Saturday, June 30, 2007

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i just had to migrate my pics over from yahoo photos to flickr. here was a gem.

Thursday, June 28, 2007
  my baby is such a shit!

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tonight, chris says, "hey, we should see that movie 'blood diamond'."

i pause and think about this, and about the fact that this is chris, the man who will not sit through ANY movie except maybe star wars or indiana jones. and that's not even a guarantee.

and then i think about the fact that this movie is about the diamond trade, which - from what i understand via grist - is corrupt and probably quite sad.

and then it makes sense.

i reply, "why, so then i won't want a DIAMOND?" i'm laughing and speaking in the tone of voice that means if i can reach him, he's going to get tickled. he wisely scoots away as he asks, "how'd you know what that movie was about?" and then, JUST IN CASE the point has not yet been driven home that he's trying to make me mad in that way that makes me laugh while simultaneously threatening to kick his ass, he says, "we really should see that movie." bah!

have i mentioned in the past two minutes how much i love that boy? :)



she's been so scarce lately. she came around last night and apparently got tiny again. this is after she was roly-poly all of a sudden the week before last. then tonight i get a call from a neighbor a half-block away, wondering if i had lost my cat. "she comes to my house at night and eats. she sure seems hungry." i walked up the street as i talked to her and the neighbor waved to me from her balcony. we talked a bit over her fence. although oreo had since scrammed, she said that maybe i should check on the street corner as she sometimes sees oreo sleeping at the entrance to the condo building's garage. at this point, i started laughing in disbelief - my cat is pretending she's a stray. getting food from random people. despite the fact she has two bowls full of food in the garage, along with probably five cat beds and a nightly ration of catnip. but she'd apparently rather go hungry / beg food off a neighbor and sleep on the street. o-kay.

so anyway, she heard me talking so started crying so i'd come get her off the cement wall and we walked home with her purring. she got wet food and catnip and got to sit on my lap while i ate dinner, with her tail in my food. she was pretty damn happy. hopefully she'll stick around.


no exercise today. i took a break, on account of the headache i had all day. i finally took an imitrex after work - the one last night didn't seem to do anything. then i came home and slept for a couple of hours.

to eat today, i had a couple of handfuls of granola for breakfast, along with a banana and chai tea. lunch was a bit of spinach-walnut-cranberry salad and a big bowl of greek yogurt with berries. my co-worker made me an iced coffee to assist with the headache. when i got home, sufferin', i had a fluffer nutter. chris had to go out to dinner for a work thing, and i declined going as i didn't want to have to pretend i was dr. stacey and listen to some speaker blabber on about stuff i don't understand. so instead, i had mac n cheese for dinner. mmm! with two slices of bread. and two tofutti pops for dessert. i'm quite unhappy with the unhealthiness of my dinner, but what can you do? i also think i may go have a mt dew right now because it sounds good and, when i have a headache, i have a hard time telling myself no about things that sound like they'd taste refreshing.

yay, friday!


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today: work. glad it was hump day, at least.

food: handful of granola for breakfast with chai tea. i am pretty sure i had a banana at some point. lunch was greek yogurt with strawberries & blueberries with granola sprinkled over. had a self-made iced coffee. leaving-work snack was a handful of granola (the stuff is ADDICTIVE i'm tellin' ya). dinner was shrimp fajitas at oceans grille and a corona with lime. and a bite of chris's key lime pie.

exercise: i actually went for a run right when i got home, even though it was hot! i went down to the beach and jogged for a while, even though it was high tide and therefore very hard to run because i didn't have any wet sand to run in. but i was beaming the whole time at all the sea turtle nests. sure, i couldn't see any baby sea turtles, but the point was that THEY WERE THERE. 55-min run. of course i started to get a headache afterwards, even though i felt good running. took some hopefully-preventative tylenol and aleve, but it got worse anyhow so i had to take the imitrex. i think it's time to call the doc! it seems i cannot do ANYTHING that involves me getting hot or i get a headache. and not running and avoiding the outdoors when it is hot is just NOT doable - it's florida, for chrissake.

anyway, we're going to do one of those sea-turtle hatching-watching walks this friday night. yay!

