Saturday, August 05, 2006

see my flickr for a couple more pics of this guy - wow.
he rode by on his bike today while we were working out and the whole class stopped - "what was THAT?" some of us had gotten a view of him from the front so assured the rest, yes, he was actually wearing something on his lower half.. even though you can't tell from the back.

i guess around christmastime, he came out to the beach wearing elf shoes and christmas bells dangling from his thong. phew.

the best part was when i saw him put on his crocs!!!!

anyway, i actually went out to dinner last night, stayed out past midnight, had a few drinks, and STILL made it to boot camp this morning. :D

after boot camp, we had breakfast at the cafe across the street. i heard a "stacey!" from behind me and there were ed and his parents, ed & sally. at the table right behind ours! it's been a long time since i had seen them.. and i really liked them.. so it was a nice surprise. i was touched to have sally ask how the new job was going - how did she know? :) they're so sweet. i was happy to get to give them a hug and a kiss before going on my way and let them get back to admiring the ocean and the nearly naked guy...

last night was nice; i got a tour of my old neighborhood. now why is it that i lived at the condo for years but never checked out the little bar down the street? it's full of mulleted mexican guys and old queens! i definitely missed out.

oh, and hey, i got a new camera. i just got my taxes back (little-known fact: the april 15th deadline only applies if YOU owe the gov't money, rather than the other way around).. i did responsible stuff with most of it, but indulged myself a little with the camera purchase.. i just hate not having a camera. the old camera will cost $150 to fix anyway, so i got a new one and now, when i get the other fixed (soon!), it can be my back-up.. and i can actually take it on dives without freaking out that i may ruin my only beloved camera.

old camera
haha.. look at the battery door! and the memory door is being held closed with tape. i don't know how i managed to break either; all i know is that it happened at the toby keith concert. i'm going to try to wear the wrist strap with the new one to prevent any drinking-and-photographing accidents.

the new camera is basically my old camera, but a little smaller, lighter, less ghetto.. i'm just starting to break it in now. i wish i would've taken some more pics last night though. dammit.

Stacy I am glad you got a new camera. I was at St Augustine on Sunday and visited a shop with a camera section. I got a high pressure sales pitch on a little cannon with a display almost the size of the back. That was a sweet camera and I was amazed that it was a 10 megapix with tones of options and the guy went down to 399 trying to sell it to me with a 2 gig card. I'd like to keep my underwater camera just for underwater shots but my wife came in and got me away just before I got my card out of my wallet, Its amazing to me how fast they are changing and how much you get for your money.
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