Monday, April 30, 2007
  oh, how i miss my fluffy!

Fluffy is the cutest, originally uploaded by estacey.

and his tail! i sure hope he's happy out there somewhere..

Sunday, April 29, 2007
  first trip to the dog park!

pretty husky, originally uploaded by estacey.

and god did those dogs ever have fun :)

buddy was a spaz, as we guessed he would be. but they all had a lot of fun and got a lot of good exercise. :)


kitten gets to go outside!, originally uploaded by estacey.

last night i fitted ellie and kitten with their collars, so this morning i cracked the garage door. as predicted, ellie cat has already disappeared; i don't expect to see him for a week or two, save for flashes of black fur in the bushes. then, as last time, he'll come back around and beg for pettin'.

kitten is being more cautious. i found her under the bushes between chris's and the neighbor's yard, so went to get my camera but she had already moved back into the garage by the time i went back outside. this picture is her peeking out the garage door.

so yesterday, i sold my car and i moved. big day! :)
the people who bought my car were so cute. chris had showed it to them while i was off cleaning cat poop at petsmart, and he came with me to the dmv to transfer over the title. he was in his truck when the mom of the kid who bought the car pointed at him and said, "my sons really like him! they said when they went over to your house the other night, he treated them like he already knew them." it really makes me smile when people say that kinda thing about him. it's like, "it's not just me!" he's really a special fella. :)

then onto the move.. on an extraordinarily hot day! the forecast warned it would be like summer. but it really wasn't bad - a few trips back and forth, then i dropped chris off at mass and did a few things on my own, then picked him up for one last run. i am 99% moved now. but we were gone for 12 hours yesterday. whoa mama, tired.

after dinner last night, and a lot more work here, we went out for drinks. today i slept in.. phew. at around 2 p.m. i finally got around to making lunch - avocado & mango salad with homemade (!) lemon herb dressing (fresh basil, fresh mint, garlic, salt, lemon juice, olive oil).

avocado & mango salad

the instructions called for the mango and avocado to be "cubed" but the fruits didn't cooperate so well.

dessert was a banana, a few strawberries, and a handful of blueberries - food processed. so so yummy - it's really pretty weird that it's just fresh fruit.

strawberries, a handful of blueberries, and a banana - run through the food processor

the food processor was an excellent investment.

tomorrow night is the night of the week i make dinner, so i want to do it again - only with carob & walnuts mixed in. i tried that today but it didn't work so well, but we'll see how that goes. :)

time to go work on stuff i'm neglecting (homework, brushing my hair) and then we're taking the pups to the doggy park!

Friday, April 27, 2007
  exciting news 'round here

the new composter!, originally uploaded by estacey.

after a MONTH of trying to get this, it finally came yesterday.

i was so excited that i had to set it up when i got home - in the dark - at 11 p.m. yeah, i'm a nerd.

today i got to put in all the stinky fruit and veggies and eggshells that have been lurking under the kitchen sink, waiting for its arrival. and some dried palm fronds to balance out the "wet" with some "dry."

i be tired. i have a project to work on (rough draft due tonight), then i gotta meet this kid in coral springs in the morning to sign over my car. it would seem i can't find the title. ha ha ha.

then i get to MOVE. then i get to study for my final on thursday. and write a paper by monday. oy. i want a weekend off!!! (then i could stop whining at least.) :)

  oreo says hi!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007
  This has got to be quick...
since it be gettin' late and I want to go to bed.

#1. Raw

I'm doing the raw thing again - during the day at least. Dinner is too hard to coordinate into a raw meal, too. I would like to start making salads to complement whatever Chris is making, though; we do not eat enough vegetables. And since Chris has really long Mondays - like 12 hours long - I am going to be making dinner that night from now on. He offered for it to be an order-in night, but I can handle cooking one night a week. This Monday I made fake chicken sandwiches (mmmm!) with Wisconsin cheese and a raw side dish - apples, celery, fresh parsley, pineapples, and walnuts covered in a pineapple sauce made with pineapple juice, lemon juice, cashew butter and, um, that might be it. Oh, then you serve all that on a bed of greens. It was pretty good, I thought. I think Chris thought it was tasty as well (not sure of Patty's verdict) but I think they were still hungry after dinner as they whipped out a bag of Dorito's. Ah well. :)

I really like the raw thing - after all, it's a way I can "cook" without burning anything. It's a little less intimidating to play around with, and the results are surprisingly good. The sauce was so sweet & yummy - I was like, "Wow, I made that out of REAL food." I'm so used to things coming out of jars and stuff that sometimes it's hard to remember that everything can be made out of real, whole foods. Plus, when you make it raw, you know it's really good for you!

