Thursday, September 18, 2008
  My day - and a few things learned
Today I woke up at my normal time, which would be fine if I didn't have four kittens to bottle-feed before I leave... I blame the fact that it is still dark when my alarm goes off (yes, still dark!) and I therefore innocently hit snooze without realizing how damn late it is.

So I was a good half-hour late to class. It sucked, esp. since I've been really good about being on time even though it is an 8 a.m. class.

Now the good part? I got to the classroom and it was empty. Apparently the professor cancelled the class. :) Good karma? Maybe.

But what does this mean? I have m-fing RINGWORM. No, it's not really caused by worms, but is certainly ring-y. And itchy. Five big spots. And not nice looking. I think I got it from the last foster kitten, and to prevent myself from giving it to the current ones, I'm covered in bandaids. And Chris has two (so far). Whee!

I realized a couple of things today:

1. Although I wail and holler about my Lyrical Poetry of the Renaissance class, I actually kinda like it. I'm not big on poetry, esp. not poetry that needs to be deciphered... and I just skim through the poems the night before class whereas I should be reading them carefully and taking notes and all that. I don't think that helps. But then I get to class and we closely read a few of the poems and I realized today that I really like that. What does this mean, who does that stand for, etc. Also, the teacher has read two papers so far in the term, and today she read mine. I didn't get mine back so thought something was wrong, and then she started reading it out loud. That was nice.

2. I really am dependent on my BlackBerry. How do I know? The trackball stopped working right today. It won't scroll left or won't scroll up or whatever the hell it feels like. I am SO FRUSTRATED. AGGGGGGGH!!!! Also, I never forget my phone anymore, EVER. I used to forget it like every other day.

3. It's nice to know stuff. Like, in History we had to learn about the whole Henry VIII era. I already knew much of it, thanks to the fact I took an interest in it a few months back and read a bunch about it. Then today we talked about it again in our poetry class: two of our poets were courtiers of Henry VII. I was all weirded out to recognize their names in our book. And then one of the things we are supposed to know for History is Francisco Petrarch and how he was the first humanist and wrote poems for Laura, etc. WELL, I've read his poems about Laura (too many), so I saw it on the outline and was like, "Done!" Or we compared a character named Prospero in a poem by Poe the other day to Shakespeare's Prospero in The Tempest, which I've now read for two different classes, so.. Well, it's like everything is overlapping, and I actually go into classes with some sort of knowledge base. It's nice!

Also, the cats are cute. I got a few pics today. I'll post soon.

Also, it's supposed to rain all weekend... but I'll be in Boston. Ha ha! :)
use lotromin on that ring worm -the same stuff you get in the drug store.
what anonymous said! stuff that's used for like athlete's foot, its fungal.
Bayvin got it on her face a few months ago :( NO idea where she got it. It sucks.
ssssank you - i'm usin' it. it's working, but also it spread. ugh. hopefully it's done spreading by this point.

found out that the kitten i just adopted out has a bad case of ringworm, so i guess i know where i got it from!
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