Friday, October 17, 2008
  Introducing... Moo!

Introducing... Moo!, originally uploaded by estacey.

Uh yeah, so we said no more pets. I know.

But we're watching Patty's dog and bunny until January or so. She has a big test to study for.

So now I have to deal with watching poor George be BORED all the time. She just sits there, all the time. I even take her out of her cage and she jumps back in to sit some more. I feel so bad for her.

I have been pressing Chris & Patty with the issue that she needs a friend. Bunnies are happiest in groups. I've been doing this for a really, really long time.

Patty said she doesn't have the time.

Chris defers to her, since it's her bunny.

But.. well.. we're watching her now. For a while. And I really cannot watch her day in and day out just sit there. Cannot. Chris didn't object as much to the issue anymore it seemed. (And a while back, may I say that we actually WENT to the shelter to meet bunnies? But it never panned out and then the answer was no again.)

So I found a bunny on Petfinder. Today I went to meet the bun. I texted Chris on my way saying that I was going to meet a potential friend for George. I was going to just NOT say ANYTHING, but realized that would be pretty shitty... So, yeah, he didn't respond to my text. Hahaha!

When he got home tonight, I ushered him into the living room, where this cute little bunny was sitting. He was like, "NOPE! Send it back!"

He was really NOT impressed. I pled my case. He was grumpy. No, he didn't want to hold the bunny. No more animals, he said! I said, I know, but two bunnies isn't really worse than one! He said that I had better hope Patty wants them both because they're not staying here.

Within minutes, he was coming up with ideas of how to make an outdoor run for them. Minutes more, he was helping me figure out a setup that would keep them contained to a certain area without being confined to the cage. Later on, he sat with me and watched the bunnies trying to feel one another out. :)

So, um, I dunno what the story is. Where they'll be living in a few months - here or Patty's. I really do not mind having them here... I like them, actually. I mean, I wouldn't go out and get bunnies on purpose, but I am happy trying to make their lives as good as I can make them. (Which is probably why George is so fat! The only thing I could do for her before is give her treats. Now I won't feel so inclined.)

I feel a little bad for what I did, but I also think it needed to be done. And I am getting payback now - my allergies from the bunnies are HORRIBLE and will probably continue to be so for weeks.

Oh, and although George and this bunny, Moo, met today at the bunny place, and they seemed to get along fine, and then they rode home together in a shared carrier, now Georgie is chasing Moo all over the place. "Get outta my litterbox! Get outta my box! Get outta my cage!" I hope she gets over it. Moo was procured in order to be her friend, after all.

Moo, by the way, is a neutered boy 8-month-old bunny. He is litter-trained. He is tiny - smaller than George even - and adorable. All the dogs and cats have taken turns sniffing him today. Maggie went a bit further and I came into the room to discover Moo's ears were wet. :D

Also, the place I got him... an animal rescue for guinea pigs and bunnies (and a chinchilla!) operating out of this couple's one-bedroom apartment. More like the apartment belonged to the furry little animals and they were allowed a loveseat. Thank god for these people, but I could not do it!!!

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