okay. i think it's time to go to bed. yawn.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007
  oh yeah

macy maaaaae, originally uploaded by estacey.

kamille and i talked today. she told me that macy mae misses... chris.


  god, this pic is great

Christmas 1992, originally uploaded by kljones.

bershon, to the max.

back at work! blah! at least it's a short week!

last night i basically went into a law & order coma. that was much needed. tonight, i re-entered the real world. after work, i watered all the plants (with saved otherwise-discarded shower water; yes, we're still under water restrictions) then went swimmin' with the dogs but it's okay because i was officially giving them baths, not just cooling off in the pool. then i whined at chris to stop lifting weights long enough to eat with me. so we did that. then we double-team-petted kitten for a while, and the cool part is that she let us. she actually purred. a lot. then we did the same to oreo. then we played with sebastian. then i went on a jog to target with sebastian (3.6 miles) to pick up prints and got yelled at for bringing him in the store even though he's not a service dog, as if i cared. (rules schmules.) then i took a shower.

now i'm in bed. yet another day of neglected college algebra. tomorrow, though, i MUST hit the books (bah).

oh, yeah, i was gonna do that healthy-livin' diary thing here, wasn't i? i am going to just leave wisconsin out because, well, i had cheese curds on sunday. and some kind of battered shrimp. and mt dew. and a huge bowl of those graham-flavored cereal things. and, um, three desserts. and that was just sunday!

today, though, i did very well. mostly. breakfast was a handful of granola. they had a huge container of it in the breakroom and it was delicious. then i had some tea. then i had a shake and a banana for lunch. then half a large iced coffee. then ravioli with gorgonzola for dinner and 2 30-cals tofutti pops for dessert. the big problem today was that i grazed on that granola ALL DAY. pick, pick, pick. ah well - there's always tomorrow to be better. :) and i DID go for a run!

can i say how much i love the immitrex? i had to take TWO on friday - one early and a second after we landed, in the line for the car rental. they both made me nauseous. then saturday when i woke up, i had to take another. but that was it. so, without immitrex, i definitely would have had a headache all weekend. with it, i had two mild bouts of nausea and that's it. :)

ok, time for sleep!

Monday, June 25, 2007
  they just do not age well, those chinese cresteds

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these world's ugliest dog contests just crack me up. look up the former world's ugliest dog, sam, for a REAL scare.

  Trip to Wisconsin
Phew, so we're back. It was actually a really, really nice time. And I'm so glad Chris came with me. :)

Friday, we got into Minneapolis at about 5 p.m. We picked up Shannon & Dawn from Shannon's office and headed uptown where we dinner (French toast!) and then walked over to the gay pride fest. I took a bunch of pics of Bob Mould for Chris with the point-&-shoot, but haven't uploaded those pictures yet. Sadly, I realize in retrospect, I didn't get much at all in the way of pictures. No pics of the women with shaved heads or of Shannon or of Dawn or anything else.

Luckily, I found some pics on Flickr. Chris, Shannon & Dawn are in this picture.

I was probably up taking pictures about now.

And ooh! There I am, talking to Shannon!

Ahh, the Internet.

And there, Shannon - you wanted a pic of this dude. Sad it's so blurry.

After the concert, we drove to La Crosse. I rode with Dawn for the first half of the drive, then took over the wheel for Chris so he wouldn't fall asleep at the wheel. Driving at night can get bo-ring. I was glad I got to sit and talk with Dawny for a little while, though. :)

We got in at midnight and parked in front of Kamille's completely dark house and tried to figure out what to do. The plan was to stay there, but I didn't want to wake them up - it was well after midnight by this point. I called to let her know we were going to a hotel and she told us that they had just laid down, and that Amanda was still awake. So we went in and she sat on the couch, looking very tired, and apparently pieced together how it is I was there.

Saturday, we went to Goose Island for a picnic. Dawny came, as did my Uncle Al and his granddaughter Stefi. Mom, Kelli, Kyle, Amanda, Kamille, & Jeff were also there.

Macy insisted on drinking from the squirt gun.

squirt, squirt

Chris took some videos of Kyle rolling around in his new tent.

chris :)

kyle playin' in his tent

Goodness he looks a LOT like Kelli did from pics I saw of her as a child.

