Saturday, February 12, 2005
  the birds
As I am relocating my home base to Eddie's, (sorry, useless link; it's just that Google maps is cool), all my stuff waiting in storage at the Coconut Creek place are joining me at Ed's place. Inventory is as follows: aquarium w/ turtle & a dwindling number of really scared fish; books; shoes; futon mattress; two cagefuls of birds; and one really good back scrubber.

So far, only the birds have made the cross-county trip. The cats were surprisingly uninterested, except for the kitten, whose stalking of the parakeet cage was captured with the digicam. This picture seems to illustrate a mutual fascination.

Lucy has taken to smelling their cage in a way that would seem perverted if she weren't a cat. This morning, I put the two cages out on the balcony and shut the sliding glass door so that Lucy can stare at them through the glass all day long. Yes, I'm a mean person.

Last night, we almost had our first Bird Emergency. One of the two yellow parakeets disappeared from the guest bathroom, where they were being housed as I scrubbed their cages. Ed and I searched the house from the tops of the cabinets to under the beds and in the toilet. Nothing. I could've sworn on a stack of holy bibles (religious affiliation aside) that I was too careful for the little yellow guy to get past me, but he was nowhere to be found.. I gave up the search and resigned myself to a future view of Lucy, looking content and peppered with delicate yellow feathers.

An hour or so later, I went back to the bathroom to begin the putting-the-birds-back-in-the-cage Hour of Frustration and.... the missing yellow parakeet was back, preening its little yellow girlfriend like nothing had ever happened. Hmm.
Relocating? To Eddie's? I say! :D

That picture is freaking adorable, Stace. I mean, I think that's a framer. So cute. I love those little kitten feets.

Glad you found your bird!

That sounds dirty, doesn't it?
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