So anyway, tonight we went out to eat, but I wanted to use up some of my quickly-over-ripening fruits to make a fruit pie. This is only the second one I made, but I got pics this time.

crust of almonds & dates
Two handfuls of almonds and some medjool dates, of which I did not have enough. This stuff is excellent; I could eat it by itself.

Then came the two food-processed mangos topped by slices of banana and strawberries, then topped with food-processed pineapple. I would've put coconut on top of all that, but Chris is not a fan. I will definitely only use EITHER pineapple or mango in the future; the pineapple seemed to steal the focus away from the mango taste even though there was only half the pineapple. It's yummy, though.

fruit pie - done

Next time maybe I'll do pineapple & coconut (though only on one side) or strawberries & bananas. Mango can probably be all by itself. :)

So that's it - a whole pie, and the only casualty was my poor foot and the ice pack (I ran into the kitchen island really hard while walking around the dogs tonight - ow! then the dogs attacked the ice pack when I wasn't looking. All in a day's work.)

#2. Math (as if anyone got past Raw)

So tonight I found out that, assuming I pass the quiz I have to make up on our formulas, I only have to earn a 50% on our (multiple choice) final to get a C. I would have to nearly get 100% to get a B, but that's still possible. But really, a B is more than I expect; I would be delighted with a C, as hard as this class has been for me. The teacher assures us that college algebra is easier (?!).

#3. Dogs

This is totally true; they were waggin' their tails to the right all over the place tonight when I was lovin' on 'em. :)


Chris got a baby gate for the one door, so they can all three come in a lot more - even the two little ones whose bladders we do not yet trust. They just have to stick to the side of the house that isn't carpeted. It's been fun. I got them this denim frisbee that has been a blast. I love it - there is enough space in the front part of the house to PLAY FRISBEE. Well, I throw the frisbee. They go get it. They fight over it. Sometimes Sebastian brings it back to me, and then doesn't let me have it. It's fun. :)

#4 Posh's boobs

What on earth is going on here? When you're married to David Beckham, can you not afford better?

Time to finish up the nightly stuff so i can go to bedddd!
Sunday, April 22, 2007
  Elliott Key!
We left yesterday, quite late (I was up 'til 3 Friday night!). It was raining, but we decided to forge ahead.

The ride down was alright, until um.. towards the end. It was quite rough and raining. I ended up hiding under this a huge tarp. A huge, stinky tarp. But at least I was dry. Every time I heard a splash of water on the back of my head, hitting the tarp, I could see the same water splashing poor Chris's face.

ugly day
Nice day for a ride.

chris :)


We left at 1 p.m., got to Elliott Key at 7:30 or 8 or so - just enough time to unload our gear and set up for the night.

Notice the camping essentials (marshmallows, marshmallow fluff).

Chris slept as I watched a movie for class, Angels and Insects.

Today, it was up for a cold shower and then on the road (water) again - we left Elliott Key at 10.

We got here at 8:30! p.m.!

We decided to take our time today - yesterday, trying to go fast, wasn't so fun. So today we went slow. It was really nice, especially down by Elliott Key. We saw some rays in the water and lots of birds.

chris :)

turquoise water
The water there is such a pretty color.

this is better!
Ahh - warmth!

chris, passing by a stilt house
Chris looking at one of the houses in Stiltsville.

You'll notice he has more and more clothing on as the pictures go. We started out HOT on Elliott Key, but it quickly got very, very cool over the water. By the end of the trip, I was wearing a swimsuit, a shirt, capri pants, a jacket, a raincoat, and a throw blanket wrapped around my lap.

Cap'n Bob had been playing his guitar at a place we passed in Hollywood yesterday, then today we heard him again.. and discovered we were passing by Squid's party! We had been invited, but I didn't think we'd made it seeing as how I had no idea what time we'd be getting home. We didn't stay for long, but it was nice to see them anyhow.

