Monday, March 06, 2006
  weekend report

IMAX, originally uploaded by estacey.

hello to everyone! sorry i been quiet! busy as usual!

friday night, i got to spend the evening in bed, nursing a migraine.

saturday, i woke up and played around with the kitties a bit and then drove down to homestead to go to the fruit & spice park. mark & i met some of his friends to go to an asian festival.. i got myself some yummy bangladeshi food and a lovely succulent plant that i nearly killed in the car on the way home. then it was off to the main street cafe for a tofu & avocado sandwich.

sunday, i actually went diving! against all odds! (well, against alex's 2-1 odds anyway.) i was ON TIME, even. i bundled up in my 3-mm. wetsuit, my ?-mm. farmer jane ebay special, and alli's hooded vest on top of that. i was a special sight.. alex should have pics somewhere. the last time i went was, dear god, september 11. that's five months out of the water!

i was worried i'd be a disaster, or at least a disaster on air, but i felt pretty normal. no huge sightings.. the usual eels, pretty fishies, baby sharpnose puffer, little stingray, adorable crabs.. i found a nice big, empty conch shell that was sitting on its side, empty, but a juvenile fish of some type seemed to be taking refuge in it, so i had to leave it be.

i got pretty cold probably a half-hour in, but eventually i went numb and was able to stay down for 87 minutes, when i surfaced and swam in due to a quickly shrinking supply of air..

matt said i was a stroke to mark, referring to me and my tendency to wander off during a dive. the only time that happend this dive was on the swim back in, which wasn't intentional.. more of a mis-guess on the direction we were headed. i think i need to learn navigation better so i can just solo dive and not have to worry about that kind of unwanted critique when i surface. if i'm not an air hog, then i gotta be something, right? i hate being a burden on people..

i'm feeling a hankerin' to go camping this weekend somewhere, but all the spots i've looked up are taken. i blame the canadians.

oh, then after the dive, we went to the new imax movie - deep ocean 3D. i've been to a few imax 3-D movies before, and this had to have been the best. it was like an interesting nature special, but in 3-D. as opposed to a seemingly made-up special, just to showcase 3-D.

hey, kids, it's officer snook!

then we all wandered riverfront for a bit, looking like tourists except for me, because what northerner would walk around carrying a blanket when it's 70something out? and then i got to rinse my gear and nap whilst watching law & order.

that's about it!

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