Tuesday, February 13, 2007
  Sing me a song...
So last night was Billy Joel.

Traffic down to Miami (American Airlines arena) royally sucked, and it was raining, but lucky for us, Billy started a bit late to account for conditions. :)

Walking to the American Airlines arena in the rain

This is Chris walking with the umbrella. We got to the steps of the arena when I realized I had forgotten the tickets in the car. So we had to walk back. Yes, I'm an ass. Chris has probably learned his lesson on trusting me with the important details when I'm rushed or, you know, me. (Chris, if you're reading this, you know I only do stupid things like that to test you, make sure you're a nice guy, etc. Like that time I got the Mercedes stuck on a concrete island in a parking lot. Just a test.)

But, we made it just in time. He started out with Angry Young Man.


It was awesome. After a couple of songs, he talked to us a little bit and said, "Hey there. I'm Billy's dad. I'm just getting you warmed up before he comes out..." Funny guy. Then he spoke a little bit to all the guys who were being dragged to the concert by their girlfriends. Heh.


We got some decent pictures.

At the piano

Halfway or so through the show, Billy grabbed a guitar and told us he was having a guy named Chainsaw come perform for us, a la American Idol. Chainsaw sang Highway to Hell while Billy played guitar. I am guessing this was to appease all the bored men, and it worked; my man (not a huge Billy fan) thought it was the best song of the night.

Scene I never thought I'd see at a Billy Joel concert

Plus, I got this wonderful capture. At a Billy Joel concert. :)

There were a fair amount of younger people, but mostly the crowd was much older than me. This is an example of the older end of the age scale.

Ages of concert attendees range ran the gamut

You know you're not at a heavy metal concert when... you see an old man & his plastic-covered umbrellas.

He sang An Innocent Man at the mic, a favorite of mine.. I think it was my favorite song of the night. He also sang Miami 2017, a nice surprise. I first heard that song soon after I moved here, so loved the Florida line.

When Billy left the stage, everyone took out their cell phones so their screens would glow and stomped around, demanding he came back. He sang Scenes from an Italian Restaurant (for his wife) and then Piano Man. It was pretty spectacular to hear those songs in person.


So he did an awesome job. I was surprised at how much he put into the concert, considering.. you know, he's older and rich and has been doing this forever. He didn't have to work that hard, but he did - and it was awesome. Chris even said that it was "surprisingly good."

I can't wait to introduce Chris to some of my other favorite songs (And So It Goes; Downeaster "Alexa"; I've Loved These Days; You're My Home; Goodnight Saigon) and re-playing some songs he's familiar with (Honesty; Summer, Highland Falls). And also getting myself familiar with some of his other songs, since it would seem I'm a really big fan of his ballads from the 70s; sure I'm missing out on some good non-hit songs. :)
Sounds like you had a great time!
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I’ve been to 5 Billy concerts, going all the way to the mid-80’s, and his shows have always been fantastic. The guy definitely does not slack on his performances.
Which is good, because when I saw him at the Super Bowl all I could think was “sooooo olllllld!”

Glad ya had a good time!
Great shots Stacy.. Glad both of you had a good time. I'd love to have seen him in concert. I had friends that grew up where he started and used to listen to him in the bar when he first started up in Conn. He had some nice stories.

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