At around Port Everglades, the engine shut off. We both said, "Uh oh." Even though this trip had been nicknamed the Kill-the-Engine trip -- Chris really wants a new Yamaha, but doesn't see spending the dough on one when he has a perfectly functioning engine already -- I don't think either of us expected it to actually die.

Luckily, Chris pays Tow Boat U.S. a $100 annual membership fee, so help was a quick phone call away. They showed up within five minutes.

better row!
We had to paddle over to a sign to tie up to it while we waited so we wouldn't go crashing into rocks or a big cargo ship

big ship
Namely, this one.

tow boat u.s.
Yay, Tow Boat U.S.!

It was a nice, romantic sunset cruise back to the house, albeit with the scent of diesel in the air.

Bad things about this trip:
1. It was raining
2. The tarp I had on my head smelled like cat puke
3. Mosquitos suck
4. Chris's engine dying

Good things about this trip:
1. We laughed about and through all of the above
2. It was an adventure
3. Florida is gorgeous
4. Chris finally has an excuse to buy a new engine (and a back-up engine, too!)
5. Romantic sunset cruise home, courtesy of Tow Boat U.S.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

mmm!, originally uploaded by estacey.

  also, how cute is wailey?

tortoise watchin', originally uploaded by estacey.

i love this view. click on the pic for more pictures of wailey!

  so this is what $600 gets you in s. florida

new bedroom, originally uploaded by estacey.

it's pretty nice, actually. also, that includes cable, utilities, and wifi.

i have, oh, three times the amount of closet space here. the bedroom is much bigger than at my place. i have a nice big window and french doors to the outside. my own air conditioner. a great window sill (yes, i'm easy to please). and i have actual shelf space to store my towels and toiletries. my towels at my current place have to go in the bedroom closet, and when i try to take one out it's always an avalanche. EVERY TIME.

:) i'm readin' up in my feng shui book kamille got me years ago to figure out where i need to put things.

the best part, while moving, is that the new roommate welcomed me to drive up on the grass.. so i only have to move my stuff about ten feet!


little bee, originally uploaded by estacey.

so i should be going to bed, but i want to whaa for a few minutes.

my past few days:

wednesday: went to work, used lunch break to drop off chris's car and pick mine up. went to class, stopping at the car place to switch cars again. (oy.) got a 100 on my portfolio! (he gave me a 60 on it last week, so i had to re-do some sections. i guess i did better this time.) he let us out early so i went to the library to work on the one class, but left after five minutes of watching dumbasses use the card catalog computers to shop online and listen to CDs.

thursday: work - yes, again. got home and fed tortoises. how i love to watch them eat! no, really! it's so cute! then i had a message saying i didn't have to go do the cats since someone else had to go to the store that night anyway! so i went to get the keys to my new place. went to the grocery store. then i went to my soon-to-be-old place.

found an injured (?) starling in the yard there. caught him quick, then hunted down the bird cage in the back yard. he stayed in it while i packed for a couple of hours. loaded up the car. left there at about 10.

went to wildlife care center, only the road was closed. i finally made it and dropped mr. starling off in the night box with a $20 check and a stern warning to drink some water. i have to call in the morning to see how he is; he wasn't yet in the system when i tried today.

it was nearly 11 by the time i got home. this, of course, means at post-1 a.m. bedtime.

friday: went to work, yet again. it took me 20+ minutes to get there. chris calculated that meant my average MPH was 12. rock on. used lunch break to briskly walk to marshalls to buy towels for the new place (i realized i had, um, two that weren't horrible - so now i have three pretty, matching green ones - ralph lauren at $6 a pop!). that saved me a stop after work. this took precisely 31 minutes. i was proud of myself.

after work, went to new place to unload car. went and threw more money into the till at whole foods market.

came home. showered. we went to pick my car up. i made dinner - mac & cheese with boca burgers (probably the second meal i've made this whole year). i did laundry. participated in a discussion for my one online class. i finished my big powerpoint project due for my one class as it's due sunday., with oreo on my lap the whole time. submitted that at around 1 a.m. did some more laundry. took the quiz for the same class due sunday.

now i am goin to bed. it'll be 2:45 before i actually get there and we're supposed to leave in the morning to go to elliott key! i fear chris will have to watch me nap for a few hours on the boat; after this week, i really feel like i could sleep 12 hours tonight. also, i have yet to pack. or charge my camera battery.

i have to bring my math book this weekend. but that's okay; it should be a beautiful time, knock on wood. i hope to have some time to take some pictures and sometimes i don't feel like i get to SEE chris enough, even though i see him all the time. getting away helps that.

ok, i think the pre-emptive dramamine is kicking in. so good night! off til sunday!

