Monday, March 05, 2007
  Isn’t this picture cute?

Sonatina Slumber, originally uploaded by immortallyyours.

As usual, the picture relates a little bit to my post.

Last night, we went out to Blue Moon Fish Company for dinner. Chris was right; they had nothing for me -- I guess it was the lunch menu I got excited about.

Anyway, our dinner guests were Chris’s parents’ friends from back in Pittsburgh. The woman used to be Chris’s piano teacher. She said he was a very polite little boy, which was both very cute and no surprise at all. They were a really sweet couple -- married 40 years and still nice to one another! And, honestly, it's a nice thing to be exposed to folks who are still married in their golden years.

I pretty much dread social situations like that a little bit, but when it’s all over, I’m glad I went. I like sweet people. :) And I like Chris in situations like that, too, because I am reminded of how polite, humble, and adorable he is. And he talks with his hands a lot more.

At dinner, Chris pulled out his pay-the-bill trick. That is, you excuse yourself to use the restroom partway through dinner to slip your credit card to the waiter. That way, when the bill comes, your card has already been swiped and there’s no fighting over who gets the honor of picking up the check.

Had he not, I was worried that Chris and the mister would’ve been embroiled in an all-out brawl. The mister was very insistent on paying the bill, and only after Chris’s trick was revealed did he relent.

Now, scenes like this happen all the time amongst Chris’s friends and acquaintances, and it always absolutely cracks me up. When it happens, I keep picturing my friends out to dinner, and whatever poor soul got picked to be in charge of collecting money for the bill exclaiming, “I’m $5 short!” and having everyone at the table shrug. Or everyone putting their money in and discovering we put too much, and then a fight ensues about whether the waiter deserves that good a tip or not. And if he doesn’t, who gets the extra $2 back? Whee...

This weekend was pretty quiet. After the dog walk, I took a big long nap, during which I vaguely remember Chris coming in and warning me that I was going to become a vampire. I woke up with a roaring migraine and watched The Devil Wears Prada with Patty. Then I took Excedrin and drank some yummy coffee and my headache vanished (and it was good). I went home to pet the cats and took lots of pictures. We ate couscous and watched part of Trainspotting for my class.

Sunday, um.. what did I do? Cleaned my closet! Went errand-runnin’ with my boy. Did homework. Went to bed too late.

This week, my sister and nieces come! I have lots of homework to do – movies to watch, papers to write, and math to learn – but it should be fun. I'm honestly really excited. :) I hope I get some time to take some pictures and get lots of sleep. No work for me from the time I leave on Wednesday until I go back to work on Tuesday. Yay!

Chris & I are going to take them on the boat this weekend - Macy's first-ever boatride! And go to the farmer's market Sunday and maybe to the beach. And, of course, I have to take them SHOPPING, which I will do while Chris is at work as to spare him the mall. And Amanda wants to go snorkeling - hope my wetsuit fits her! And I get to see Macy! And Amanda! I'm so so so excited! :) And I can't wait to see how the dogs react to the little people!

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