Tuesday, October 31, 2006
  Happy Halloween!

Beautiful Hooters gal, originally uploaded by sistakind.

(alli took this pic at fantasy fest!)

Finally, it’s here! Target sold out of the doggy costumes long ago – they were only $9.99! So I didn’t get to get them costumes, but they still had little head-cover things, so the dogs get to be a dinosaur, a lobster and, um, I forget. I’ll get pictures, for sure.

I wanted to wear something to answer the door for the kids.. I was thinking scuba diver. Wet my hair down with conditioning oil, talk through my snorkel… Instead, I’ll be a doctor, because it’s easy and because it’ll be more comfortable – I can even wear my crocs!

On another note, I actually got up early today. Early enough to go for a run, care for the critters, even actually PET them, finish laundry, etc. It was awesome! Of course, I was still not ready when 8:30 rolled around, and ran out the door with a towel on my head, a plum in my mouth, and wet workout clothes in hand (“Do I have any in the car? Better take these in case!”). So, in related news, my car is getting seriously out of hand. It’s becoming my primary closet, I tell ya. And a drying rack as well. Whee.

OK, time to go carve a pumpkin and dress up the dogs!

On an entirely different note, this weekend we went to have drinks with a friend Chris had visiting from out of town and some of her friends. She used to live here and moved to Houston right around the time Chris & I met. At one point, it came out that she tried to get Chris to move to Texas, too, that she was trying to make it a condition of her new employment that Chris would be there as well, at x salary, etc. Luckily, he was not interested.

When this came out, just the idea of him moving.. before I even met him.. I could feel a sort of.. I dunno.. quick ache in my chest. You all know the feeling, I'm sure. I had to lean over and whisper, "I'm glad you didn't move to Houston."

Butterfly flapping its wings in China, you know; you gotta be thankful that the things that have happened and haven't happened have led us to have things in our lives that we're happy about.

Had I never found Kitten in the bushes 2+ ago, I probably never would've learned how to get my allergies in check and had these blessed little furry things around.

Had I never visited Florida as a teenager, I probably never would call this lovely (over-priced, traffic-laden, grumble, grumble) place my home.

Had Dawny's mom never called my mom and said, "Let's get these two together," I wouldn't have her as such a good friend.

I could go on and on, but I gotta go.. :)

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