Thursday, April 19, 2007
i'm movin'. getting the keys tonight.
a house. closer to work, closer to chris's. new roommate: 40-something lawyer and possibly a blonde chick named katie.

besides when i am actually going to do the moving, my big dilemma is facing changing my address again. my family is so never going to get this. and it's really a boring address, too. i miss street names! i even looked at some mail boxes etc in the area, but they're like $25/month! for a mailbox! shaa!

Diane!, originally uploaded by eeloy.

so chris loves this dude, bob mould. he was the lead singer of husker du, if that helps. a song of his i like came on last night ("wishing well") and i randomly went to his website to see if he was on tour anywhere near here. of course not - south florida is far from a live music hot spot. the sad thing is that every time i go look up someone i like, they're never coming here, but they're always on their way to madison, wisconsin within the next month. seriously.

anyway, so this dude is going to be in minneapolis on 6/22 and detroit on 7/12. i thought, hmm, if we went to minneapolis, we could sneak over to wisconsin for a weekend visit! then i realized - 6/24 is amanda's birthday. !!!

so the tentative plans are to fly to MSP on the afternoon of 6/22, rent a car, go to this concert (at a gay pride fest! woo!), drive to wisconsin late at night, then spend all day saturday and sunday there, before having to leave late morning to go back to MSP to catch our flight home.

whirlwind, for sure, but i think it will be good. (of course, chris, king of brevity, doesn't see why we don't just leave sunday. "but it's amanda's birthday!" "so celebrate it on saturday." *stern look* "okay, okay, we can leave monday.") i usually want to come back to florida - badly - after 3-4 days (of course, this is usually in the winter) so a 2-day visit may be just perfect, although i know it will feel too short.

i'm a little excited. :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007
  they can be so bad!

BAD!, originally uploaded by estacey.

here you see the dogs putting the finishing touches on a big hole in the screen. they were pretty smart, trying to crawl through the hole over to where the sliding glass door was open.

chris fixed this... but made the mistake of leaving the screen door in place when the cleaning lady came. the new screen now has a hole.

bad, bad, bad.

  Actual email exchange
Good thing I just found my phone, which had been MIA since Friday!

Me, to the person who placed this ad: New metro pcs razor for sale - $160

You still have this?


yes but now its 220


My response to him:

OK, no thanks then.

His response to me:

ok go to hell

What the heck is wrong with people these days???
Monday, April 16, 2007
hey. :)

busy, busy.

friday night - prepare for speech.

saturday - get up too early, go give speech. i got a perfect score again. i am beginning to question the instructor's competency. but, hey, i'll take it. and only one speech left to go!

then chris's friend, former mr. new jersey, came to visit from orlando as he was going out on a blind date with this russian chick. she had to call 10 times on the way to chris's house for guidance (even though his place is really not hard to get to - she starting going west once she got off the interstate, then thought federal was A1A - all understandable if you hadn't been living in south florida for a decade but she had been, so it was a little concerning). then she parked IN CHRIS'S YARD. literally, in the yard. it was funny. chris was like, "how about i move the car for ya?" :D we took 'em on the boat to drop them off at the restaurant where they were eating and then went to another place down the intercoastal to eat. later, we rode bikes to meet them for drinks at the beach. it was nice - i was so so tired, but woke up once we actually got out there. the chick told me i looked very russian (a couple of times), something i had never heard before.

while having drinks, we got into this discussion about men who won't buy their ladies' feminine hygiene products. both chris & mr. new jersey were saying they wouldn't. then i realized chris was kidding (he likes to do that - sometimes he says things for effect and, when i don't give one, he goes "aww, man, i said that to make you mad") so decided to let it go, and felt a little bad for the russian chick. when we got back to the house, i said: you were kidding, weren't you? he said yes. but your friend wasn't, right? right.
that whole thing.. i'm like, honestly, they still make men like that? (getting chris rock standup flashbacks here.) and this was another doctor! i just.. don't get it.

