Sunday, August 09, 2009
  Bad at updating again
Yep, yep, sorry.

I actually have a funny post to write about my niece, but I am going to wait until I want to be at the computer for more than five minutes.

This is me:

Combination PMS + Chris's mom in town, agitating the hell out of me. (Even though I never actually even saw her in person. I did hear her yell through our bedroom door, though. That was a PLEASURE.) Apparently she's trying to make up with me - she wanted the whole family to go out to dinner last night. I couldn't even make myself go, but she did order a dish for me for Chris to take home. This weekend I had to make myself scarce quite a bit, which sucked... I had a lot to do! And, dammit, I like HOME. But it's over with at least.

Anyway, not much going on here. I'm enjoying not being in school. I've got TWO non-school related books going right now, which is awesome. I am not enjoying work so much, but whatever. It's a job. It's some dough, and it gets me up early and forces me to comb my hair. All good things, things that were mostly optional when I was going to school. ;)

It HAS reinforced how I feel about working + kids. The way it is, working four days a week, I find myself missing the dogs and feeling bad that I'm not home to pay attention to them and the cats more. I can deal with that, but what about when I have kids? I want to do SOMETHING, but not something 40 hours a week, for sure.

We got another friend for Thumper. I couldn't take his sad little doing-nothing and not-moving. It was a dramatic few days - fur flying and everything - but they like each other now. I will get some pictures soon. She's a real little sweetie, came with the name Root Beer, but I changed it to Daisy. She is inquisitive and adorable, but TERRIFIED of me. Apparently someone bought her at the fair and put her in a hutch on the porch for two years and paid no attention to her, so she's not sure about people at all. Dogs? They're fine. Cats, not so much. If I hold her, she breathes so loud and heavy that I feel guilty. She'll get over it eventually, I hope. Strangely, she'll randomly jump up on the couch while I'm sitting there. I even woke up with her on my chest a couple of times. Strange behavior for a terrified bunny, right?

The lady I adopted from has a whole bunch of fosters, and four or five of her own bunnies. A 25-lb rabbit went hopping by in front of me in her back yard. 25 lbs!!! For reference, I think Thumper is something like five(?) and Georgie was less than 2 when I had her at the vet's. Pretty awesome.

OK, time to go watch The Closer and wish today were Saturday again.
ok, I have been waiting for the comment about your niece but haven't seen anything yet...
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