Wednesday, January 17, 2007
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land of the black flip-flops
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pheeeeeeeew, i'm wiped out!

first, let me say how much i hate fluctuating hormones.

why? because the following story would not end the way it does if it weren't for the hormones.

today i left work at 4:30 for my 5:00 class. a bit late, yes, but i have to make up any time i miss, so i am trying to leave as late as possible. i should have left at 4:20, i was thinking.

i drive-drive-drive. traffic isn't so bad, but i still don't get downtown until right around 5. no problem, i think; i'll have to hurry and will just be a few minutes late to class.

that's before i realized i had to park on the 7th floor. if you have a decal, you don't have to pay to park in this garage, but only on the rooftop level. had i known how long it took to drive up seven floors, i would have just paid the $4 and parked on the first level.

so, i drive-drive-drive up the parking ramps.

get to the top. park car. where the fuck are the elevators? oh, on the other side of the garage... so then when i get off the elevator on the street level, i am in a.. courtyard? with restaurants around? where the fuck am i? i start walking, hoping desperately to recognize something. then i spot a lady and ask where las olas is. that way, she points. i walk that way.

then i get to the fau/bcc building.. then i remember there are two. they don't look anything alike, really - one is about twice as tall as the other - but you can't tell that from street level. plus, i had been in BOTH buildings last week.

i try to find my syllabus to figure out where the class is.. then i discover my SEALED kombucha had somehow come open and had spilled on EVERYTHING - my bag, my books, my papers.

i went inside the bcc/fau building to ask for help, but no one was at the desk, so i took a seat on the couch there. by this time, i was sweaty from running everywhere in jeans and 80-degree muggy heat, lugging a purse, a bag, and my sweater around. i was late for class. MATH class. and i had questions on the homework! and the teacher had warned us about being late! and i had no idea how to get to class! and i had kombucha on everything! and why did i have to park on the 7th floor when i passed by about 500 open spots on levels 2-6??? at this point, i totally started crying. bawling. my god, i am such a crybaby. i wanted to just forget it and go home so bad. but, dammit, math is a requirement; i can't just forget it and go home.

so instead i used a newspaper to soak up the kombucha from my things and went to the other building. i asked the guy at THAT front desk if he knew where my class was. luckily (for him and for me), he found out where the class was for me. so into math class i went, my face bright red and my eyes puffy from crying. at least the teacher didn't give me a hard time for coming in late. you can't pick on a chick who's already crying, yo.

at 5:30. (yes, it took an HOUR to go 7.6 miles.)

luckily, the rest of class was fine. he even let us out early. i went up to the 7th floor and changed into workout clothes and ran loops around the rooftop (great wind!) followed by a run down the stairs, a loop around the two parking garages on the street level, then a run UP the seven flights of stairs. i did really well the first time. a few of these later, and i was huffing and puffing regularly by the 4th floor. on my last go-round, i started moaning and groaning by the 2nd floor. the SECOND floor! it was an excellent workout, though; i don't know the last time i've felt winded or sore after a jog, and i certainly was tonight...

and it's good, because it's helping to prove to myself that i CAN balance exercise with everything else; i just have to make a requirement, rather than optional in my mind. and tonight it was, what, an extra hour after class? big deal, especially considering the teacher let us out :50 early!

also, i spent the whole jog trying to memorize where buildings were in relation to one another. "first wachovia, then regions bank, then bank of america.." maybe next time i'll have more of a clue of where i am downtown. and if not, i'm coming prepared - i'm getting a map!

anyway, post good jog and cool breezy ride home, my mood is back to veh-coo. normal. happy. not freaking out about seven floors of parking ramps. i realized this when i caught myself singing ac/dc's "shook me all night long" to the cats tonight. they put up with it even though they much prefer whitesnake because i was simultaneously dishing them up their wet food treat.

i realized something else: i've been hanging out with dogs too much. how do i know this? well. once about a week ago and again tonight, as i've gone to give them their half-a-can-of-wet-food-on-individual-plates treat, i've authoritatively commanded them to, "SIT!" before i set it on the ground. as IF that is ever going to work on a cat. instead, kitten just stood on her hind legs and batted the plate down. i guess that works too. hopefully gretchey doesn't figure out that one. :)

i'd certainly be willing to try to help with math stuff if you need it... it's hard to do online, but a little easier with Windows Messenger/MSN Messenger, since i have a tablet pc and can hand-write stuff in that IM program.
thanks, ike - i may take you up on that. the teacher, unfortunately, is very quick.. he explains HOW to do things, but not really.. why we're doing them, if that makes sense. it's like pre-college algebra, so should be simple enough, but already i'm wondering how i'll get through this! thanks again :)
That's a brave, if naive, volunteer up there.

I've seen Haitians that are better at math than she is. Honest to god! HAITIANS!

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