sunday - i blissfully slept in. you don't wanna know how late. then we took a long ride to loxahatchee to bill & susan's. yada yada, then we watched one of the installments of planet earth on the discovery channel. it was recommended to me at work, and, yes, it was awesome. sadly, there are only a couple of episodes left, so i guess i'll have to buy the dvd set.

i fell in love with this dog:
i emailed the foster mom about her, then talked to chris, since i mostly stay at his place so the dog would have to stay there. (i did the inquiries in the wrong order.) chris said no, no, no, we're at animal capacity right now. my reasoning was that buddy is patty's and patty will take him to her place someday. so chris said, okay, i could get a dog when patty did that. i hadn't heard back about giselle. "good," i thought. "she has a home." then the lady emailed me yesterday saying she was still available. i'm so sad. i really, really want a dog - and have for years. i mean, i can love on chris's pups, but they're his. and this little girl is so cute, and shy - i'd love to help her come out of her shell, with gretchey, buddy, and sebastian's help. and the lady said me being in florida wasn't much of an obstacle. arrrrrr, i'm frustrated and sad. it could be a year or more before patty gets a place, and who knows if she'll take buddy then anyhow. and by then.. well, i want giselle. :(


this weekend, weather permitting, we're taking the dirty b (boat) down to elliott key to go camping! i gotta do a bunch of work this week to be homework-free-save-for-math by the weekend, but it'll be worth it.
Friday, April 13, 2007
  eeeeh, cute.

this girl on flickr on my photostream had a pregnant stray show up at her doorstep. literally.

she did the whole "you can't come in the house, but can go in the garage." that lasted long (much like the oreo policy at chris's).

these are the kittens. how painfully cute are they??!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007
  ack, i've been quiet
sorry - i've just been so damn busy! between movies and math and more math.. oy.

lucky for me, just under a month to go!

a few things.

1. nutella. for those of you who have not yet tried this hazelnut-chocolate combination, go do so. i somehow made it 29 years without having it, but then read a recipe for french toast (my favorite!) with nutella, so i took it as a sign and bought some. and, oh my god. yum.

2. gretchey. the dogs slay me. they really do. yesterday gretchey went swimming.. i figured that meant it was warm enough for the other dogs to go swimming, which is my lazy way of giving them a bath - throw 'em in the pool, let them swim out, cover them in shampoo, and throw them in again. so anyway, they know what's going on by the time they're wet and won't come to me for the shampooin'-up. gretchey especially, because she's very smart. she wouldn't let me get anywhere near her once she saw what was going down. however, if gretchey has an achille's heel, it's that she loves to lick. loooooooves to lick. so i got down on the ground and pet buddy.. ya know, at lickable level. i snuggled up to buddy and talked nice to him. she would approach, try to sneak in a lick, and jump back. and repeat. i usually don't let her lick (allergies and all), but i'd let her lick me. after a few lick-&-escapes, she came and happily licked my chin. "i won!" i said, and took her to get lathered up. :) anyway, it was just ridiculously funny that i know her well enough to know that the promise of getting to lick me would overpower the desire to stay stinky & dirty.

3. speech. i give my second out of three speeches for my class saturday. the cat people are finding someone to fill in for me tomorrow night so i can come home and spend the evening working. phew.

um, i think that's about it. :) for now. i want to go read, but instead should probably go watch at least some of psycho for class. grr. may i say, however, that this whole portable dvd player thing was an excellent investment? i really love it. last night, while doing math for like FIVE HOURS, i got to half watch a fish called wanda. it made it nearly tolerable. :)
Monday, April 09, 2007
  ridiculous baby bird of the day #1

Baby pelican, originally uploaded by dalvenjah.

the pelican.

ooh, if i could just find one of it a few weeks old, like i saw in a galapagos book today.

funny, we have lots of pelicans around here - where do they make their nests?

  ridiculous baby bird of the day #2

EDSC_1450, originally uploaded by frappysnail.

the frigatebird

Saturday, April 07, 2007
  buncha wild people, i tell ya

DSC_0233, originally uploaded by cpb.

tonight: saturday night.

what we did:
- ate thai takeout.
- played ball with the dogs. chris threw it up on the roof and it fell into the neighbor's yard. we call the neighbor toup (think about it). toup was kind enough to throw the ball back. we laughed picturing him thinking, "i didn't realize they had kids over there..."
- chris went to church.
- i went to the gym, then for a run.

