Wednesday, October 12, 2005
  bitch & moan
my current frustrations deal mainly with my home. and my car.  ha ha.
my bedroom closet is basically the only closet i have.  it's horrible.  the hangers go on these little um.. how to say.. well, slatted type thing.  which means you can't move a hanger once you put it in.  meaning, you can't do the normal sliding-the-hangers-to-look-for-something thing.  plus, it's very very dark.  so i can't move anything and i can't see anything.  my closet has totally just become unused at this point.. i keep everything in laundry baskets and separators.. it's horribly frustrating.  all i have for proper clothes storage besides those horrible hanger things is a plastic chest of drawers purchased at target for like $20.  and i can't get to it in the closet and it's too dark to see inside it anyway.
so this weekend i decided i needed to do something about it and went to kmart to find some type of organizer or something. 
sad realization?  i can't afford anything.  even at kmart.  I CANNOT SHOP AT KMART WITHOUT SOUL-SEARCHING!  ("do i really, really need this $8 storage container?")
yes, i am too poor to shop at kmart.  kmart is rungs below target, for sure, and even walmart, i think.
so anyway, i settled for a corner shelf for my bathroom for $7.
somehow it fell down the other day and a big nick was taken out of the paint.
beyond this, i've been trying to hang my things on my walls that i have.  i've been living at this apartment for six months and it still looks unlived in, mostly.  my walls are SUPER hard though.. so you can't use tacks.  and pounding nails in is serious business.  i tried tacking up my onion poster last night and the tacks wouldn't go in so i used NAILS (yes, i was that frustrated), but then the whole thing was uneven and bubbled up.
and i TRIED to put these cute thrift-store finds up the other night.. they are like decorative trivets.. had my camera been charged up, i so would've taken a picture.  it was so pathetic.  they were all uneven and some spaced an inch apart, others a half-inch.  it honestly made me crack up.  freaking living alone, without someone handy around.. agggh.. horrible!  all the hangable stuff just sits in piles around my place.
oh yeah, also, i got closet rods to improve matters.
the smallest of the rods they have does not fit, but only by about half an inch.  do you have ANY IDEA of how frustrating that is?  those rods were my salvation!  now i have to try to rig something up the LONG way in the closet rather than widthwise. 
and i don't have a chair to stand on.  and stepping stools cost too much.
bah. i get paid this week and am saying screw it all.  i've long said i can't afford to spruce up my place, except when i luck out thrifting, but it's now it started to affect my sanity, so i'm going to just go for it.  i'm buying the longer closet rod, some shelves for the bathroom ($10/piece) and some paint to make them match.  AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT WILL HELP ME MAKE MY PLACE MINE AND LIVEABLE
sorry to complain again, but luckily i think my funk is beginning to wear off.  i've had no energy lately, no desire to do anything.. as you've noticed from the lack of pics; i am no even excited by pictures anymore.  but last night i was up til 3 working on stuff.  so i think i'm emerging from the month-long funk.  it's just.. the apt. situation.. being poor.. i still have not dealt with the outdoor cats so have to avoid my landlord.  i just can't deal with the thought of separating them.  the brothers love each other and elvis loves them; they rub against each other as they walk ALL THE TIME.  and unless i can catch the three at once, they are going to be fixed/moved at different times.  so the thought comes back - why the hell do they have to go?  i love them, the cat lady loves them.. why not just let them live in peace?  :(
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