Monday, May 29, 2006
  weekend report
saturday, after recovering from my morning workout, AND OH MY GOD WAS IT HUMID OUT, i spent the day cleaning the house (in my undies), eating watermelon in the backyard (in my undies), and watering plants (you guessed it). why i don't just turn on the a/c, i dunno either.

then, just in case i wasn't going to be sore enough already, i did a nice 30-minute run/lungefest and came home to do more jumping jacks and pushups in the backyard. alli came over and we went to azteca for dinner (mmmm, breaking my vegetarian diet to eat yummy little garlic-covered shrimp) and margaritas.

alli sang 'i touch myself' by the divinyls

alli singing 'i touch myself' by the divinyls

then i sang a dixie chicks' favorite, goodbye earl.

me singing 'goodbye earl' by las dixie chicks

then we went to this little bar down the street that balu used to insist was a strip club until, during a jog, i peeked my head inside. no strippers, just lots and lots of mexicans. so alli and i went there for a post-nightcap nightcap. i left her to go use the restroom once we got in for free despite the $10 cover.. she didn't want to come along, which i thought was really brave of her. when i came back out, she had, like, four little men surrounding her. we made our way to a table. the men followed. more men, more men. i remember what mexico was like, so i wasn't too surprised. "just be happy you're not getting your ass grabbed," i told alli, who seemed really disturbed by the whole thing. "i did, when you were in the bathroom." "oh." d'oh. i was up for a bit of dancing, thanks to the 1.5 margaritas and my absolute zero tolerance for alcohol anymore, whether it was with her or a roofer named juan, but she wanted to go home, so we did. it was really a pretty stressful darn 10 minutes in a bar.

alli and this guatamalteco who wanted to touch her ass

this is alli and some guy that wanted me to make sure i got a good pic of the two of them. see how she's wearing a wedding ring? weird, huh? yep, she's mrs. oliveri now.

sunday we had a nice dive down in lbts. LOTS OF LITTLE CREATURES. also, some big ones. did i see a dolphin? a shark? i dunno. i did see tarpon. i did see lots of crabs. tiny fish. egg-carrying jawfish. it was great.

sunday night ed came over. he's leaving for san francisco to do the triathlon on thursday so i wanted to see him before to wish him luck. i'm really just so, so proud - of how much he's accomplished and how hard he's worked to get there. i made him spaghetti squash with pesto and fake chicken, which i gathered he wasn't too big a fan of. but that's ok, for he had kitten to torture.

ed torturing poor kitten
he probably misses that.

today was work.
i got free stuff today by showing up, which rocked.
free food! woo!
this is all organic stuff, if you can imagine.. and look at those boxes! they're full of 12 & 24 snack bars. how perfect & awesome!

tonight, i tagged along with ed for one of his ocean swims. he looks great. really, just stop-and-stare (and smile) great. (yes, i'll be that middle-aged lady groping the male stripper at la bare in a few years. blame it on repression.) we're a full year post breakup now, so i think it's okay for me to talk like that about him. i can now sexually harass him in a friendly way, right? if that's not possible, then matt hoe has some 'splainin' to do.

anyway, it was really nice - the water was calm and gorgeous. we saw a stingray and a barracuda, which was cool. it felt awesome. but, my god, am i ever out of swimming shape. i had my dive fins on and still couldn't even sort of keep up with ed, who was going bare footed. i was a mile behind the whole time. i had to keep switching to swimming on my back so i could gasp in air like a goddamn fish on the deck of a boat. but we swam a mile and something..

then we walked up to las olas to check up on the monday night beach boot camp class.

the colonel and his, um, troops?
have a seat!

i got to see the spinning guy.
the spinning guy, still spinning
he was spinning for an hour that we witnessed. he has a little walkman and just spins and spins. he's sort of a beach fixture, from what i gather.

then the sun finished its setting routine and i came home.

the beach at sunset :)
it's great that florida is the way it is - a monday night, so lovely and perfect.

that's the recap of my last couple of days! now it's time to go do a run to feed my little motel strays! :)
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