Friday, May 11, 2007
Shannon "tagged" me. I'd send you to her blog, but it's password-protected.

I can't really tag anyone else because she tagged the only people I know that blog!

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was a mere 19! I think I was living in La Crosse, doing the same thing as Shannon - working at The Company Store. I should have been going to school. My sister and I may have had a place together back then.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

One year ago? Probably diving a lot. :) Let's check the blog.. Oh! Today, one year ago, I was diving in Key Largo. :) Then tomorrow, a year ago, I started orientation at my new (current) job. I hadn't yet met my Chris (that's still 3 months away). I was just talking to Chris about that yesterday, how lucky I feel that I stumbled across him, and that he stumbled back. My life would be so incredibly different without him - most importantly, no Chris, and no dogs, no rides on The Dirty B, no Oreo coming to the window and crying to come in, etc. etc.

Five snacks you enjoy:

Wait, is this before or after raw food?

Before my attempts at raw:
1) Peanut M&Ms
2) Chips & salsa/guacamole
3) Any bastardization of the s'mores concept (graham crackers + nutella, etc.)
4) Cereal
5) Oh my god, trail mix!

1) A few almonds shoved into a pitted medjool date - it's like candy, really!
2) Fruit (bananas or something weird)
3) Coffee
4) Half a ProBar. I got, like, a case free from work.
5) Anything sweet and yummy that can be rationalized into the end of my day, when I've passed the eat-raw-until-dinner deadline: ("I ate nothing but salad all day, I'm ENTITLED to this piece of Snickers Ice Cream Cake!" or: "Melted carob chips can't be all that bad for you, can they?")

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
1.) ANYTHING by the Beatles
2) Anything by Billy Joel
3) Anything by the Dixie Chicks
4) "What I Love About Sundays" by Craig Morgan
5) (I know lots of songs by heart, actually.)

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1) Three words: Convertible Mini Cooper
2) Quit the job so I can devote my time to school, a nice big garden, diving, taking pictures, taking the dogs to the park, etc.
3) Lots of new lenses, books, flowers, and good food without sweating how much it costs
4) Many spring/summer/early fall trips to Wisconsin to see my growing nieces & nephew, and plane tickets for them the rest of the year
5) Make lots of donations, and maybe hire a sniper to take care of the seal clubbers

Five bad habits:
1) Procrastinating
2) Oversleeping
3) Neglecting things I should be doing in order to indulge myself and relax indulge myself (to sleep, to watch the tortoises eat, to take pictures, to lazily pet Oreo outside, etc.)
4) Swearing like a motherfucker
5) Coffee. Every freaking day. Yeah, my three-week leave from it didn't stick. I really plan on giving it up again. Soon. :D

Five things you like doing:
1) "Cooking" a.k.a. making a big huge mess and getting rewarded by something new & yummy at the end
2) Diving - I swear I'll get back to it someday!
3) Law & Order every Tuesday night
4) Getting to chill out on the weekends at home (pool, reading, playing with the dogs)
5) Taking my time to unwind after a stressful day, whether it's by bumming around at the bookstore, Targhetto, or my neighborhood (camera in hand)

Five things you would never wear again:
1) Um, socks with Birkenstocks
2) High heels on a daily basis - god, I'm getting old (but I do still love the heels!)
3) Cut-off, rolled-up jean shorts :)
4) Jeans with lots of little holes all over. Man oh man.
5) That really cute - but really short - work dress. I guess I'm getting more modest as I get older (and fatter!).

Five favorite toys:
1) My camera!
2) And my other camera - because point & shoots are indispensable!
3) And soon, once I get it repaired, my other-other camera - because it will take pictures underwater!
4) The laptop, as it is handy for downloading music, checking my trashy gossip blogs, and uploading pictures.
5) My food processor. :) Yes, I am such a nerd. I've actually been buying things like citrus juicers and garlic presses and fancy vegetable peelers lately. Such a nerd.
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