Friday, March 31, 2006
  Who doesn't love a trip to the shelter?

Puppy, with scabies, originally uploaded by estacey.
I go every now and then. I still obsessively check the website in case Fluffy turns up, but so many of the cats don't have accompanying pictures..
It's always sad.
I've tried to volunteer there. I show up and am told there are too many volunteers that Saturday. Too many people working off community service hours, I guess. In any case, I think I'm going to try to establish some official relationship with the shelter. One whose official description is that I can come in and play with the animals. Maybe take some better pictures of them for the website.
Volunteering to play with the animals may sound silly, but about every other cat I walk by starts rubbing against the side of its cage, doing happy paws. The dogs all start to wag their tails when you just look at them.
I think playtime for these guys is overlooked but very necessary.
I always walk out of the shelter crying and wanting to take them all home with me. That may be why I just stopped going
It is tough, and you want to adopt them all. The thing is here in Florida is to get people educated, and tell them to fix their animals, that its not cute for their dogs to have puppies, also shut down the puppie mills, and tell folks if they want a pure breed not to buy one, that they are also at the pound, and that older dogs are just as good if not better. Our senior dog Bear has been here two years and its a joy. He is a good friend to Sparky. And just a few weeks ago I found a Silky Terrier in the street with his leash on him! Ads on craigslist, and the Herald to no avail. Needless to say the ten pound wonder found a home here, and while Minky didn't like being fixed its the responsible thing to do. So now I have a full pack! My two cents, take care Stacey - Brian
Stacey, the Humane Society of Greater Miami is always looking for volunteers, including people to just come and play with the animals. Let me know and I can put you in touch with the right persons. Check out their website:
Hi Stacey,

I volunteer with Broward County Care and mother is the vet tech there and we are always looking for help, specially in the summertime and in the clinic as well! I go into work next Tuesday, the 11th. I will talk to some people and show them your blog...the pictures you take could be very useful to us! You have a wonderfull heart ^^

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