Friday, August 26, 2005
  I survived!

Yahoo photo, originally uploaded by estacey.

I survived!

And I got a lot accomplished during Hurricane Katrina, such as:

1. Cleaned and scrubbed my porch
2. Washed dishes by candlelight
3. Used my divelight to clean the house, washing floors and all
4. Chased Itchy and Scratchy (or Itchy and Flaky, your choice) for, like, an hour. Finally, Itchy ran under some wood that was stacked against the wall. GOOD ENOUGH! I came out a few hours later to check on him and there he was, huddled up with his brother. My heart broke for them for the 784th time. So I brought them food.
5. Chased a skittish Catherine around until she let me pick her up. Sat with her in my bathroom while she cried. Thought better of the whole thing and took her outside to the crawlspace. She ran in. Success!'
6. Got in a fight with my scum cross-the-street neighbors who took to the street once the power went off. To SHOOT BIRDS. I swear. I saw the guy aiming, so I looked at what he could be aiming at and went, "Oh, a street sign. Okay." Then a shot. Then a bird flies away, faltering. The scum low-life neighbors proceed to cackle and slap their hands on their knees. Once I realized what they were doing, I ran over and told them what idiot low-lifes I thought they were. The girl called me a "white bitch" and told me I'd better mind my own business before she punched me in the face. "Real cute." Then I called the cops on them. :)
7. Ate a handsome dinner of cold Twistaroni out of the can.
8. Prepared a budget. Ha ha ha!
9. Took a cold shower. By divelight.
10. Fell asleep after reading approximately one page out of my current book about the Everglades.

I had my phone off most of the evening last night, due to one bar of battery remaining. It died today when talking to my boss. I'm at work now, but will hopefully not be here long as I still don't have power at my house and have some things to take care of in case it's out again tonight. i.e. BUY BATTERIES FOR MY RADIO.

It wasn't so bad. I'll admit, when things were at their worst and I was standing at my door, staring out, it was pretty scary. Tree limbs were falling all over. The wind was howling. Rain was coming down. But after that settled down, it was just like a thunderstorm. In fact, during one of the calm periods, I thought maybe I should go for a jog down to Young Circle to see what post-apocalyptic Hollywood looked like. Then I realized I'd really rather not be the recipient of a posthumous Darwin Award so went back to torturing the Kitten by PETTING HER instead.

This hurricane was supposed to hit up north, toward Palm Beach County, the worst. Instead, it made landfall at very near the Broward-Miami county line. May I state that I am two exits from Miami? Then it passed on to Miami-Dade County. Probably just because Alli was all, "Ha ha, I still have power." KARMA, ALLI, KARMA!!!

So there you have it. My first hurricane. (The others, last year, I hopped over to the west coast for.) :)

Yay! Glad you're alright, and you got things accomplished. And well done for calling the cops on the icky neighbours!

You survived!!
Lowlife scum neighbors indeed! I lived down there for many years 74-89 and hated every minute of it (well, not every minute but close). Most distasteful was the type of people that are your neighbors. I am not fond of dirtbags of any stripe but I do find that those type of knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, child-wife beating welfare trash (of any color mind you) seem to be in great abundance down there and certainly make it real hard to stomach. If they would keep to robbing, abusing, beating each other it would be fine but they seem to relish wanting to share their lifestyle. Good Luck with them. They probably should have been drowned at birth but alas this is not a perfect world!
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