Friday, October 20, 2006
  Another day, another two cats

Cat lady on Parliament Hill, originally uploaded by XtinaM.

Seriously, I'm not a cat lady. No, really.

I mean, I help geckos and stuff too. When I used to find them in my old office building, I'd give them drops of water and warm them up before I sent them on their way.

I like dogs. I play tug with Chris's doggy Sebastian much longer than I would like. I let Gretchy like me every now and then. I give Buddy treats even though he's a little slow and can't really follow commands.

I bring veggies over for the bunny when I remember.

Come to think of it, in my years as an amateur animal rescue person, I’ve helped and/or taken in knight anoles, a basilisk lizard, Florida tree rats, a possum, a dove, a tangled-up pelican, a crippled blackbird, a starling, mystery baby birds, mice, a beautiful one-eyed cardinal, dogs, pool-trapped frogs, tick-infested toads, a box turtle, uhh.. tarantulas (no, really).. Okay, I think that’s it. If I could just go to Australia for a while, think of how this list would expand! So anyway, it’s not all about the cats!

But, yeah, overwhelmingly it seems like my life is filled with cats.

I caught the other two cats from under the shed tonight. It was really easy. I just bribed them with wet food, then sat back until they were comfortable eating. Then I picked them up. Then they fought me, but I held on. Then the nice Indian man who owns the motel where they lived helped me put them in the cage.

And, you know, bless that family. They've been so decent to these cats. It's what everyone should do; everyone should be decent. But so many people aren't that it really seems like it's praiseworthy when someone acts with a kind heart.

So anyway, they're here in my room now. Not so happy to be in a little dog crate (I bought a collapsible one at Wal-Mart for $15 so they'd have some more room than in the good dog crate Chris loaned me), but dealing. Eating, pooping, cuddling. It's all good. I have to get them vaccinated, wait a week, then I can take them into the Petsmart to get adopted out! In the meantime, I have to do my best to convince them that humans are a-ok. I think my daily visits helped a lot, though; these guys are scared of me, yes, but shit - I got close enough to pluck them up. The other kitten that was living there when I first started feeding there honestly wouldn't let me get within 20 feet.

I'm super tired now; after catching the two little guys, I had to go to Petsmart to do litter duty. I really actually kinda enjoy that little routine.. I could go without the stinky stuff and the whole getting home so late thing, but I really.. well, I don't mind it, even when I'm tired. I guess it's good to feel useful, to feel like you're helping out. Plus, it's nice to see the cats I know, and good to see when some are gone as that may mean they were adopted out.

Sailing this weekend with the Grounders; that should be fun.

Okay, time to go in a coma for precisely six hours and 10 minutes. :)

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