Monday, December 27, 2004
  pics i missed because i forgot my camera this weekend

We went to Ed's parents' place on Christmas day in North Port, Florida. In the mad rush to get ready, I left my camera behind, which I regretted when I was presented with the following photo opportunities:

  1. The ample handicapped parking space at the local clubhouse, illustrating the community’s ample number of old folks.
  2. The miniature golf-cart-only parking spaces at aforementioned clubhouse, illustrating the community’s ample number of retired folks.
  3. The miniature golf-cart only handicapped spaces at said clubhouse, illustrating… well, you get the picture.
  4. A big shit-kicker truck with... testicles. Classy!
  5. My happy self woken up at 4:30 a.m. by the kitten (as in The Kitten, who came along) who, locked in the guest bedroom with me and Ed, chose me as her litterbox. Not like she accidentally went on me or anything – she actually got up on ME and full-on peed. No waking me up by jumping on me and crying, like Lucy does when she wants food.. no, no. And no peeing on Ed, who’s the one who shut the door in the first place.. no, no. I am so not impressed with her. Then again, I have to remember that she’s a cat. You know when a cat is unhappy with you, especially when it’s 4:30 in the morning and you wake up to hot liquid on your thigh.
  6. Ed’s lovely parents, Sally and Ed, Sr. Okay, they're not a "photo opportunity" per se, but still - They were so sweet, feeding me and giving me wine and Benadryl.. And presenting me with a lovely black shirt and a dolphin necklace. Lovely!
  7. MANATEES! Eddie’s dad took me over to this little residential neighborhood a few minutes from their house that has a little stream that is fed by the local warm mineral springs. Manatees are known to frequent the area in the winter and, sure enough, I got to see a whole little family. We saw a big, huge daddy, a little baby, and the mama.. I think the mama thought we had food (alas, we didn’t) because she hung out at the water’s edge for a few minutes, just a few feet out. She surfaced to breathe and I got to see her big ol’ manatee nostrils and admire her baked-potato body close-up. It was so awesome. :) I love Florida!

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