Friday, November 11, 2005
frustration! i went home yesterday, half sleeping, intending to go straight to bed.
(i had a little too much wine the night before and, being old, should not do that on weeknights anymore.)

instead, i got to have a heated argument with my landlord.
1. he is blaming me for the outdoor cats being there. they were all there when i moved in. and i have pictures to prove it. (i moved in april 1, took pics on april 8th because i thought they were cute.) as i told him, the only cat that has shown up since i've lived there is the black one. "oh, and that one is the one who hissed at me the other day like it was his territory." ah yes, my fault. and that's bullshit anyway. the cat is scared of people, but is not aggressive at all.. unless he was backed into a corner; then i would believe it and not blame the cat at all. and he keeps saying he's given me plenty of opportunity to get them outta here. why is it my responsibility? not to mention, i've tried. the cats trust me and the cat lady next door - we can pet them and pick them up, but as soon as a carrier is in view, they get skittish. they don't let themselves be caught. the one time we CAUGHT one, it fought so hard getting into the carrier that i had to let him go. i'm not going to risk a cat scratch like i got the once or hurting the cat because he got a bug up his ass about the cats beint there all of a sudden.
2. he is claiming i said i didn't have any pets when i moved in. ha ha ha ha ha! ed was standing right by me when i said yes, i have a kitten. landlord said he likes cats and he knows they don't really cause damage, so he just looks the other way when people have pets. also, before i adopted elliot, the shelter called to OK it with him. aggggh. i cannot believe people even bother trying to tell outright lies.

i hate drama. i hate confrontation. in my personal life, if i argue with people, i simply stop talking to them. easy! but this guy is my landlord. i try to be nice and i try to be respectful - as in, ok, it is your property, if you need the cats gone, let me help. and then i get more blame and more lies.

frustrating situation, to say the very least.

so now i'm trying to figure out what to do once my lease is up if this crap continues. i love living alone, but looking at the RE ads, i could get so much more for so much less if i just found some good roommates. i will never go back into a roommate situation with strangers, but if i could find someone i know is easy-going and respectful, i'd love to get a house. love, love, love. a yard, can you imagine? split 2 or 3 ways, a house would work out to much less than the $750 i pay now. now if i could just find some easygoing roommates!
You hate drama? Have you actually read your blog - your life is like a soap opera, just with cats.
You're such a good person to stand up for the cats. Your landlord sounds like a first class jackass. A house would be nice, but living alone is really nice too... decisions, decisions...

Have a good weekend!
i hate drama. i hate confrontation. in my personal life, if i argue with people, i simply stop talking to them. easy! but this guy is my landlord. i try to be nice and i try to be respectful - as in, ok, it is your property, if you need the cats gone, let me help. and then i get more blame and more lies.

Sounds like you don't actually get past anything - can't work through anything if you just disassociate with others. You know, when you are married, you'll fight and will have to not stop talking to them....nothing is perfect in this world
easy: i'm not going to marry an unreasonable asshole. not that i disown friends; rather, i choose to not make friends with difficult people who make my life stressful. or who hate cats. :)
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