we're very wild.

this picture is inspired by the fact that the dogs have been trying to rip each other's throats out all weekend. in a nice way, of course.

it seriously sounds like we're having dogfights outside. then eventually, the barks and cries reach a very serious point, which is always followed by gretchey humping sebastian. she always wins. it's very impressive, but also very humiliating for sebastian. a boy dog being humped by a girl who doesn't even have anything to hump with.

i'll get pictures. it's pretty ferocious.

now i'm going to watch 'shane' in the bathtub. (it's for class.) (i got a portable dvd player the other day and i loooooove it.)

  buncha wild people, i tell ya

DSC_0233, originally uploaded by cpb.

tonight: saturday night.

what we did:
- ate thai takeout.
- played ball with the dogs. chris threw it up on the roof and it fell into the neighbor's yard. we call the neighbor toup (think about it). toup was kind enough to throw the ball back. we laughed picturing him thinking, "i didn't realize they had kids over there..."
- chris went to church.
- i went to the gym, then for a run.

we're very wild.

this picture is inspired by the fact that the dogs have been trying to rip each other's throats out all weekend. in a nice way, of course.

it seriously sounds like we're having dogfights outside. then eventually, the barks and cries reach a very serious point, which is always followed by gretchey humping sebastian. she always wins. it's very impressive, but also very humiliating for sebastian. a boy dog being humped by a girl who doesn't even have anything to hump with.

i'll get pictures. it's pretty ferocious.

now i'm going to watch 'shane' in the bathtub. (it's for class.) (i got a portable dvd player the other day and i loooooove it.)


My Kids, originally uploaded by Vicky's Photo's.

so i found a picture of my church a while back on flickr and commented on it.

yesterday i got an email from the photographer of that email. it turns out it's my cousin, laura. !!!

so today i log on and i'm added as a contact of her, as well as someone named "vicky." i go look up vicky, suspecting that it may be my dad's sister. sure enough, it is.

here are my cousins, none of which i have seen since my sister's wedding a few years back. what a neat surprise, to find your family members on flickr...!

  so cool!

last night in the garage, i saw a really big spider.

chris, always on the lookout for brown recluses (look up what happens when they bite and you'll understand why) was a bit concerned about it. me, always concerned that someone is going to smoosh a spider before i can intervene, went to work on getting it outside with the help of a tupperware container. (for the record, brown recluses are pretty small, we found out online. this one was a good 1.5 inches big.)

when i got down on the ground with a flashlight, i realized its body looked a little funny - like in the picture.

then i remembered how ed once said that he stepped on a spider and, when he lifted his foot up, all of a sudden there were 200 spiders. my first thought about that was that it was instant karma, but, much like scully, also figured there was a scientific explanation behind that -- and that explanation would be baby spiders.

so that's what i figured was going on here. sure enough, when i touched her body lightly, a bunch of baby spiders would scurry around, reassumbling themselves on her back.

i just wish it would've been light out so i could've snapped some pictures. instead, i had to be content with watching her for a while, then shooing her out of the tupperware and into the bushes.

:D i sure am happy that i could find a bunch of pictures of this online, though. "wolf spider babies" is the search string you'd want to check out. good picture, large view.


wailey!, originally uploaded by estacey.

i love my tortoises! :)

this is the ONLY picture i could get of him, just about. although a tortoise, he is far too fast for me to actually snap decent pictures.

Friday, April 06, 2007
  Hey, at least it's dead now.
Thursday, April 05, 2007
  At least her last name ain't Tang, I guess.
I liked this picture, from this article.

Todd Heisler/The New York Times
Poony Poon, 10, is one of a growing number of Asian-born students at the Juilliard School. She came from Hong Kong on a scholarship.

Damn shame about the little girl's name, though.
Tuesday, April 03, 2007
  why aren't i in bed?