Macy made a lot of funny faces.

funny face!

Kamille tried to show her how to smile instead.

kamille teaching macy to smile for pictures

She made a good effort.

amanda usin' what she learned

Me & Chris

me & chris

Kyle is a pretty shy little boy.


Kyle & Macy love one another, even if Kyle doesn't want to share his toys.


After a few hours of running around, pushing the kids on the swings, and chattin', Chris and I hopped in the car and took the scenic route to Viroqua for a Cheese Corner sub. Sadly, they were closed so we walked around downtown a little bit instead, then took the driving tour of the big city ("I used to live there, and that's where I went to elementary school...").

We drove back to La Crosse where we ate some big ice cream cones, then headed back to Kamille's to get ready and take Amanda to the races, where we met up with Dawny and her friend, Amy. I had heard about Amy before, so I was expecting her to say, "Hi, so you're Stacey!" but she wouldn't, uh, look at me, so.. no! Poor Dawny had to explain the races to me the entire time. It actually wasn't a bad time.. I dunno if I'd go by myself but I probably would go with Dawny if I lived there. For people watching, it was amazing. There were some of the trashiest people I think I've ever seen here, including the woman wearing the Porta-Potty cutoff shirt and no shoes. I swear. Dawn got pics on her phone.

Sunday, we slept in a little, then got up and took Macy & Amanda to Viroqua. When we realized we wouldn't get to my mom's flea market before she left, we decided to take the long route there.


We stopped by the cemetary.



The Italian Stallion took in the fresh country air.

chris out in the country

I spent a lot of time laughing at his bed head.

chris's hair was doing this all day sunday

We stopped by my Aunt Loretta & Uncle Charlie's place. That was nice! They are very sweet people who I think spend all their time tending to their yard and gardens and bird feeders. They had crazy activity at their FOUR bird feeders that they have to fill up every day, and I even got to see a hummingbird fly up to the feeder outside their window. I loved it. Sadly, I got no pictures.

Then we picked up lunch & headed out to Kelli's place.

kelli's place, view of the road

This is Kelli's road.

kelli's 'hood

We played fetch with the dogs.

one of kelli's golden retrievers

The kids played with each other.

kyle & macy

We took a walk out to their cabin and went swingin' with the kids. Chris and Chris bonded. I swear, my Chris has something to talk about with everyone.

Macy got very tired.

macy & kyle

Then I walked across the street to get some pics of the cows. As cows tend to do, they first acted very scared of me, then very curious. The whole herd was just staring at me.


A couple were brave enough to come eat from my hand.


Then we had to head back to Kamille's so Amanda could catch Hannah Montana before we headed out to her birthday dinner. Did I mention, she's 14?


No big surprise there. :) She really will not smile for pictures anymore, unless it's one of those sarcastic ones.

Kamille, Jeff, Macy, Amanda, Wynne, her boyfriend Sean, Mom, Kim, and me & Chris went out to dinner at a Mexican place, where Amanda got embarassed by the whole Las Mananitas thing. I didn't take many pictures as I hate the flash on the SLR sometimes. Amanda got some pictures on the camera I gave her for her birthday, but sadly she deleted many of them because, as I mentioned, she's 14.

Chris paid for dinner. He did the trick where you go to the bathroom at the beginning of dinner and just take care of the bill then. I told him on the way, though, that he didn't need to do that. "Trust me, no one is going to fight you for the entire bill here." Unlike his friends and family, you know. Sure enough, when the bill came in the form of a signature slip for Chris, everyone was just kinda like, I dunno, confused? There was a half-hearted offer to take care of the tip, but that was it. Heh.

When we got back, I took care of a homework assignment and then Chris showed Kamille how to install more RAM in her computer and Amanda how to use her iPod. I was very proud of Chris as I watched him so patiently explain everything to Amanda, then encouraged her to do a dry-run so she was sure she understood it.

Today, we got up at 6 and drove to Minneapolis, and by 3:30 p.m., we were back in the stifling heat of South Florida.

