Thursday, June 22, 2006
  nope, not fluffy
I figured it wouldn't be, but had to check.
While I was at the shelter today at lunch, I absolutely fell in love with a pretty little kitty.  It happens every time.  She danced by the bars to her cage, doing that paw thing, while I rubbed her chin.  Aww.
The thing that got me today was that there was a set of cats, a boy and a girl, obviously siblings.  They were tucked away in the corner of their cage, looking sad.  I looked at their little info sheet and saw that they had been surrendered by their owner, today.  They had similar names, were fixed..  These were pets.  Two years old.  I felt so bad, thinking of how scared my cats get at the vet's office.  Cats just are not good outside their comfort zone... And that lady's house, wherever it was, was their comfort zone for the past couple of years.  I'm guessing.  And now they were at the shelter with a release signed by their former "mama" saying that yes, she knew that they would be put down.  That was okay. 
They're competing with the kittens, so lord knows what will happen to them.. It's so unfair.  :(
Poor babies. :( I can't imagine abandoning mine. Some people are just hearless.
Don't worry about these cats =D They have already been checked and will be put up for adoption on monday.

I don't know whay people think we are so horrible. We adopt out so many animals on a daily basis. And when animals are surrendered, they are checked by the clinic and put back up for adoption. We have wooly-bully there now who has been with us for over a year...he's a desructive chewer. =(

but yeah, don't look at things so badly, I can tell you many a wonderfull story about animals we have saved, and save on a daily basis.

-Jen, BCAC
Jen - Thanks for looking & for commenting! It's not that I think shelters are bad.. It's just that I don't understand why cats that were pets have to end up there. Or how someone could give up their pets to a place that acknowledges that they could put them down if space required it. It's sad to me that these animals depend on us and we consistently let them down.

So it's not that I think BCAC is awful - quite the opposite. Thank god these cats have somewhere to go. I just wish people were better about finding their own cats homes when they are as obviously sweet, friendly, and pet-worthy as some of those surrendered kitties were..

Email me sometime. The mail-me link is on my site. Thanks!
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