Wednesday, September 27, 2006
  Still. Frustrated.
Oh, I’m so pissed. So I was supposed to meet the lady at the store at 7:30. She got there at nearly 8. Turns out she's driving in from Boca, so you have to sympathize. Then had to talk to some foster mom lady. Then she starts showing me what we have to do. Then some potentially interested lady comes and talks to us, only it’s very obvious that the lady is not really interested and instead just wants to talk about herself, a lot. The lady who was “training” me went to talk to her outside the cat room, leaving me alone and unsure of what to do. Finally, after I had been there for an hour, I started to get concerned – after all, we were supposed to be outta there by 9. So just started cleaning cages. I found out later I was using the wrong newspaper, the wrong cleaning spray, putting the newspaper in the cages wrong.... Anyway, when I got to only having the kitten cage left, which I didn’t dare to open, I went to get her. By this time, mind you, I am past the sniffling stage and into the wheezing one. Not being able to breathe makes me panic – I neeeeeeeeded to get outta there.

But we weren’t done. Wanna know what time I got out of there? 10 p.m. The store was closed and everything. I was so, so, so pissed off. It was to take an hour TOPS. She should not have kept me there – she should’ve explained the process and told me to leave. But I knew because she waited so long that she wouldn’t get it done by herself. So, yeah, 2.5 hrs to clean 9 cages, plus another 45 minutes to travel there and back. I am so not impressed. At least I’ll be there by myself tomorrow night and get it done with and out of there before I start trying to remember where my inhaler is.

Anyway, the cats are cute. You gotta feel for them, stuck in the cage all day long. We let a few out to play.. a couple that look just like my Elliot that just loved to be held. They’re doing a good thing, trying to find these babies homes.

I got home and was basically mad at the world, knowing I had so much to do and the night was shot. I was not mad at Kitten, however, and picked her up and cuddled with her while she made mad, devil noises. It got me to thinking - I don't know if I have ever been so grumpy that I've not felt warmed when I saw one of my critters. The mood may come back once I set them down, but it never affects me loving on my babies. So what is it about them? There's probably something to this, but I'm too tired to give it any more thought tonight. I just hope that someday I have a person that I am as unconditonally fond of, although when I feel compelled to squeeze them, as I do Kitten, I hope he can manage to make a slightly less annoyed face than she does. :)

OK, I'm showered and in bed now, hoping the drowsy allergy meds will allow me to wake up feeling well again tomorrow. Wish me luck!

/end rant - Sorry about that, but this is what blogs are for sometimes, right?
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