Monday, August 08, 2005
  The weekend
You saw what happened Friday night. Wooo, that was a good time.

Saturday, I spent the morning recovering, which mostly involved trying to drink water and complaining about my headache. Lucas made Donna & I breakfast and then I headed home to nurse myself back to the place where you are comfortable, say, leaving a dark bedroom. Then I called Alli & we decided to take a bike ride to the beach at around sunset and go hang out down there. Unfortunately, it started to pour right around the time she arrived, so instead we.. of course.. went out for Mexican. We managed to stay at that place for, um, like 3 hours. At least, I am pretty sure we put three hours worth of quarters in the meter and we had 4 minutes remaining when we got back. Alli is adorable.. If she weren't engaged, I'd be proposing domestic partnership right now. Alas, I have no mullet, so she probably wouldn't go for it anyway.

Sunday we were supposed to dive at 9 with Scubaboard. Alli announced before bed that she didn't think we'd make the dive. I woke up at 6 feeling horrendous (sick, not hungover, thank you very much) so figured I'd leave it to fate - if Alli or I woke up before the dive, we'd go. We both slept til 11. Whoops.

So we went for breakfast at IHOP and Alli fantasized at length about the guy who owned this car.

My bud Bethy is in town, and I was supposed to get together with her, but after the pancakes, I was still feeling pretty icky (" "). I called her to get permission to Manny out of the whole thing, since they're in town til Saturday. She was cool with it, so we're getting together tonight instead.

Get this - Saturday, after they arrived in MIA, Bethy & her husband Chris had a little while to kill in their convertible before they could check into their hotel. So they drove to Hollywood. "Went to a Publix." "Which Publix?" "The one by a huge roundabout." "THAT'S MY PUBLIX!!!!" Bethy was at my Publix! The best part is that I had just been there to get quarters - we missed each other by less than a half hour. Had I seen my friend who lives in ENGLAND at MY PUBLIX, I would've fainted.

Yesterday, just as I had settled in for an evening of doing nothing - as in, I had no food in the house so decided I just wouldn't eat dinner - I got a call from Lucas, who was in Hollywood. I had some things I needed his help with, so he came over. It was great having a man in the house, for a little bit! I had him open all my jars, kill a bunch of bugs, leave the toilet seat up.. He also got the flashlight open that NO ONE ELSE COULD. Yay, upper body strength! Then we went out for yummy Italian food and I spilled a glass of wine. I still can't get over the fact his family lives in Viroqua, that he's been there.. The accent is proof, but still. :)

The kittens are growing cuter every single day, I swear. I am taking pictures. Soon. I already dread the idea of giving them away, sending them into the unknown..

What else? Oh, Elliot is cute.

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