Saturday, August 23, 2008
  alive and well
yesterday we went to a late lunch with the folks from the kw office where chris spent the day. they were telling us which restaurants to try, where to go, etc. they asked if we had yet been to bahama village. we said no... or, we didn't think so. the one lady explained, "well, it's the part of town where the african americans tend to hang out." then there was a pause. "but, you know, it's safe and everything..." thank you for pointing that out!

um, let's see. so we went to lunch at this place that's popular with the locals. i had to take back my "don't worry about me, i can eat anywhere" assurance from earlier in the day when i saw the menu. my choices were: salad, peel & eat shrimp, or fried shrimp. i hate fried shrimp. i hate peel & eat shrimp (seriously, peel the legs off your food before you eat it? and i don't want to know what's in the VEIN, and i'm pretty sure i don't want to EAT IT). and as for the salad, i was HUNGRY. coming off a migraine, you know. but i didn't have any choices. the table shared an order of peel & eat shrimp. i ordered a garden salad. it was the least appetizing salad EVER - literally just a bowl of iceburg lettuce with two chunks of tomato on top. oh, and a side order of french fries. i ate a few leggy, veiny shrimp and a few french fries, and took about two bites of my salad... and that was it. on the way back to the office, i was at once both hot and cold, and was DYING to get out of the car. to not be surrounded by strangers when feeling so OFF, you know. we got into chris's car and i said, "i need food - now." a few minutes later, i changed it to: "you need to pull over - now." thankfully i made it into a restaurant bathroom before my whole lunch came up. this makes two restaurants in whose bathroom i have puked on that street, but the other one was at least due to alcoholic overindulgence. i'd much prefer that kind of puking over the kind caused by a headache and bad food. the only thing i could see eating after that experience was BREAD, so we stopped and got a loaf of cinnamon bread, which i have eaten in its entirety by now.

there are lots of stray cats in key west. they all appear to be well cared for, though, so i don't have to worry too much about them. that didn't stop me from going to two different stores here last night to find some food to feed to the girl that apparently lives outside this bed & breakfast. she was happy. i gave her some tonight, too, and she ate all of that, so then i gave her some salmon. spoiled. she came into the room last night for a minute... just wandered in. if it were just me, i would probably let her just stay for the night...

this town is WEIRD. i had to get a refill of imitrex yesterday. the walgreens on duval is only open M-F until 6 p.m. closed saturday & sunday. !!! (i mean, the store is open all the time, but those are the pharmacy hours.) so chris calls the CVS and asks what time the pharmacy is open until. "we don't have a pharmacy here," they answered. no pharmacy?! at the pharmacy?! the CVS also had no cat food. and no pop-top tuna, either. what kind of town is this!? great if you are shopping for beach towels or t-shirts that bash women, but not so great for most other circumstances, i think.

i've not taken really any pics in key west so far. i would like to get pics of the cats. mayber roosters. i saw a chicken today with chicks! maybe tomorrow. we're heading home early-ish, though. we'll see. i think we will make it to the graveyard, at least. maybe the hemingway house, to see more cats.

we went to bahia honda today. i loved it, as usual. i can't wait to take babies there someday.

ok, time for the sleep.
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