Sunday, December 10, 2006
  what a sleepy, sleepy saturday

slept in, then got up and leisurely played with my little food processor, making a little raw fruit pie and mixin' up the food for the tortoises.

i buy these exceptionally yummy raw fruit pies from glaser organics (via whole foods) all the time. they're like $5.99 a piece, which sucks. and they're small! but they're so good, and only contain fruit & nuts,so they're healthy for you. i did my own today - for a "crust" i mixed a handful of soaked almonds with four or five medjool dates. processed. smooshed with a spatula onto the bottom of two bowls. i think this is the key - this stuff is so yummy. dates are excellent for sweetening stuff up.

for the filling, i used a banana, a mango, some raspberries, and some blueberries. processed, then divided into the two bowls and topped with sliced bananas. i forgot to add the coconut.

the result is super yummy, to the point that it's surprising there's nothing but raw fruit and nuts in it.

chris had some furniture delivered today.. i went outside with the book that the chick from la crosse wrote (yay, cheap - used from amazon), had the dogs all try to pile on top of me as i tried to read, then came back into a house with a new couch! and a new loveseat! and a table in the dining room! before, there was just a vase in the middle of the floor so that people wouldn't walk into the chandelier. heh. it looks awesome. :)

i read, i napped. that's about it.

tonight i fetched stuff for dinner and chris made it - pasta and shrimp with pesto and garlic. oooooh, it was so good.

then we finished decorating the christmas tree. he got these ornaments from kids outside his church today that were fundraising. very cute.

so yep, that was my lazy day. i feel bad on days like today for feeling like i wasted a weekend day, but at the same time - sometimes you need to veg out. so yeah, it was good.

the downside is that it's 1:30 a.m. chris has been asleep for a good hour already. we have brunch at 11. we may ride bikes there, which will take an hour. and i'm not really tired yet!

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