Friday, February 02, 2007
It’s been a long week!

Monday – went to Chris’s for a few minutes, then went home & watched Super Size Me (I chose it as my documentary for film class). And I have to say – wow. The eating in this country is pretty much a nightmare. If I ever have kids, they are so getting sack lunches (and no money to buy French fries & Ding Dongs at the school cafeteria).

Tuesday – Chris’s house night.

I went on a nice run with Sebastian. I hadn’t really felt like going for a run, but since it was relatively cool out and I was feeling good and had the time, I had no excuse to not… the one thing I was a little excited about was getting to the beach. Isn’t that silly?

I take the long way to get there, and then it’s kinda my “treat” part of the run, where I plod along and enjoy the moon and the ocean (it was gorgeous that night) and Sebastian running next to me like a good boys. When he’s really good about staying with me for a while, I'll walk him up to the line of trees and let him sniff around. This time, as soon as we hit the soft sand, he started running around me in circles, then crouching down to play like a puppy. It was so cute. Also, he chased a flock of sandpipers right into the surf, too excited he was getting close to the ever-hated WATER. It cracked me up.

After running with the dogs a lot, I've noticed their obsession with peeing on stuff, especially in areas where I know there are other dogs. What I wonder is.. Say we run past the house that has the puggle puppy named Rocco on Monday night, and Sebastian sniffs at a bush and then has to pee on it, presumably to compete with Rocco's smell. When we run by again on Tuesday night and Sebastian sniffs the bush, is he satisifed with himself that his smell is there? I wonder.

When I got back, we had dinner and then Chris burned some popcorn to go along with Little Miss Sunshine, which is also a (choice) movie for film class. That little girl is absolutely adorable. The movie was pretty good… and then the ending, oh my lord. We were crying we were laughing so hard.

Wednesday – Math class. I got an 83 on the test. The thing is, I only misunderstood one thing… something I taught myself at midnight the night before the test. I did one little part of it wrong, but it screwed the whole answer up. And there were four of those types of questions, so even though that’s the only thing I did wrong.. instant low B. Or is that a C? I dunno. Ah well – at least I passed. That’s all I need to do!

My teacher is hilarious. He’s an old queen who wears tight-fitting shirts (stretched over a big belly) and sunglasses to class, as well as a big ridiculously bling-bling pinkie ring. The whole time I’m in class, I’m wondering, “What is he THINKING?”

Then I did a nice workout after class, venturing out of the parking garage this time. I ran over the Andrews bridge, past the Downtowner, along the Intracoastal, back over the Broward bridge, back to my parking garage, up the stairs.. repeat. I’m still sore today, so I am guessing I did something right.

Then I went to feed the strays and discovered the black cat that is always at the Haven Motel that I thought was a boy.. well, she’s in heat. So she ain’t a boy. And she needs to get fixed, stat. And one of the cats that was chasing her around was missing a huge chunk of fur over his tail. Like he had been partially skinned. It was awful. I got my trap out and tried to catch him, but he never seemed interested in the Friskies in the trap. I did almost catch a tomcat, though. A ridiculously big fella with a big head. He was doing the horny-cat howl. Heh.

I didn’t get home until after 10:30 that night. Yawn.

Thursday – work. So tired. Walking dead. Went to the dentist for a nice deep cleaning. Went to Chris’s afterwards. Put the torts and bunny back outside. Played with Sebastian. Waited for Chris to get home. Ate dinner. Went to PetsMart. Discovered the cute little cat that was in the one cage was DOT NOSE! This is after I had been there for a half hour.. I was holding him and said, “What a cute dot you have on your nose!” And then I went waitaminute!

stray kitten!!!
Dot Nose as a little kitten

I had been wondering what became of him, but so many cats come & go through Animal Aid that it's hard to find out.. he was so sick when we took him there, with a belly full of worms even though he had been treated. They thought he was 4-5 weeks old even though he was a full eight weeks! Nine by that point! Last night, he had a bit of a cold, but was super playful, cute, and affectionate.. looked good & healthy. They named him “Sony” I guess to go with “Cher” who is his miserable, near feral cagemate. I was so excited that Dot Nose was OK that I texted Chris to see if he was still awake, and he was, so I was able to give him the good news. :)

gretchy and kitten
Dot Nose and Gretchey
This cat, Carla, is the best. I opened her cage door last night and put her paws up on my chest, then walked them up.. and she literally hugged me as I pet her. I was melting.

Now today is Friday.

Tonight I have big plans for a good night of sleep. Tomorrow we go see Matt and a very pregnant Missus Hoe. Sunday I plan on taking one of the dogs on a nice long jog, as the weather is supposed to be cool again… hopefully it won’t rain. Hmm, I think that’s all!
That picture of dog and kitten is soooooo cute! I'm glad to see that you are okay- I thought of you when I saw the storms that went through Florida. I know you have lots of animals living outside- glad to know everyone is safe! Have a good weekend!
kitten...too cute.
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