Tuesday, September 08, 2009
  My lord

Mind you, I don't go SEEKING this stuff out. I read it on And two other other-oriented blogs. Not animal-related.

This is an investigation into the egg & meat industry. I thought it was just about eggs, but apparently they only grow females for meat too because they grow faster. What happens to the males? They grind those baby chicks alive. Honestly. ?!?!?!?! And this isn't some crazy animal-hugger lie, either; the spokesman for the company confirmed it. What better option is there, he asked?

The latest posting where I saw this story said that this video "confirms that humanity is a disease."

I have to agree. It is absolutely SHAMEFUL how we treat other living beings. People that will defend a stem cell to the death eat beef and pork and all sorts of other things, ignoring the suffering that went into it. I have read about babies who are born WITHOUT BRAINS (seriously) whose parents defend its right to life. How is it that human life is THAT precious... that even when there is no real "life" there beyond the technical, it must be defended... but we can treat animals like they're nothing more than objects. Even though THEY have feelings, unlike stem cells and brainless babies.

Seriously, folks (aka my 2 readers), do a little bit of research about eating meat. Beyond the ENVIRONMENTAL reasons that should stop you from eating meat, it should only take one or two undercover videos to make you realize that NO MEAL is worth that suffering.

I do still eat dairy products, but limit it to Stonyfield Organics or Organic Valley. As for eggs, I am doing research into companies I may be able to use. I love my eggs over easy on the weekends. Barring finding a company that doesn't make me want to barf, I am so finding someone local with chickens.. until we can move out into the country and adopt some chickens and some loud roosters.

I'm having a SERIOUS people-suck kinda day. I also stumbled across bear bile farming on Flickr while looking for a new enclosure for my rabbits. Don't bother googling that unless you want to cry your eyes out because that's exactly what I did.

I see militant animal activisim in my future, or maybe later-life vet school so I can volunteer with an organization in another country that is really making a difference.
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