We were so blessed with the weather this weekend - it was perfect. They said it was going to be, like, 90+ the whole time. Instead, when we touched down it was FREEZING (you know, jeans and jacket weather) and absolutely perfect Saturday and Sunday. We're talking, like, 80. PERFECT. Wisconsin is so damn nice when the weather is nice. Chris seemed a little surprised at how pretty it was, saying it reminded him a lot of central Pennsylvania. We even have Amish there, too. :)

Oh yeah, and the family, I think, loves Chris. What's not to love? Macy wouldn't come to me the first night, but kept saying my name as she was laying in bed after I got there. By the next day, she was saying Chris. By the time I left, Kamille said she thought Macy may even like Chris more than she likes me. Fair enough - he's so great with her. Even Loretta & Charlie commented about that, asking him, "Do you have kids?" Then, "No? You just seem so good with her.." I realized I wasn't worrying at all about Macy when Chris was around. She was tearing through their house as I just sat and talked to them, knowing full well Chris had an eye on her. Such a good boy!

So anyway, yeah - nice weekend. :)
Thursday, June 21, 2007
  another joyful doggy story from the times
  my god


the really sad part is one of the pics in the slideshow shows the stockpile of food and clothes the orphanage had….

  two subjects


Okay, so it’s a mere month before I go to Pittsburgh for that wedding. A month! And guess who still can’t fit into any of her clothes! I’ve been trying, really! Well, diet-wise at least; I've only been running, like, once a week so I have to STEP THAT THE HELL UP. But, in the past week, I finally have lost a couple of pounds, so I guess it’s working a little! But anyway, I decided to return to accountability, even though I’ve done a pretty darn good job on my own. I eat really healthy for breakfast and lunch, then dinner I don’t stress too much over. Like we had French toast the other night for dinner (yes, my idea) covered in fruit with veggie sausages on the side. And warm decaf Chai tea, with milk & sugar. I ended up drinking Chris's, but he did like it, which felt like a huge accomplishment for me.

So anyway, yesterday:

Breakfast: A banana & Chai tea with Zsweet & half-half. Zsweet is actually decent, and it’s all-natural, so no nutrasweet headaches! The trick to making good Chai (or any tea, for that matter) with tea bags is to use TWO teabags per cuppa. I thought I could only get good Chai from a mix, with a half-milk, half-mix combo. I thought wrong!
Survive-til-lunch mid-morning snack: 180-cals nutrition bar
Lunch: Greek yogurt with strawberries & blueberries (good for protein, next to no sugar), iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts
Survive-midterm-before-dinner snack: Glaser Organic Farms mango fruit pie (it sounds bad, but it’s not – it’s just fruit with a dates & almonds crust) Good organic karma? I got a 98 on the midterm! :)
Two shrimp & vegetable fajitas at Oceans Grill, home of the World’s Best-Mulleted Waitress; this was healthy too, aside from a tiny bit of sour cream and a sprinkle of cheese!


I am so over them. I think last month it was alright, but I sure made up for it this month. See, here is the problem. I tend to get very sad, very pensive, and very sensitive about a week before Aunt Flo makes her appearance. I also, for some stupid reason, feel it necessary to talk about very delicate matters around this time. As Chris said, I always get deep around this time. I ask huge questions, and then let any word in the answer that I can doubt haunt me. It’s truly awful. I have cried more times than I care to count in the past week or so. I thought it was done yesterday – at about 8 p.m., I had a truly lovely ride home from class on A1A singing along to “Baby Got Back” and that oldies song, “Why do you build me up, buttercup?” among others, and was so happy that the radio stations are so awesome sometimes. I felt GOOD. “Yay, the PMS is done!” I thought.

But by 10 p.m., I was sitting on the boat trailer in the driveway crying. And then when everything was better, I cried because I am tired of crying, tired of doubting everything, tired of feeling bad. Tired, tired, tired. Then I got a REALLY good night of sleep and I hope that’s the end of it – at least until next month. :\

But yay, tomorrow is Wisconsin! Yayayayay!
Wednesday, June 20, 2007

givitome, originally uploaded by estacey.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
  Blah blah blah
[Please make sure you read this next line with a huge dollop of sarcasm.]
OMG. I love this lit class.

