Thursday, June 23, 2005
  Mostly about cats. Duh.
Last night I went to Target, where I spend 80% of my money, and spent an exorbitant amount of money on lots of really luxurious things, like a mop and a box of cat litter.

Happily, I did get a deal on some little cat hideout-toy things. $5 for two, so I bought two sets. They have holes on most sides of the little hideouts, and you can hook them together. The cats actually liked them, playing and lounging around in them for the rest of the evening.

I was greeted upon walking in the door by a horrible, horrible smell, a.k.a. cat pee. Luckily, most of that was from Fluffy’s carrier, but it also was wafting from Fluffy himself… and my bedroom. Oh, I was so ecstatic about that one. The carrier got washed, Fluffy got scrubbed with a wet washcloth and baby shampoo, and then I got to play everyone’s favorite game – Find the Smell. Fortunately, I did, so the targeted shirt is now washed, but I discovered that I am horribly, horribly, horribly allergic to cat urine. Does that even make sense? In any case, once I won the game, I was a mess for the rest of the night. Wheezing, sneezing.. Ahh, the joy of allergic cat ownership!

I have another adamant cat friend now outside, unfortunately. He wants to be petted and wants some food and wants to be all psycho while he eats, making unhappy little noises to himself. He’d been around before, but never seemed to want anything besides food. Last night he surprised me at the kitchen sink by jumping up to my VERY HIGH window and crying at me. Grumble, grumble, as I grab the bag of cat food and march outside.

Those outdoor cats just kill me. Catherine has only let me touch her at length on two occasions, but she’s always outside my door, always follows me around when I’m outside.

And then there are the boy cats that hang out at the next apartment complex. Poor fellas. The one is just the sweetest thing on earth. Last night, I sat down in the parking lot and loved on him and his scabby little head and balding tail and wondered what was wrong and wished I could help him. I’m trying to reach the Pet Aid League today to see if there’s some affordable way for me to help the unhealthy ones. I hate that these people-loving kitties don’t have anyone to watch over them the way my lucky, glossy-coated cats do. :(

Rahr! Elliot had just bolted across the room to pounce.

In non-cat news, last night I felt fat. I weighed myself and, lo and behold, my sick- and PMS-related, indulgent, Dunkin-Donuts-based diets have made a dent at my progress. Which means I gained all of three pounds back of what I had lost last month, but still. It’s never a surprise when I find out I’ve gained a couple of pounds because, say, I eat whatever I want for two or three weeks.. but it’s always a disappointment. When am I going to be able to efficiently metabolize Boston Market and Ben & Jerry’s? I await the day, but in the meantime it’s back to shakes and boring sandwiches for me. I do appreciate that I notice two or three pounds now. There was a day when a loss or gain of that amount would’ve gone completely unnoticed. I can tell now, though.

Amanda's birthday is tomorrow. I still have no idea what to get her and I have to send it, like, NOW. :(

Okay, phew.. That’s that.
Some Nature's Miracle might help neutralize the cat urine, and hopefully whatever you're allergic to. The cat toys are awfully cute... And that picture of E being demon He-Man kitty is awesome.
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