Saturday, June 17, 2006
  checkin' in
i've been a busy girl


thursday night, ed invited me to do a run with him at plantation's central park. despite it being pretty close to my house, i'd never been there before, so was happy to check it out. while ed did track laps, i ran the trail going around the park, past the little lake.. it was really neat. there are a few burrowing owls that choose to live at the park, standing guard outside their burrows, despite the hoardes of soccer hooligans and their over-made-up moms.

ain't they cute?

last night was an ocean swim. i had fins and a wetsuit on, ed wore neither, so i was able to keep up a bit better this time. no horrible gasping for air! yay! :) it was really nice out there.. viz was bad, but i could still make out a puffer or a parrotfish here and there, and was started by a huge tarpon. anytime you happen across a five-foot-long something in the ocean, it makes you jump, even if you realize within a half-second that it's something big and harmless.

today was boot camp. VERY HARD today, thanks to the fact that i'm still sore from the gym the other night and that the humidity was roughly the same in the sand that it would've been underwater. the colonel toned down the cardio for us, luckily.. i coped by drenching my hair with water. this mile of hair that can be so annoying sometimes surely does come in handy when it's hot out.

i had my swim stuff still in the car from last night, so i hopped in the water after boot camp and coffee. the water has cleared up and is just GORGEOUS. unfortunately, a lifeguard rekindled my dislike for authority figures by tugging on my fin (i didn't know he was there!) and telling me i wasn't allowed to go out to the buoys. arrrrrgh. that's where it's fun to swim, because you can actually see things underwater. he said the furthest swimmers without bcs, flags, and a buddy are allowed is halfway between the shore and the buoy. wtf? grr.

i'll bring my dive flag next time. maybe then they'll let me enjoy my swim!

it seems like every time you go swimming in the ocean, you end up with little fishies swimming under you. today, it was a baby snapper (maybe). no matter how many times i tried to CATCH him, he would just dart away to avoid my hands and then re-plant himself just under my chest. then a friend joined him. fish tend to do that.. like, if you have a huge gathering of kelp in the water, it will start a dense community of fishies taking refuge under the shadows of the plants. i remember on a nature show once, a bunch of fish were gathered under an orange that had fallen off a ship in the middle of nowhere. an orange! even though it's more of a camouflage, it makes me giggle to think that they're hanging out by the orange because, hey, it's something. it's a landmark. a watermark, rather. you know, a convenient place to meet up with your fishy friends. :)

i love the fishies swimming under me, but then i always feel so bad leaving the water.. to make it worse, they follow you the whole way in.. today i was in waist-high water, taking off my fins, and the fishies were still there. 10 feet in from shore and they were still there. i just hoped they wouldn't flap out of the water to follow me in the sand.

i didn't see one of these or anything, but they're certainly cuter than baby snappers.

great pool:

time to go take a nap, assuming i can sleep in this heat.
Hi, there!
Came across your blog searching for "ocean swim"... you were 1st!

Great pictures, I mean, really great pictures! I've got a website about Hawaii beaches if you're interested. Hopefully, I'll be adding more about diving in Hawaii... it's not something I do anymore so it's a little harder to get pictures.

Keep up the great postings!


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