Last night, I interrupted Chris’s weightlifting session to read to him a paragraph – all one sentence – from one of my readings. It was a letter from Thomas Jefferson to another of our founding fathers. It went on and on, this sentence, and basically, well, wasn’t English. Or, more honestly, it was English meant for individuals whose comprehension is much better than mine. It just sounds like, “Blah blah blah blah.” Chris agreed, but reminded me: We've all had to do it!

Right now, I’m listening to a reading of “The Fall of the House of Usher” which I gave up on reading most of the way through the other night. It also goes something like this: “Blah blah blah blah.” Let me give you a taste of what’s on right now: “An excited and highly distempered ideality threw a sulphureous lustre over all. His long improvised dirges will ring for ever in my ears. Among other things, I hold painfully in mind a certain singular perversion and amplification of the wild air of the last waltz of Von Weber. From the paintings over which his elaborate fancy brooded, and which grew, touch by touch, into vagueness at which I shuddered the more thrillingly...” Like I said, this stuff is meant for folks much smarter than myself. Or more, like, boring.


Today is so a day for the pool – bright and sunny and HOT. But alas, I work for a living, so when I went home to feed the kittens at lunchtime, I decided to let the dogs enjoy it at least. I threw each in one by one, then gave them bones for tolerating this love disguised as cruelty. Ahh, I’m so jealous.
Monday, June 18, 2007
  i am ANGRY today

For a few reasons, including:

On the bright side, we’re going to Wisconsin on Friday. I hope the weather is good – I want to drive fast out in the country. I’ve had a hankerin’ to go on a drive a few times in the past couple of weeks, but there’s nowhere really to just drive here. We have A1A, I guess, but it doesn’t get peaceful until you get a bit further north.

Also, I haven't had a headache since I went to the doctor, and have only used two headache-preventative pills! (Thank god, considering my deductible...)

  they may be getting bigger & older..

snugglin' with teddy bear mama, originally uploaded by estacey.

but they're not too old to cuddle with their mamabear.

they are always quite content & snuggly after they eat.

taken this morning. :)

  this was almost the full house

just kitten was missing :)
and the tortoises. and the bunny. and the kittens.
oh, nevermind.

  ha ha!

so chris sold the old boat on ebay last night (for all of $400 or so less than he bought it for).. the auction winner emailed him saying he’d like to meet on thursday night to pick up the boat…. IN JACKSONVILLE. i guess in this crazy auction winner’s mind, that’s the halfway point – and apparently he wasn’t paying attention to the fact that the winning bidder was responsible for pickup/shipping.

chris sat there looking dreadful and said, “i don’t want to have to go back to jacksonville.” bless his heart, right? who would even CONSIDER doing something like that? so i said, “chris! you’re NOT! … i FORBID it!” i really do appreciate the fact that he’s so nice, but he’s not doing an unexpected 10-hour drive to meet this guy halfway.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

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ok, so i have all this free juice from work - if someone comes out with a new pomegranate juice, they send it to us. the grocery dude looks at it, then it works its way to the free shelf. if i want it, or if no one else wants it so i figure it shouldn't go to waste, i take it. therefore, i have like five things of juice in the cupboard (three pomegranates, a pomegranate-blueberry, a cranberry).

since i don't typically drink straight juice, and none of those juices really lend themselves all that well to the standard chris drink (glass of water, splash of fruit juice), i was wondering how i'd use these juices up. my answer? MINERAL WATER.

i tried it tonight for the first time - mineral water with pomegranate juice. omg, yum. delicious. and mostly water! we all know how i love to be hydrated, but sometimes just don't want to drink the water!

of course, the calories add up - i think i had half a small thing of pomegranate juice tonight (150 cals) in my few glasses of water, so you have to watch quantity - or let your taste buds get accustomed to less juice taste, which did happen for me with the chris drinks - but, then again, the cranberry juice has half the cals. 75 cals for 3-4 glasses of yummy, hydrating drinks seems fair to me. :)

so anyway, try that. TRY IT. mineral water + concentrated juice. i have some blueberry juice to try it with, too. should be interesting! and think of all the antioxidants i'm getting!

oh, and a note about antioxidants i learned the other day - even a small amount of antioxidants does measureable good. throwing fresh herbs on your salad, for example - this makes me want to make use of my lemon balm & mint in the front yard - but they only stay active in your system for about two hours. so keep the green tea - and the brightly-colored food - and the yerba mate - and the herb-infused water - coming!

