Monday, March 20, 2006
  Cat / Tortoise Lady
Kitten was stalking Wailey before I took this picture. When she got right up next to him, she decided the leaf he had just passed was more interesting than he was.. Praise jesus that tortoises can't hold cats' attention.

What an event-less weekend!

Wailey was still sniffly when I woke up (early) on Saturday. (Happily, I wasn't; I went to bed Friday night convinced I was getting sick and felt A-OK the next day!) Everything I’ve read about tortoises says to not mess around when they have respiratory problems, so I went on a vet-open-available hunt and found a Dr. Cane in Lauderhill. An unmentionable vet bill later, the poor guy had three injections (and ten more I have to do over the next two weeks!), a nose swab, and an overall very unpleasant experience. He spent the rest of the day smartly tucked in his shell. He’s such a perfect little impenetrable package when he pulls those legs in, it’s amazing.

Wailey seems to be very stubborn when it comes to staying someplace warm. It’s 80 or so in my room anyway, but when reptiles are sick, you’re supposed to keep them extra warm. He won’t cooperate. He keeps hiding under the bed, so I said, “Fine!” and put a heat lamp UNDER the bed. Then he came out. Aggh. We reached a compromise last night when I stuck him next to me in bed and covered him with a comforter. That way, he was at least kind of close to me and could benefit from my body heat but felt like he was hidden away. I can’t wait to get pics of he and Bjorn together but can’t risk it until Wailey feels 100% better.

Saturday I got to play charity case. Ed had a dresser and a nightstand to get rid of and knew I was in the market, so I got his.. Thank gosh. My room was such an unfriendly little environment before. It’s much better now. Phew.

I think that’s about it. I missed out on a good day of diving, but got a much-needed social reprieve.. and was even home right in time for Law & Order: Criminal Intent. :)

Stacy you need to go to school to be a vet. You might as well unless you win the lottery. They provide a valuable service but they aren't free. That or win the lottery!

BTW the turtle is cute.

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