Wednesday, July 27, 2005
  Look, a kitten.

Kitten or teddy bear?, originally uploaded by estacey.

Not much going on with regard to the new arrivals. They eat, nap, eat, nap.. Yep, they're pretty much livin' the life.

I brought Scooter the Cooter's basking light into the bedroom last night so I could get some decently lit pictures without torturing everyone with the flash. As you see, the results are alright; still a bit blurry, but at least there's no flash there to ruin everything and blind the little guys before they even open their eyes.

Mama has not been eating lately, which is worrisome. Luckily, I have some vitamin gel stuff made for cats so I squirt some in her mouth as she protests; at least she's getting SOMETHING.

I picked her up last night and it was amazing holding her without four babies in her belly. She's so tiny, like a little ragdoll.

The kittens are really nuts about eating. They crawl all over each other to get at the nipples. That little black one definitely has it goin' on in the (relative) size & strength department, so he can kinda shove the other ones away when they're feeding. I'm like, there are plenty of boobies for all of you! Share! Live with love! But they don't listen.


I love to see them snuggling and content, napping after they've filled up their little kitten bellies.

Can't wait until they get big enough to play with.. ! :D

Is she drinking? Having a nursing cat go off her feed for a few days would worry me, but if she's not drinking, that would be an emergency. Is her eye infection going into her nose? Cats won't usually eat or drink things that they can't smell. If you think she's stuffy, you could try giving her really smelly stuff (like tuna fish, or tuna juice) and maybe sprinkle some garlic powder on it.

I hope she's okay, poor thing!
I got her wet cat food last night, with no luck. That stuff was nasty, too, so I thought she'd love it. I'll try tonight with plain ol' tunafish. I'm giving her some nutrition gel stuff when I can get her to take it, so she's getting SOME intake of calories. And I think she's drinking; her water seems to go down noticably.

It was in her nose - she had green snotty stuff and everything. ANd things seem to be looking up today, but she's still not eating... :(

I'll keep you updated. Thanks, sweetie! :D
Did they give you drops for her eyes? Some of those drops can be used in the nose too, but i'd probably ask first. Hairy is the king of upper respiratory infections, so i've been through the suction the nose out and tempt him to eat bit more times than i care to think about.

Try the tunafish juice and see if she goes for that at least... (If the other cats will let her have it before they all slurp it up!)
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