Saturday, June 16, 2007
  excitement of the weekend :)
so, i backed out of going to jacksonville. there were just too many reasons to not go (dogs would be alone, cats would be hard to feed and whatnot in the car, it was a REALLY LONG DRIVE, etc.), so chris brought sebastian to keep him company instead. i stayed at home and had a really strange night of sleep, then snuggled with kitten on the couch for a while (yes, kitten!) and ran some errands. i hate those errands-running days; i feel like i'm hemorrhaging money the whole time (cat food, frontline, kitten formula, litter for the kittens, special kitten food, bunny food, mouth-sized tennis balls for the dogs, and then -- for me -- a nice little travel purse thing that's fair-trade certified).

poor chris, left at 5 this morning and didn't get home until, like, 7:30 or so. but he had this baby in tow!

the new whaler :)

it looks deceivingly small, until you see chris in the picture:

the new boat!

chris had test driven one of a similar size a while back and was saying that it felt so big to drive next to the dirty b (17' vs. 23') which i understood completely when i got on this thing. it felt huge. and there is so much space!

it's got this awesome cockpit... with gps and a cd player and speakers...! chris wants to keep using his old boombox + MP3 player getup, but i'm already planning on making some mix cds....


one of the best parts? it has a cabin!

la cabina

i would say it's for getting out of the rain, but this boat has a much better protected cockpit than the dirty b. see?

kittens 128

and now no one has to sit in the sun if they don't want to. :) (the dirty b only had so many spots you could sit in to get out of the sun.)

and check out the bench!

kittens 129

(yes, i am now easily made happy with these creature comforts, after some uncomfortable rides on the little boat.)

and it has a sanipottie in the cabin!

a sanipottie!

again, creature comforts are VERY much appreciated when boating for hours and hours... no more flashing my bare ass to biscayne bay next time i need to pee!

and the boat is so tall that, when i'm up on it, i can see where i used to live!

look, by! where we used to live!  from chris's front yard!

this really isn't a plus for the boat or anything, but i thought byron may get a kick out of the picture. :)

so yeah, i'm excited -- if you couldn't tell. we can take this thing to the bahamas! easily! it was a PITA to get backed into the driveway (i won't even start) and we won't get it in the water until after wisconsin, but yipee! i really am excited. :) this thing has SO MUCH ROOM -- ROOM FOR DIVE GEAR!!! :)

i'm glad, too, because now chris won't be spending every night looking at boat porn, as i call it. well, he'll probably be searching down accessories for a while, but eventually he will have bought everything that needs to be bought, and you can't meddle on your boat after dark, so.. yeah, i have my baby back. :)
  note different colored eyes

look @ those eyes, originally uploaded by estacey.

how cool is that?

too bad i had to use the flash, but it was too late to do it without flash by the time i got to it today.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I’m not usually a clock water, but OH MY GOD do I ever want to go home!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007
  Los planes del weekend
So Chris is looking to upgrade his boat. A little bigger, something with a CABIN – and you have no idea how excited I am about that one. A cabin! To escape the rain! Whee! Chris was so anti-cabin before, before he got his 1st boat. I guess all that subliminal messaging I’ve done while he’s slept has worked.

He put a deposit down on one in Jacksonville, so we’re going to go see it on Saturday. We’re leaving at, like, 4:30 a.m. – feeding the dogs before we leave and taking the kittens along since I don’t want them alone all day. Hopefully they don’t get car sick or anything.

As for the Dirty B, it's on sale on eBay if you want to check it out. :)

I have a lot to do this weekend - with a lit mid-term next Wednesday, I have to prepare for that, as well as do a couple of units for math and an additional homework project for Saturday or Sunday or whatever day that is. Yay. I heart school.

