Monday, January 01, 2007
  new york city!
whirlwind trip to new york!

first, chris & i had drinks at the airport bar. i had two margaritas to catch up with him, who had spent the afternoon with a college friend, drinking at the beach.

chris, last minute communications in airport bar
airport bar.

then we both fell asleep on the plane.

then we arrived to new york, where it was cold. thankfully, chris was prepared.

chris, bracing for the cold
to start off the trip, we mugged a tourist.

we got checked in at the cute little hotel, then chris wanted to go to bed but i was like, "OMG, we're in new york!" so instead we went out for food & drinks. we wound up in the village, and passed by the one other hotel i stayed in nyc ever, st mark's hotel. cool, right? when i saw it, i thought, "no way is that the same one!" but looked across the street and, sure enough, there was the starbucks!

me in front of st mark's hotel
chris got my picture here, which was amusing because i sorta look homeless wearing all chris's too-big-for-me stuff.

the next day, we got up and chris showed me our plan for the day. it was like national lampoons european vacation. first, the met:

chris in front of museum

i played with my camera a lot there - no flash!
takin pics

i tried for artistic.

me :)
chris also took pictures.

doesn't he look a little devious here? i can almost hear him saying "fava beans & nice chianti."
chris looking demented

after the museum, we walked through central park. i love central park.

chris in central park

i found an acorn. i pocketed it and then later felt bad, realizing those chubby little city squirrels would've preferred i left it.
an acorn!

we saw a falcoln in central park, eatin' away at something up in a tree, but sadly i couldn't get a good picture of it.

then it was off to the museum of natural history, where we did the quick-quick version of the place since we had spent too much time at the first museum.

but of course we saw the dinosaurs.
nyc 115

BEEEEEG turtle
and the turtles.

they had a neat tree at this one, decorated with little orgami animals.
museum of natural history tree

then we went to church! chris is a good catholic boy and wanted to go to services at st patrick's cathedral, so i went too. it's funny how out of place i feel there.. like, when they say to wish peace on your neighbor, everyone kindly shook hands with one another. i avoided eye contact with the older couple to our left. then i sat and wondered why the hell i didn't just initiate a hi-peace-be-with-you to them. social awkwardness is a funny thing.

anyway, then we went to the whole foods where i got in trouble, oh, three times for taking pictures. and i only took about five pictures! gotta admit they're doing their jobs!

at the whole foods

at some point, we stopped at a walgreens where i bought some long underwear, since chris was already wearing some and spoke of their virtues. this picture is for matt hoe (if you think granny panties are the worst i can do, you ain't seen nothin' yet):

sexy underwear!

then we went to rockefeller center to see the tree!

it was real purdy.

me & chris

maybe next time we'll ice skate.
ice skating

next was times square!
in times square

somewhere along the way, we stopped at a starbucks for hot chocolates, which we promptly took to a bar for the addition of kahlua. then we did a second starbucks stop for apple cider, and repeated with captain. mmmm, $14+ drinks! i highly recommend the cider thing. in fact, i repeated the recipe for new year's eve and it came out real good. :)

hard starbucks cider & chris in the background
you can see chris in the background there, wearing my longjohns top around his waist. a can cover, as he likes to call it.

i'm a dork for cameras, even ones of the security variety.
we found a security camera

all the jewelry store windows were empty. i found that strange.
invisible engagement rings for invisible girlfriends

then again, the street does look a bit menacing, what, with the steam and all.

next we went to the top of rockefeller center.. we had gone to the empire state building first thing that day, but quickly realized that a three-hour wait to go to the top of that was NOT going to stay on our list.

waiting to go up

this was an awesome alternative. plus, they had a lobby with benches, so we sat there and people-watched and drank our apple cider for a good hour. sore feet.

up top.

on top of the rock

chris on top of the rock

top of rockfeller center

after that, we went to the nbc store where i got a law & order coffee mug and i got this awesome pictures of me and my other boyfriend. shh.

the next day was breakfast in the village (the cab dropped us off right outside st mark's hotel, strange right?) and then off to la guardia for our flight, which we both slept through again.

chris was excited to go home to the warmth, humidity, and the dogs.

chris, so sad to go home
not that you can tell from the airport pics.

so there you have it, new york city in 38 hours or less! it was a really fun trip.. and how awesome of chris to think of that for a gift, right? he's such a good boy. and tell me i don't look uber happy in these pictures. :) :) :) the only thing is that the bar is set pretty high with regard to gifts. thankfully his birthday isn't until the end of may. :)
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