Friday, April 25, 2008
  10:50 a.m.: time for bed yet?
OK, the end of the week is here. and today is almost over. kinda.

i took my shakespeare final this morning. 7:45 - 10:15. this means the alarm went off at 6:45, after i had gone to sleep at 2:45 and then maggie proceeded to growl at some unknown something outside for the next 15 minutes. i was drifting in and out of sleep all night, and when i would wake up, it was with the realization that i was dreaming of camera settings and the years of queen elizabeth the first's reign (1558-1603).

and the girl sitting next to me sniffled the entire time. now, i have allergies... so i tried to be sympathetic. but jesus, woman, go blow your nose. seriously, every, oh, four seconds or so, she sniffled. one of those big, trying-to-get-the-snot-back-up things. sometimes she'd follow that with a wiggle-her-nostrils-with-her-fingers-while-sniffling move. it was really easy to concentrate, really. but anyway, that's done. phew. now just lit theory to go. then a final test online for one of my classes... and next week wednesday i meet for my writing class. tuesday will be spent preparing for that, but i'm not sweating it.

after that, i have nothing to worry about until june 24. well, except for the driving school thing i have to attend on account of the speeding ticket. :) i plan on taking lots of pictures and trying to learn photoshop. :) oh, and then there's that trip to the galapagos...

phew, i'm happy this stress week is almost over. i think i've been living off a strictly-carbs-and-coffee diet. (i almost typo'd that to "crabs-and-coffee. i think that would be way worse.) yesterday i had a bagel for lunch. dinner was jamaican since chris's cousin is in town, and since i don't eat oxtail or goat(!!!), i ate a big plate of rice with a few slices of plantain. then i had a 9 p.m. sugary coffee. before i went to bed, after hours and hours of studying had famished me, me and the dogs (and the black cat, ellie) shared 2 slices of bread with smart balance butter. "mmm," i said. "a smart balance sandwich!" it made me laugh and reminded me of nights when i stayed at my dad's house when i was little. in his defense, he made me things like egg sandwiches, but since he was poor, sometimes the fare was meager. for example, i remember drinking something that was supposed to be like kool-aid but what ended up just being sugar water, which made us laugh. miss that guy! and his birthday would've been sunday.

anyway, after all this, the teacher brought dunkin donuts donuts to class today. everyone was eating the little munchkins, but even the thought of one made me nauseous. i am thinking this is probably how it feels when you're an actress and are required to gain, like, 40 lbs for a role. the eating-bad thing is fun for a little while, and then the thought of eating something sugary and bad for you just makes you want to barf. that's where i am now, which is probably how renee zellweger felt when she got all plumped up for bridget jones. i probably look about the same, too. :p so anyway, now that this self-indulgent, eating-bad-cos-i-got-no-time-to-do-otherwise thing is over, i'm cutting out the coffee again (again).

monday i am going to miami to take pictures. maybe the everglades or the zoo or both. should be fun. :)

okay, gotta go write an essay outline for my lit theory final. joy!
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