Seriously, the lit class is soooo boring. Like, these writers CANNOT say "face." Oh, no - they say countenance. Everything is just so flowery and annoying, and hard to read. Hard to stay focused on. I so didn't want to take early American lit., but it was the only one that worked out, schedulewise. And if I didn't take early American lit., I would've had to take early English lit, and jesus that would be no better (probably just as boring, but with an accent, and would force me to mispronounce things like "schedule" in my head).

I got the Omnivore's Dilemma yesterday. I had a serious need to de-stress after my day, and didn't know what to do, so went to the bookstore. Shannon buys shoes, I buy books; that's the way it is. It looks really good, and I have heard so much about it -- I hope I have some time to read it. As for the subject, maaaaan - I feel like I cannot make a RIGHT food choice these days. I should just start growing everything myself. But that's probably detrimental to the environment somehow.

I do think I am going to buy a share of a CSA this winter. Maybe even a share of eggs, too! More on this later.
Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I hate people.


No, really – hate.


Monday, June 11, 2007
  classssay lady
tonight i was at the publix. i noticed some chick with really long hair, wearing a tank top, jogging pants, and a couple of really angry-looking implants. at first glance, she very much struck me as a stripper stocking up on lunchables for a long week at the club.

then her phone rang, and the ring tone was "smack that" by aikon. you know, "smack that, all on the floor, smack that, gimme some more, smack that, 'til you get sore. my favorite line is, of course, "maybe go to my place and just kick it, like tae bo." uh. huh.

blissfully, she stopped the ringing by answering the phone: "WHASSUP, FAGGOT?"

at that moment, i wished very much that i were a boy - because she is so the kind of girl you want to take home to your parents, right? :D
  love it!
the idea - which i read about in the times - is a bit strange. do a photo shoot post wedding to, well, trash you dress.

but the pictures? they're awesome.
Saturday was very productive. We went to my place to pick up my birth certificate, then the passport office. When we got there a whole 20 minutes before it closed, there was no line. I was gleeful and turned to Chris to say, “Maybe showing up late wasn’t so bad after all!” Then I heard a “Psssst! The line’s back here, miss!” I turned around and there we had it – a good 10-person-deep line. But s’all good – I got my passport application submitted and a receipt to prove it, which means I’m good to travel to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean anytime before late-September.

Chris had to stop by the hospital, which was close to the Costco, so we went there too. Costco is deadly, I’m telling ya. We needed some more of those sanitizing wipes for when the puppies have accidents, but you can’t buy just one container – oh, no. You have to buy three. And we hadn’t done an inventory before we left the house, and Patty wasn’t answering her phone, so we bought more laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, and dishwasher powder. You know, just to be safe. Chris informed me after we got home and he put the stuff away that we now two HUGE bins of laundry detergent, two HUGE containers of dishwashing liquid, and SIX BOXES of dishwasher powder. Later, when we were talking about spending money, I brought up to Chris that he spent $317 at Costco earlier. He replied, “Yes, but that was for NECESSITIES. They were things we NEEDED.” Then he paused. “You know, within the next three years.” :D

We also got the air conditioning in the Corolla fixed on Saturday, so that was GOOD.

Saturday night, we went out for a nice little boat ride. It had been a long time since we took the boat out at night, and was it gorgeous. Totally calm and quiet. Went to say hi to the iguanas under Sunrise Blvd; they missed us.

Sunday we both slept LATE. Then Chris, ever the good boy, went for his second long run of the weekend. Me? I watched the rest of Wedding Crashers in bed. We made pancakes and then went to a movie (Knocked Up, which was alright). Did math. Ate dinner. Laughed at poor Gretchey, who is having her period so has to wear a little denim doggy diaper around the house.

The kittens are growing amazingly, and still so cute. We had lots of snuggly time with them this weekend.

Hmm, I think that's all for now!
Friday, June 08, 2007
  caught snuggling

caught!, originally uploaded by estacey.

how cute is THIS?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007
  Or you're a tattoo

Ha ha!
  Country music, why do you do this to me?

This chick on Flickr took this picture at a Van Halen concert in the 80s. No, it has not been photoshopped. Sweet, right? A mullet on a yeti.

There’s a new song by Brad Paisley. I liked it, in that harmless-Brad-Paisley-song way, until he got to the chorus. Let’s take a look.

