Sunday, March 18, 2007
  quick note fo' i got to bed

emu, originally uploaded by estacey.

ah, no time to write. i've had a busy weekend... though all at home. math (though not enough) and a speech test and homework and a quiz in the other class and two movies watched and two assignments for film class....

other than that, today we went on a nice long boat ride down to borders, where i got some chai tea and a book (female chauvinist pigs) (which is funny 'cause some chick with big fake tits flashed some other boat when the guys yelled to her - while i was reading the book! oh, ariel levy, you speak so true!). it was really effin' beautiful out this weekend.

on the food front, i've been doing very well! last week, as well as i can. weekend, i did pretty good - for a weekend! last night was pesto pasta w/ scrimps! mmmm! today i did break and had some ice cream, but eh - it's sunday.

i took sebastian for a jog yesterday. although it was only 75, the sun combined with the lack of hard sand to run in (therefore i had to run in the loose stuff) really knocked me out. i was miserable. i usually LOVE running on the beach. blech. i meant to go again tonight, but you know how that goes...

chris and i went to lowe's yesterday and got a lychee tree (thanks!!!!) and a mango tree and a shop vac and a shower organizer for me. these are all very awesome things. we planted the trees today and can look forward to fruit in a mere five years or so! :D i shop vac'd all the dead lizards out of the garage today, which was a blast (thanks, little orzo). shop vacs are good stuff.

i almost looked at an apt today, but am undecided as to whether i want a roommate again. well, of course i don't, but you can't always get what you want.... but i'm trying to decide what i should do. so i called to cancel.

as for my other problem, that being my extreme hatred of my car beast... which, btw, isn't so bad now except for the a/c. i filled my tires on um.. thursday night and the car handles so much better. it turns out the tires were really low! how did no one tell me this?? i always assumed they checked that stuff when they changed oil and stuff, but apparently not. so i shouldn't hate my car, but in light of the no a/c and quickly-approaching summer, i really do. i think i am going to try to resolve this one, quicklike, even if it means i gotta budget myself even more. (and i've been doing well lately!)

ok, off to seepy-seepy.

a good mechanic will check everything when you have an oil change, but quick oil change places and not-so-perfect mechanics may not. get a good look at your tires when they're properly inflated and you might be more able to recognize a low tire. if the handling is mushy (or i've discovered that if a rear-wheel drive char makes some odd noise while accelerating), tires are the first thing i'd check.
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