Monday, February 02, 2009
  Day of a thousand posts
But this is the last one, I promise.

I wanted to share the cool new set-up I made for the bunnies. See, George is still technically Patty's... And they are supposed to go live there, but she isn't in any hurry to get them and I'm not in any hurry for them to go, so for the time-being they are still here. I hope they get to stay for a good, long while. Which is funny.. I never liked bunnies in particular. I mean, they're cute and all, but I didn't feel anything special for them. Even when George lived here before... I gave him treats and took him out sometimes, but solely out of his (her) well-being rather than any desire on my part. But now? Now I really love them and they make me happy.

This was the old hutch. Good setup for them, but pretty much an eyesore. Chris's friend stayed here last week and made some comment about how it made the place look like "Redneck Riviera, not Bermuda Riviera" (the latter is our neighborhood name). I'm like SHHH!

New bunny, new (not really) cage

But then I found a new, much smaller but much nicer hutch on Craigslist for $50. I went to go get it and put it in the truck and was driving home when the roof flew open and broke off and landed on Federal Highway (by Sunrise, for you who know of what I speak).

I pulled all the way to the left - into the turn lane - and hopped out and started to run back to get it off the street. Then I realized that Maggie was in the car, and thought, "Oh, no, did I leave my door open?!" I turned around in time to see her hopping out of the car door. Thankfully she listens - when I yelled, "Maggie!" frantically, she knew something was up and sat down. I ran back, scooped her up, then ran back to the hutch roof... In time to witness two cars running it over. Argh. But it still functions, so I guess that's okay.

New hutch

I put a baby gate around the hutch and leave the door open so they have plenty of room to hop around and poop. I've added a little wall (mat) for them since I took the picture, so they have some privacy underneath the hutch. I have a big area rug down for them, and under the entire enclosure I have a tarp put down so no more accidents on the tile.

They can get out, too... Their room is bunny-proofed, and I never saw them coming out anyway. Then we found like a half-pound of poop behind various pieces of furniture in our bedroom yesterday, so now the buns are confined to their pen unless I let them out, but then they have the run of the whatever-you-want-to-call-that-room room.

New hutch

They seem to like the new setup. They never left their old hutch... This one, they're out of it all the time. And instead of just sitting, they're munching their salad and chewing on phone books and standing on their hind legs in a bid to get a treat for cuteness.

This is Thumper. He is woefully unrepresented in this photostream, but he's nearly impossible to get pictures of.

Thumper is cool with you holding him like a baby. One of these days I'm gonna get Chris to hold him and get on a stepladder to get a cute picture of it.

My friend George, who uses me for food.

You gotta admit, the bunnies are pretty cute.

Not the most cooperative when it comes to picture time.

Another good thing is that the old hutch is outside. I want it to work with their outdoor pen somehow, so they can have a safe hutch to go hide in and some grass to run in. But that'll take some work. In the meantime, it can be used tomorrow to house those two white rabbits for the day if I can get them off of Craigslist. They can go to the wildlife center tomorrow night, but it'll serve as a spot for them for the day at least. :)
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