Monday, April 16, 2007
hey. :)

busy, busy.

friday night - prepare for speech.

saturday - get up too early, go give speech. i got a perfect score again. i am beginning to question the instructor's competency. but, hey, i'll take it. and only one speech left to go!

then chris's friend, former mr. new jersey, came to visit from orlando as he was going out on a blind date with this russian chick. she had to call 10 times on the way to chris's house for guidance (even though his place is really not hard to get to - she starting going west once she got off the interstate, then thought federal was A1A - all understandable if you hadn't been living in south florida for a decade but she had been, so it was a little concerning). then she parked IN CHRIS'S YARD. literally, in the yard. it was funny. chris was like, "how about i move the car for ya?" :D we took 'em on the boat to drop them off at the restaurant where they were eating and then went to another place down the intercoastal to eat. later, we rode bikes to meet them for drinks at the beach. it was nice - i was so so tired, but woke up once we actually got out there. the chick told me i looked very russian (a couple of times), something i had never heard before.

while having drinks, we got into this discussion about men who won't buy their ladies' feminine hygiene products. both chris & mr. new jersey were saying they wouldn't. then i realized chris was kidding (he likes to do that - sometimes he says things for effect and, when i don't give one, he goes "aww, man, i said that to make you mad") so decided to let it go, and felt a little bad for the russian chick. when we got back to the house, i said: you were kidding, weren't you? he said yes. but your friend wasn't, right? right.
that whole thing.. i'm like, honestly, they still make men like that? (getting chris rock standup flashbacks here.) and this was another doctor! i just.. don't get it.

sunday - i blissfully slept in. you don't wanna know how late. then we took a long ride to loxahatchee to bill & susan's. yada yada, then we watched one of the installments of planet earth on the discovery channel. it was recommended to me at work, and, yes, it was awesome. sadly, there are only a couple of episodes left, so i guess i'll have to buy the dvd set.

i fell in love with this dog:
i emailed the foster mom about her, then talked to chris, since i mostly stay at his place so the dog would have to stay there. (i did the inquiries in the wrong order.) chris said no, no, no, we're at animal capacity right now. my reasoning was that buddy is patty's and patty will take him to her place someday. so chris said, okay, i could get a dog when patty did that. i hadn't heard back about giselle. "good," i thought. "she has a home." then the lady emailed me yesterday saying she was still available. i'm so sad. i really, really want a dog - and have for years. i mean, i can love on chris's pups, but they're his. and this little girl is so cute, and shy - i'd love to help her come out of her shell, with gretchey, buddy, and sebastian's help. and the lady said me being in florida wasn't much of an obstacle. arrrrrr, i'm frustrated and sad. it could be a year or more before patty gets a place, and who knows if she'll take buddy then anyhow. and by then.. well, i want giselle. :(


this weekend, weather permitting, we're taking the dirty b (boat) down to elliott key to go camping! i gotta do a bunch of work this week to be homework-free-save-for-math by the weekend, but it'll be worth it.
They are usually a very hyper dog. One of the managers at Ginnie has one that they call it killer as its killed three raccoons. I got a supervisor at work who husband has one and they cannot keep it int he fenced in yard. Its very smart and figures out how to get out. She likes to tell folks the dogs smarter than her husband since everything he has tried has not worked.
But best of luck if you get her.

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