Monday, December 03, 2007
  Oh my god, what relief!
This weekend, was, uh, not very exciting. At all.

The dogs got into a fight again when I got home on Friday night. It was all a blur. I went to let Maggie outside after she had been cooped up in the crate all day long, and the other dogs were waiting at the sliding glass door. The SECOND I opened the door, it was instant madness. I can’t say who started it, it was just an instant crazy fight. I kicked between Gretchey & Maggie to get them to quit fighting, to no avail. Then I grabbed Gretchey, lifting her out of the fight. Maggie JUMPED UP AND BIT AT HER LEG. Ay! And Gretchey kept barking at her, even as I held her. I didn’t know what to do, but I was basically holding a dog that still wanted to fight a dog that was at my feet that still wanted to fight, so I ran Gretchey over to the pool and threw her in.

That, well, put an end to things., except Buddy kept barking at Maggie... I wanted to look at Gretchey's leg without another fight breaking out (although Maggie has only ever fought with Gretchey, despite Buddy's attempts to provoke her). So he went in the pool, too. Once I determined Gretchey was fine, I called Chris and cried.

Uff. Da. And it still just makes NO SENSE TO ME. Maggie is honestly just the sweetest little dog. Chris said yesterday that he figured out her weakness for getting her to listen. With the other dogs, see, it’s treats. You want them to do something, you bribe them with treats. Wanna know what her weakness is? Affection. I can’t decide if that is sweet or sad, but I think it’s a little of both. She’ll be obedient if she thinks she’s getting a pet out of it, or you’ll let her lick your hand afterwards or something.

Also, when she’s inside and you let the other dogs in, she’s happy about it. Really happy! Her tail wags, she runs around all happy… Why would she go all nuts and fight Gretchey like that? There were no incidents the rest of the weekend, or even a hint of them… Just that very stressing, perplexing Friday night.

Saturday I picked up our CSA share. That’s the extent of what I did this weekend, besides study. Seriously. At least I multi-tasked and watched Law & Order while working on this big PowerPoint project I had to do, so it wasn’t a TOTAL wash.

But anyway, I woke up this morning when Chris went to give me a kiss goodbye and probably startled the shit out of him when I smiled and said, “GOOD MORNING!” It’s usually more like, “I don’t want to get up,” or, “Oh, god, it’s only Monday.” But today? Today I feel RELIEF. :)

Also, Costa Rica is in less than TWO WEEKS! I can’t believe it’s really almost HERE! It was so long ago before… and now…? Less than two weeks away! I gotta go home and look at some pictures later and bask in the two-weeks-awayness of it all.

Still waiting to see if I passed that final last night.. I think I did OK, but I don’t want to make any assumptions. And, of course, the grading is automatic. Every other test I’ve taken in the testing center has been graded INSTANTLY, but this dude is a hardass, so it still doesn’t show what I got. Grr. Waiting, waiting….

Let’s see, what else.. Oh, my student loan has been approved, so that’s all set.

Oh, and I have to do all my Christmas shopping, like, by next weekend.. Wait, no, next weekend is Costa Rica. So I have to do it all by THIS weekend. Oh, lord, this sucks. But in a good way. :)
Animals talk to eachother. They were probably teasing her about being in the crate all day and she got ticked. I swear they do! Not kidding! Niri has been on one side of the room with Nya on the other, even comfortably resting and all of a sudden Nya will jump up and run over to Niri to attack her. Niri musta said something. But it really sucks when they get hurt, vet bills are NOT fun. You need to get insurance or something for the pets :) Nya and Nox can really get into it, though once someone whines or whimpers they stop. Usually it seems like Nya was the one that got hurt, but she also seems to be the one trying to apologize to Nox.
ha! that's possible! she was in the crate that is directly next to the bathroom sliding glass door...

pet insurance rocks... this chick at work told me about when her dog swallowed an avocado pit. it cost like $200 instead of $800 because of her insurance. i should really look into it...

they tried to fight again yesterday when i let maggie out, so i picked gretchey up before anything happened. maggie still seemed to want to mess with her, so i kicked her away. that ended that. it so would not have ended anything had they already been fighting, but it seemed to knock some sense into her before anything went down.. and then everyone was fine and i was able to leave them outside together without worry. buncha weirdos!!!

aren't dogs fun? :D
oh yeah, our old dog has OCD. Over the last few months she's developed a Acral Lick Granuloma, and there's nothing to do about it, isn't that lovely? At least hers isn't as big as some of the pictures I've seen. I'm so much more of a cat person...
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