Wednesday, April 22, 2009
  kids, kids, kids!
i've had a whole bunch of time to watch tv while being unemployed and procrastinating schoolwork. so now i'm familiar with all these cable shows i didn't know before.

jon & kate plus 8. for those of you not familiar, they're a couple who had twins and then wanted to try for another and ended up with sextuplets. so they have eight kids. they argue a bit.. the woman, she seems smart and cool, really, but she tends to nag at her hubby a bit. which may be why he has been spotted at college parties flirtin' it up with coeds and bitching about the poopy butts he has to go home to.

kamille said that when she watches that show, she thinks of chris and i... i guess because he's asian and she's a pain in the ass? i dunno. she says because she can picture us having a whole bunch of kids (plus, obviously, the asian + blonde pita thing). i find myself watching it and then wondering why the hell i'm watching it.. i mean, really, do i have the time to watch a tv show about someone getting new carpet installed? apparently i do. but i think it's also.. i dunno, they're attractive and likable and the kids are adorable and, you know, so numerous.

i seriously cringe during the opening credits every time they show kate's pregnant-with-six belly:

oh, wait, that's octomom. here is kate:

this image is better when from the side... it honestly makes me feel a little sick to my stomach every time i see it.

people give kate a hard time. i haven't watched it too many times, but.. i dunno, she's not PERFECT, but she's taking care of EIGHT KIDS. full-time. i think she's entitled to her meltdowns and her frustrations with her husband, particularly in light of aforementioned coeds.

then there are the duggars? anyone seen these guys? i've only watched the show once, and then a clip here and there, but they are just... CREEPY. 18 kids? on purpose? REALLY?

they wanted to have as many children as the lord wanted to give them. now their oldest kid is having a baby or something with his wife... and they are saying the same thing. i have a hard time believing that at least some of the children do not think it's insane to have so many kids, that just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD. so while jon & kate are appealing, i think the duggars have a show because it's like a trainwreck. you don't want to watch, but it's disgusting and engrossing at the same time. when i've watched it, i have been absolutely perplexed, wondering why anyone would do that to themselves or even their other children.

while i'm at it, i'm going to go on the record and state my love for bbc america. they always have cool shows like plastic surgery addicts and, ha, the other night there was a show about two american men who had a sexually gratifying relationship with.. THEIR VEHICLES. i only watched it for about a minute, but.. like, honestly, bbc? awesome. even their "how clean is your house?" show is engrossing. emphasis on the gross. anyway, check 'em out if you have the (too much) time. :D
ok, so the first time i saw that pic of the octopussy, i seriously had these nightmares. she was floating above me and ugg...i won't go into the details but she scares me. i seriously think she's got problems.

i have never watched john & kate + 8, but have been intrigued. i'll try it now.

and my i say HOORAH for the BBC? it's not all 'how clean is your house' - there are proper shows on. but yes, it's brilliant.

and the duggars? where do i begin. i always watch when they are on. is it because it's a car crash? is it because i can't believe they are REAL? I think it's the latter. are they real people? have you seen their website? i dunno.

i tell you who you'd like. louis theroux. have you seen any of his shows?

he went to stay with the Westboro Baptist Church people - Fred Phelps' family. OMG. So scary.

this comment is an email. sorry. i am boooored and only today got the strength to sit upright!! :)
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