Monday, December 21, 2009
  Look what I got for an early Birthday gift!!!

OMG! this computer is so cool.

So my Dell laptop from the Valentine's before last is a total piece. I blame it on Vista. I have had to restore that thing SO MANY TIMES. The last time was just before I went to Wisconsin. Then, just when I got back, the keyboard all but stopped working. I could still type letters, but no ENTER or DELETE or SPACE or ANYTHING else.

I weighed my options, talked about it with Chris, negotiated (Chris doesn't believe on buying on credit, but that was the only way I was going to swing a new computer) and he wound up offering to get me a new computer for an early birthday-and-Valentine's-Day gift. (Yes, he likes to spread things out so he doesn't have to worry about a gift for X holiday. The funny thing is usually he ends up getting me something else and tacking it on. This year for Xmas it was the lens, then the iPhone, then got a GPS too. Even though when I got the lens it was accompanied by a stern warning that it was IT for Christmas, or mostly it anyhow. Which I was fine with!)

He DID make me admit I am spoiled before he ordered it. I agreed. I honestly did not expect him to BUY ME A NEW MAC when I sat down to talk to him, depressed about my laptop situation. The fact that he did? Awesome.

So! I am super happy. It came today. Took about 2 minutes to set up, literally... so different from PCs. And voila! I'm back in business. But no Photoshop. Gotta figure that out still.

I really LOVE this computer. We all love new gadgets, right? But once I went to the Apple store, I was in love. The 21.5" screen is HUGE. Seriously. Beautiful. I started looking at PCs just to compare, knowing how much more you pay for a Mac... but once I started looking at them, I was like NO WAY. They would have served me fine, I'm sure, but I don't think it would've been special to get a new PC. This, on the other hand, had me waiting at the door for UPS all day.

Anyway, Amanda comes tomorrow! Woo! Then it be Christmas.

i'm kinda jealous but mostly glad you've joined the mac world. :)

the cheapest legal way to acquire photoshop is an academic license, probably from or if you're buying it, you should probably also think about whether or not you'd have any use for any other adobe creative suite products, as buying any two is just about as much as buying any of the bundles that include more. i've also heard good things about aperture (apple's own photo program), but haven't tried it. (i use the print design CS3 bundle, so photoshop, illustrator, indesign, and acrobat.)
i'm so jealous :) i've had my mac for almost 2 years and really want a new one but can't justify spending the money :P wecome to our world!
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