Tuesday, January 17, 2006
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DOH!, originally uploaded by jamin and cri.

Last night, I went to Target. I took out $140 from the ATM, intended to be my money for the week. (I've imposed a budget.)

I went up to pay for my hummingbird feeder and soup and discovered I had exactly $7 (and change) in my purse. I started freaking out, checking all my pockets, ripping my purse apart.. I finally told the cashier that I'd have to come back.

I went over to the ATM and stared at it. It sunk in: I left my money in the ATM. I couldn't believe it. Could I really do something that dumb? I wondered. But I couldn't remember actually taking the money. Aggh!

I kept thinking, 'What can I do?' ATMs always have cameras, but it'd hardly be a criminal offense to take money out of an ATM that some airhead had forgotten there.

So I'm standing there, the contents of my purse emptied on the customer service counter, thinking exactly how bad LOSING $140 was going to be for my personal finances. "That's nearly my plane ticket home!"

That's when a lady walked up with a little boy and said, "Did you leave your money there?" "Yes?" She handed over a wad of cash. "My son found it and gave it to me. We were taking it to the security guard."

Wow, right? Wow. I gave the kid a $20. His eyes lit up and he said, "Thank you," even as his mom tried to give it back. Very cute.

So anyway, I feel very lucky. And very much like I should not be allowed to handle money. Whee!

You were too damn lucky; most people would rob it. giving a kid $20 was a kind thing to do; after returning you the money. ;)

The Rockers Cabin
Wow is right! Hard to believe there are honest people still out there. I'm guessing it was a young kid. Most teenagers would just walk off with it!
Dumb blondes......hmmm....
that's awesome! i was a park once on a tour and dropped my wallet. when we got back from the tour some woman came up and asked me if i was allison. i was like.. "yea...." and she gave me my wallet that i didn't even know was missing. her kid looked pissed because he was the one that found it. i tried to give him a $10, but his mom wouldn't let him, then he looked real pissed. i said thank you and walked away.
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