Monday, September 11, 2006

Three sets of gear out to dry, originally uploaded by estacey.

Here is the customary weekend recap.

Hmm.. Saturday was waking up early for a jog. An EIGHT-MILE JOG! I didn't intend for it to be an eight-mile jog, but it was around the time that I could've caught the Beach Boot Campers at St. Bart's Cafe, and that was four miles away.. Chris said he'd just come pick me up in the car so I wouldn't have to jog back. Once we got there, St. Bart's was closed (??) and I felt fine to keep on going (after catching my breath in the shade).

On the way back, we had to stop at about every other beach shower so I could soak my head with cool water; it was HOT. And I was pretty over the whole thing during the last mile, but until then I was fine. Next time I figure I'll turn around at the 3-mile mark so I do 6 miles instead.

I'm impressed with Chris for letting me set the pace, probably doubling the amount of time he takes to do his 8-mile run. In the words of Destiny's Child: what a mighty, mighty good man.

The rest of Saturday was, hmm.. a blur? Playing with the dogs, taking gear in to get serviced, coming home to play with the cats and do an hour-long headache-ridding routine. This involves 2 Excedrin, 1 Aleve, 1 cooling patch for my forehead, 1 ice pack, 1 bottle water, 1 US Weekly, and 1 couch. I highly recommend those cooling patches, by the way. (And the routine was a success!) Then out for Mexican at Cielito Lindo (ay, ay, ay, ay) with Chris & his sister.

Chris ate too much Mexican.
Chris enjoyed the meal immensely.

Sunday morning was a dive! It was supposed to be the whole gang, but the Hoes went and got pregnant on us (seriously, the nerve) and everyone else was confused about the meeting spot, so it was just me, Chris, & his sister behind Chris's parents' condo. The rest of the folks were a half-mile north. The viz wasn't so great, which only bothered me because I wanted Patty to have a good dive. It was a gorgeous day, though. :) And it's always nice to get in the water.. Those dives are so.. they're just so relaxing now. Like a walk in butta, I'm tellin' ya! A walk where you get to see cute crabs and cool fish and a nurse shark every now and then. :)

Not much else was noteworthy. Lots of being lazy yesterday afternoon, feeling like I needed a nap most of the day. Playing with the dogs. Suffering through football. (Seriously, did you ever see that coming? Yeah, neither did I. And I still don't get it.)

Saturday is Alli's birthday, so we're going out in her 'hood to some Peruvian place and then off for an old-fashioned "benda" as she likes to call them. That should be fun!

Stray Mamacat moved her kittens to...??? Mamacat moved her kittens to under the bed. So no pictures for a while. Dammit. I figure if I'm providing the food and the water and all the worrying, I should at least get pictures out of the whole deal. Apparently my opinion is in the minority, however. And we all know that the cats are always right. Hmpf.

That's it for today's update!

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