Baby cats in action, originally uploaded by fofurasfelinas.

i will be, soon.

so i had some food for the strays in the back of my car in a big rubbermaid container. when i cleaned my car the other day, i discovered there were bugs in the food. i explained what happened to chris and set the container on the front step, intending to dump the food into the canal. chris instead buried it in a hole the dogs had dug on the side of the house. then he covered it with a big cement planter so they couldn't dig to get at it.

when we got back from the boat ride on saturday, buddy wasn't waiting for us. when i called for him, he came running from the side of the house, covered in sand. wonderful.

so all weekend, the dogs have been working on the hole and the cat food. it was an 18-gallon container 3/4 full of cat food. gretchey literally has gotten fat just over the past few days - a big, distended belly. and she got the diarrhea. the other ones seem to be okay, but keep disappearing only to reappear with sand and dirt on their muzzles and paws.

no self control, i tell ya.

i'm mega sore today. even washing my hands today was painful, i swear. i think that means it was a good workout last night.

now i need to get some zzzzzs...

oh, yeah, btw, the car dealer is STILL calling me. like, dude, you've called 12 times. give it up already!

Monday, April 02, 2007
  suddenly, everything exploded
and it's not even summer. yesterday, during the golden hour, i grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics outside and within the next couple of houses.

the neighbors have some mega pretty flowers.

shy hibiscus
there are SO many hibiscus flowers in bloom. i was trying to get one in focus, with all the orange and pinks behind it.. but i couldn't. this is the best i could do.

too bright
this plant in the tort enclosure seemed so pretty in the sun

little flowers
in the front yard.

pretty thin flowers
right outside the door

the cool news?

chris planted a papaya tree... with papaya!

and two mango trees - one quite small and one quite big
mango tree

also, a lychee. but i need a better picture. :)

i went to the gym across the street for the first time tonight. see, chris's parents have a place over there. like, literally 1.5 blocks east. it has three gyms. how awesome it was to get to work out in a gym, by myself! an old couple got there as i was leaving, but still... the one i found first has lots of dumbbells, a bench press, a chin-up bar (from which i hang motionless), a step for workin' out the calves, a ball for doin' crunches, as well as a bunch of weight machines and the requisite treadmills and stair-steppers. it was a really good workout. then i walked out of the garage and was met with the nearly full moon rising over the ocean. definitely a camera moment, but i had none. and then i jogged home, and it literally took me about 30 seconds. you could not ask for a better gym setup than this.

the cats are settling in just fine. tonight, i opened the door to the garage and they were both out from under the couch, sitting on a couple of dressers. yay! oreo has to stay in the garage overnight or she comes to the bedroom window and cries for attention... so i'm sure the cats will be thrilled tonight, stuck in the same space together. good thing it's a big space.

time to go snuggle with my baby.

tonight he really wanted dumplings for dinner, i really wanted pierogies. while working out, i decided dumplings really were okay - after all, they are his favorite food. when i walked in the house, i saw a pot of pierogies on the stove. how good is this boy? maybe tomorrow night i'll make him some dumplings. lord knows he deserves it. :)

i'm really going now.
Sunday, April 01, 2007
  I was kidding!

AprilFools2005 - 1, originally uploaded by Severenuk.

Check your calendars, kids. It was a joke!!!

In fact, we saw that plane go by and Chris said, "Uh oh, Stacey. Don't look up." It was some other Stacey (who spells her name right also) who was proposed to yesterday.

And now Chris has had the pleasure of telling his friends who look at my Flickr page that, no, we're not getting married. It sounds as if there is some interest in the bachelor party despite the lack of genuine wedding anyhow.

My cats did move in today, on the other hand. Maybe he's going to propose to them real soon. :D

Anyway, lesson learned - unless you want people to get mad at you and threaten to fly down to Florida to hurt you, don't pull an April Fool's prank that's within the realm of possibility (not that it really is right now, but you don't know that). I think it's sweet that no one questioned it, anyway. :)

  we went on a boat ride yesterday...

surprise!!!, originally uploaded by estacey.

everything was nice and chill until we got around port everglades... at which point chris said, "stacey, i think you should look up." and i saw THIS!

needless to say, it was a VERY good boat ride. (in retrospect, i wondered why his phone was ringing so much more than usual...!)

more pics/details to follow soon!!!

:D :D :D

I'm Stacey. I'm a 31(!)-year-old Wisconsin girl living in sunny South Florida. The highlights in my life are my lovely boyfriend, my aloof cats, my adorable/adoring stepdogs, my two lumbering tortoises, select family members, being outside, being underwater, taking pictures, yadda yadda. Stay tuned for lots of babbling!

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