Tuesday, December 06, 2005

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this is what came up on a tag search for 'moving'
ahh well, i guess it will do :)

so yes, i'm moving again. my sincere apologies to those of you that are using your addressbook's whole T section on me.

i've checked out a couple of places, and last night saw one in plantation via craigslist. it was a guy looking for a roommate. i'm very iffy on roommate situations, but luckily this guy seemed very friendly and well-adjusted. on top of that, he dives. and there are skylights. and it's $500 inclusive. and he's OK with my cats.

actually, the last thing is what we had to negotiate on. he has a lovely and large yard, so now all THREE kitties will get to come in and out.. at my current place, i don't want to let elliot out, as he has never had freedom and i don't know if my neighborhood is the best place to figure it out. but anyway, this guy has no cats and hasn't had them since he was a kid. he's iffy on the idea of having them inside. luckily, they love to be outdoors.. and i said if he doesn't like it, he can always kick me out. that seemed to satisfy him and we're going ahead with it.
really, i can't imagine the cats will ever want to be inside except to sleep or eat. and when they're there and sleeping, they want to be RIGHT BY ME. i think the guy may even grow to like them. :) elliot may have to wear a collar, though; i'm not sure if he's a hunter or not.

i will have to again enter the world of those who have to drive.. honestly, i think it's been two or so weeks since i've had to buy gas. *after consulting calendar, i am 99% sure the last time i bought gas was 11/11. weird, huh? but it's not that far away at all and the gym is much closer to this guy's house so i may actually use it routinely. as i've been meaning to. as i need to. uff-da.

this is good news. i actually have settled back into my house, avoiding the landlord and neighbor at all costs.. but i don't want to live like that, scared of my neighbor. oh, and the landlord trapped fluffy last night AGAIN. i got home from work and fluffers was in a trap again, stinking of sardines (only mildly this time). anyway, after thinking of how much i'm spending by living alone and how much life would be better if i wasn't having to count down the days til the next paycheck, i put in my notice to move and crossed my fingers. i'm glad i found a place that i like and am not settling for.

the future roommate is going on holiday from xmas - jan. 6, so i'll even get time to settle in and get the cats acclimated to the new environment without worrying they'll try to eat off his plate or something. squirtguns work amazingly well when trying to train cats. two days of that and elliot has stopped trying to take my sandwiches away from me; instead, he just sits and stares at me.

in other news, i went to the dermatologist today as my skin has been freaking out lately and it's maddening. we'll see how that works. three medications.. it should do something, right?

it's hard for you to dominate the T section of my address book, as it's all electronic... oh, and also because i don't (yet?) have your new/newer address... please?
good luck with moving! And since I haven't had your address in I don't know how long, its not a problem. Plus outlook is great for that, you just have to type in the new one!
ahh! glad to get an update, i was just about to email and check on yo quiet ass. Sounds like a good deal - i hope the new place works out. email a bitch the new address for your christmas card, which will no doubt be late...but that don't mean i don't love ya. i just always forget they have to cross an ocean.
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