'Cause I'd like to see you out in the moonlight
Moonlight? Aww.

I'd like to kiss you way back in the sticks

I'd like to walk you through a field of wildflowers
A field of wildflowers? Double aww.

And I'd like to check you for ticks.

Country music, why must you make it so hard for me to defend you???
Tuesday, June 05, 2007
  This made me laugh out loud
oh so cute!

Here is a note from the girl who adopted the grey kitten, whom she named Dahlia, and her brother last year (as pictured above). As it was, Dahlia was a sweetheart, and would cry for attention, while her brother, Lou, was terrified. After the girl took them home, she wrote to me panicked, worried Lou would never come around, although Dahlia was a sweetie.

Dahlia is horrible she is just the worst cat, she gets everything she wants, toys, beds, treats, great food, scratch posts, scratch post trees, constant love and attention….and she is whiney bitch…she meows allllll daaaaaaayyy loooooong…she jumps on everything scratches everything but what she is supposed to, she is just bad.beautiful though. Fat Lou (that’s what we call him) is great, I think he hates Dahlia cause she never shuts up and she scratches him. I will take some pictures for you. Lou came around to me, Joel is too big and tall I think for him, he gets scared.

Monday, June 04, 2007
  ok, this is just the cutest picture ever.

Happy Nap, originally uploaded by Jedi Appliance Guy.

  white kitten caught up to calico in the cute dept.

i tried to get some pics tonight, and for the most part failed miserably. i ended up putting it into auto mode, and now am reminded why i wanted to learn manual to begin with. everything is goofy and out of focus and stuff. but the kittehs are so fast! i didn't have time to focus and mess with my shutter speeds! excuses, excuses.

honestly, it was very cute. every time i'd set them down to snap a picture - this involved setting them as far away from me as i could and then quickly laying down and clicking away - they would just run towards me. most of the pictures show kittens looking very much as if they are stalking me. :)

homes, anyone?

  cute pic

pretty in pink, originally uploaded by Steve took it.

i did a search for 'gah' and i got this. :)

okay, so how is this for frustration? chris's a/c doesn't work in the corolla now - it's like i'm CURSED. i can get it fixed but i have to wait until i actually have a lunch hour free to do that, and considering i have kittens to nurse, i don't know when that's possible. also, our lunch "hour" only lasts 30 minutes.

so i ran home at, like, 1 to feed the kittens. by the time i got here, i was DYING. it's like, what, mid-80s outside? me in jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. no a/c. run around here like a madwoman, then hop back in the car with my lunch to go back to work. then i get the bridge, of COURSE. it takes me 20 minutes to get, like, four miles.

i get back to work and a co-worker who can hardly move with stomach issues asks me to run down the street to the walgreens for some prilosec. i comply. in my jeans and long-sleeve shirt.

i get back to the office and my head is pounding from the heat. soon enough, i get that feeling in my head. i start to feel nauseous, so i go take the imitrex i was just prescribed. soon, i get the warm feeling the doc told me about. only my head still hurts, and i'm still nauseous. i go in the bathroom and get sick, which makes my head hurt worse. i was seeing stars. i start crying. enough already!

but then i took some deep breaths and got up to go back to my desk to log out and go home. and i realize my head is feeling better.

of course, now i have the hot-ass ride home in the car so i decide i'll take a dip in the pool when i get here. i change into my bathing suit, grab a towel, then go to open the freezer door to get some frozen treats for the dogs. instead, for some reason, i open the fridge door and a bottle of pineapple juice that i JUST OPENED and WHICH COST $6 flies out and breaks all over the floor.

so instead of getting to cool down in the pool, i instead get to shop-vac the kitchen floor and pick up lots of little pieces of broken glass. lucky for me, patty was here and she helped.

i did make it to the pool, finally, and i do feel better now. a little funny - i'm going back and forth on whether i should go for a jog tonight. but better. no headache. so i guess imitrex is pretty freaking amazing because i am pretty sure i would otherwise be crying in bed right now. instead, i played with the dogs, gave them baths in the pool, fed the kittens, took some cute pictures of them, ate dinner, and now am...?


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