Tuesday, October 16, 2007
  dammit - a long, crappy day (with a happy ending!)

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what a crap day! why?

#1. i had $200 left to pay on that csa thing i'm doing this fall. you know, community-support agriculture. so i made the call: credit card vs. checking account. since i'm SAVING money now, in a savings account far, far away from my checking account, i have very little in my checking account at any given time, especially three days before pay day. but i did the math on how much i had in my checking account and it was fine to go ahead and pay the leftover $200 from there.

only paypal authorized that $200 twice. so although the charge never went through - and although i still have a positive bank balance, my bank is operating as though i am GOING to have $400 go through... so my five very small transactions (we're talking $5-10 each, from over the weekend) were hit with NSF fees, adding up to $175. i came in to work today greeted with an offiical bank balance of NEGATIVE $300, even though i officially still have a positive bank balance of $140, even AFTER they took out the $175 in NSF fees. can you tell me how that makes sense? the mistaken $200 authorization will probably never go through as a charge anyhow.. so they're basically penalizing me for something that will never happen. it's all bullshit. and i made a deposit today anyhow. argh. my bank account NEVER went in the negative.

of course, i grabbed my umbrella and marched right over to the bank. they said they would take care of it and call me. only when they called me, they said they could only refund $44 of it. i cried and said whatever. the dude called back and said they would refund half of it. thank you, whatever. fucking thieves. thieves!

#2. i was due a job review in may. may came and went and i didn't get one. no worries - the last time that happened, we did it two months late; my boss apologized, we did the job review, and i got my raise retroactive to the correct review date.

so this time, i wasn't worried. i didn't want to be pushy. then my boss put in her notice. then i wasn't sure what to do. and she had all this stuff to worry about before she left. i didn't worry, since i knew whenever i got the review, i would get the raise retroactively.

well, then my new boss starts. i mention to him that my job review is overdue. we took care of that last week. it went swimmingly. only he tells me it's my responsibility to REQUEST a job review. news to me. so we'll have to see if we can get that raise money retroactively.. which, at this point, is a good $800 before taxes.

i found out today that they are not going to give me the money. reason being, it's in our job guidebook. you know, as if we all have that memorized. as if what my prior boss was insinuating to me meant nothing. i think it's a harsh call, and one that doesn't make me feel very valued. obviously, had i known the rule, i would've asked for my job review as soon as possible. when my boss told me, i again almost started crying - today was a very expensive day! i bit my lip and said okay, then had to get to class.

so then i went and cried my entire way to school. what a fucking shit day.

then i had to take a test.

then i got out of class and took some pictures. that always helps. but then my battery went dead - gotta love the d70; my camera had been on in my bag since, uh.. saturday.

then i came home and recounted the whole thing to chris while sniffling and needing hugs and being all-around pathetic. the whole day felt all-around unfair. and it was, you know, expensive. my good boy gave me lots of hugs. then i asked him: am i pms'ing? he always knows better than me. no, he said - you have a reason to be upset! damn straight.

then, while he was hugging me, he told me he was going to give me an early christmas/birthday gift.. aside from costa rica & galapagos, i guess.. :) "but that's it!" he warned. "no more!" "so what is it?" i asked. "i'll buy you the 70-300 lens you want," he answered, then added, "and i guess my gps will just have to wait for another month." awwww! (i was toying with the idea of using that to buy the lens, seeing as how i really want it, but leaning towards saving the money for school. school starts again in january and i need to save my dough for that!)

he's a good boy, right? it definitely made me feel better. i'm still mad at wachovia, and mad at work, but this puts a happy ending to the day at least!

oh, also, i got a B on my math midterm.

Tell the bank your not happy and you going somewhere else with your account because you do not feel you have been treated fairly. Tell them while your at it your friend who has many accounts with lots of money in them is leaving them out of protest, ( White lie ). If that person does not help you keep complaining up the line. Do as my sister in law does and pitch a fit right in front of everybody so they settle just to get you out the door. I seen it done before.Then if they do not work with you go to a credit union and open up a linked saving with your checking so it will not catch you in the future, You save money over a bank anyway. They can even link a ING account that paying 4 percent on saving with your checking.
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