Georgie was less than 2 when I had her at the vet's. Pretty awesome.

OK, time to go watch The Closer and wish today were Saturday again.
Sunday, August 02, 2009
  What a week!

Sweet Georgie, originally uploaded by estacey.

This week we found out George had cancer. Long story. Basically we had something ELSE happen.. which in retrospect may have been related to the cancer... had to take her to the ER vet on Tuesday morning, then for follow-up care at a regular vet right after who felt the tumor. We talked about our options but it had metastasized already so the best thing we could do for her is take her home and spoil her until her time was up. Weeks to months, they said. They gave me bunny Tylenol.

I had a housecall vet come by on Friday to help me understand everything better, aka how can we tell when she's in pain? She gave me some special food to get her eating again and said by the end of the weekend hopefully she'd be eating on her own and we'd be good for days to weeks. (!) She gave me bunny morphine.

Georgie encouraged us a little.. ate some greens, ate a blueberry, attacked a carrot, let me get a bunch of the special food in her... but by Saturday afternoon she wasn't breathing all that well. I called the vet and she came by to put Georgie to sleep. First the morphine, then the valium, then the phenobarbital straight into the heart. I had never had to euthanize a pet before... It was an awful, awful decision to make, and the vet would not make it for me, so it was OURS. Tough. What I decided was that I would not want to live if I were gasping for breath and there were no hope of that getting better. It was going to continue going downhill and I didn't want to stretch out her suffering.

Anyway, so that sucked. From two healthy rabbits one week to one widower rabbit the next. I feel so bad for Thumper. I think he's lonesome.. I could be projecting, but it seems to me that he is not his usual self. He was getting so comfortable here, hopping around, flopping over on his side, asking for affection.. Now he's mostly been hiding.

The one good thing that happened this week is that I finished school. Totally. It's been a bad few weeks, but at least I have that headache out of the way.

I'm Stacey. I'm a 31(!)-year-old Wisconsin girl living in sunny South Florida. The highlights in my life are my lovely boyfriend, my aloof cats, my adorable/adoring stepdogs, my two lumbering tortoises, select family members, being outside, being underwater, taking pictures, yadda yadda. Stay tuned for lots of babbling!

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