Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Reaching Shadow, originally uploaded by thepres6.

So this weekend, I did the Beach Boot Camp thing again (easier this time!).. yes, up at 7 a.m. TWO SATURDAYS IN A ROW! By choice!

Balu came sailing with us this time, so I got to ride in his Fiat.. Actually, I've ridden in it once or twice before, but never before during the day, so it was nice.. It's all modified for racing, so it has this crazy four-strap safety belt which literally took me three minutes to figure out the first time I tried to put it on. Every time I put that thing on, I think of Brian Regan's bit, "Click-click-clickety-click!" You know, how you know you're not the most popular person in the car if you're stuck in the back. How in the back, you only have that waist strap, but how everyone in the front is prepared for space travel.. OK, so you have to hear it for it to be funny. Do so in person, if possible:

Anyway, it was a PERFECT day for sailing. Seriously, perfect. Sunny, but not too sunny. Windy, but not too windy. Just perfect. :)

I'm in charge of organizing the sailing now, so if you happen to be in South Florida and want to give it a try, please email me. I'm trying to get both an afternoon and evening sail going this Saturday..

I mentioned to Balu on Saturday on the lovely drive how we've had such perfect weather lately. "Seriously, it's been ages since we've had a rainy, ugly day." The rain began Sunday. D'oh! I forgot to knock on wood. So now we're scheduled for more all the way through the end of the forecast - Saturday. Joy!

There was another Fluffy-lookin' cat at the shelter yesterday, so I ran in. It wasn't him, of course; it was a poor little feral cat. I noticed the other Fluffy-lookin' cat was still there so I went to place a FOUND ad in the newspaper today for her, but when I went to find her ID number on, she was no longer listed on the shelter website. Aggh. Hopefully that just means her owners found her. I did get to see a sweet-looking doggy I had noticed before being reunited with his owner. She was walking out of the shelter, a big smile on her face, fake scolding the dog, "You don't know what a bad weekend we had! You don't know how much we love you!" I had tears in my eyes. :)

While I was there, I completely fell in love with this girl. Since Fluffy ain't coming back (I'm starting to accept this), maybe Balu would be open to me getting another cat..? Probably not, though. So I wonder if Bethy would mind if I shipped her over...

was the doggy that was reunited with her owner the sad puppy who made me cry? please say it was the sad puppy who made me cry!

the link for the kitty cat you mentioned doesn't work, just takes you to a list of all the animal shelters. :(

you know, i don't know about the shipping of animals between countries. i think they have to have passports now, and stay in quarantine. or i would totally say to send thor and scaredy!
nope, sorry.. but i'm sure the other guy found his owner just fine too.

i can't get the cat link to work. even the one i had the site SEND me won't work. grr. it's the little grey cat named fairy.

i'm so glad you're getting a cat!!! :)
Ahh, she is a cutie!!
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