Friday, April 28, 2006
  tortoises, cats, diving, blah blah blah
i have a hard time figuring out how much wailey needs to eat.  i figure there's a possibility he's getting too much food, but if so he'll soon pork out (tortoises do -- you just have to know where to look for it) and i'll know to cut back..
in the meantime, he gets something to eat every other day.  he ate yesterday, but since i left a salad out for them before i went to work, i didn't get to see them finish it.  which means i don't know how ravenously it was polished off.  which means i had to feed them again today, you know, just in case.
unfortunately, bjorn is a little jerk.  he's going through a phase, you know.  he wants nothing but mazuri pellets and fruit.  "eat the greens, you little brat!"  but he never does.  i think i have to start separating he & wailey at mealtime and give bjorn something especially finely chopped.
so anyway, tonight they had a big bed of dandelion greens covered in mazuri pellets, which had been mushed with apple juice.  it's a treat.  i had to set bjorn outside the enclosure with just some greens that had a TINY bit of the pellet on them.  i let wailey eat most of the rest of the pellets, then stuck bjorn back in to help finish.  well.  this is something i have to observe closely.  wailey is awfully big in comparison, you know.  i wouldn't want him to eat bjorn's head by mistake or anything.  the other way around, it's quite funny, though.  wailey was wearing a bit of the pellet when bjorn spotted it.  bjorn kept trying to eat the pellet residue off wailey's foot.  wailey would get annoyed at the pinch and move his foot. while continuing to eat, of course.  bjorn would move in on that tasty foot yet again.  it was pretty funny to watch.  and i'm sure it was enthralling to read about.
the cats are stuck inside during the daytime nowadays due to the fact that two tiny little doves look like they're going to try to fly any day now.  i thought the kit cats would be clawing at the walls by now, but they seem pretty okay with it.  they've just upped naptime from 20 hours a day to 22 hours a day.  the other two hours are spent locating me and/or crying for treats.  the honestly follow me everywhere, it's hilarious.  then once in a while during the night, they go outside.  i can only guess it's to make sure i will have a dead lizard waiting for me on the porch when i get up in the morning.  it's part of my daily routine by now, you know, like going to fetch the newspaper.  except way grosser.
weather sux for diving this weekend.  so it looks as if i'll be on the sailboat.  thank god for backup outdoor activities.  :)   oh, wait, it says 3-5 now.  it was, like, 8-10 before.  hmm.
What happens when a tortoise gets too fat? I would imagine his shell would become very uncomfortable.
I used to have pet tortoises, they're neat. My dogs would make short work of one, though...
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